Let’s Go To The Beach: Korean Drama Review

Let’s Go To The Beach

Korean Drama

My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Lee Wan Lee Chung Ah Jun Jin Park Joon Suk

Episodes: 14

Genre: Romantic/Comedy/Drama/Friendship

[I have recapped this if you don’t have time to watch it]

Summary: Sora starts working as a lifeguard for a big hotel. Two step-brothers end up fighting over her.

Meanwhile, the hotel she works for is trying to buy out the area for their resort. This includes her house, which is full of family memories for her and her grandfather. They can’t give it up.

She doesn’t know it, but the two brothers are actually sons of the hotel’s president….

Review: First off, this drama is really good, but before you watch it, you have to know that there will be no kissing scenes, and that it ends at 14 episodes instead of 16 like most dramas.

Now that you have been warned of these possible disappointments, I recommend that you watch this drama!

While there are no kissing scenes, the romantic parts are so intense that it’s actually acceptable.
I still felt pretty satisfied the majority of the time.
Especially in the last episode – besides Coffee Prince, I can’t remember another drama where the male lead shows such love to the girl… they didn’t even have to kiss for it to leave a lasting impression on me.

Lee Wan was amazing here.
His expressions were really good. He had a good range of them and lapsed into them naturally. I strongly believe that if any other actor had taken this role, the drama would have been greatly lacking. I could really feel his emotions with him during the intense parts.

His character, Tae-poong was very lovable. Super loyal, cute but kind of rugged, smart, and level-headed.
He went through some nice character development too. In the beginning, he was bratty, kind of selfish, and irresponsible, but by the end, he had really grown into a good man.
Tae-poong was also a fairly deep character. Most of his life he felt unloved, but instead of becoming a bad guy, he just grew to be hungry for the love he felt he was denied. Though a part of him may have come across as a little rebellious, he always seemed to want to please others and just get along with everybody.

The actress for Sora, Lee Chung Ah, was good too. (If you watched “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”, you should know her~)
She had a genuine vibe to her that I liked. Her expressions were good as well. I felt touched a few times when she made her sad face. When she had her big crying scene, it felt realistic and made me feel sad too.
I also like how stable and honest her character was.

Jun Jin, (from Kpop group Shinhwa), who played older brother Tae-hyun, was a little lacking in the acting department. It wasn’t terrible, however, but that may be because Lee Wan made up for that. I just started laughing a bit towards the end at the lack of Jin Jun’s expressions. I think he had a total of three.
When I recapped it, it was hard to include a lot of screenshots for him since they all ended up looking pretty much the same in every scene…. On bad occasions, I wasn’t sure what emotion he was supposed to be portraying.
But, it could be okay to conclude that the character was just really serious and stoical. I’d have to see more dramas with him in them to accurately judge.

Funny scenes XD

The story did have a bit of cliches, (though don’t most dramas? Haha.), however I feel they were balanced well enough with the original parts. The most original aspect of this drama, for me, were the characters.
The characters were calm and mature most of the time. I’m used to drama characters over-reacting all the time, but Sora and Tae-pong especially were mature and understanding.
They were also really honest. For instance, as soon as Sora realized who she was in love with, she went to the other guy and told him right away in a straightforward manner. Tae-poong was the same way… I was really impressed with them.

Fan service shot~

Another good thing was how quickly the conflicts passed. If something was too cliche or irritating for the viewer, they’d only really have to deal with it for 1-2 episodes. Nothing was dragged out and too stressful to watch.
I mean, in a lot of dramas the same conflict appears over and over again throughout the series with little variation. That didn’t happen in this drama.

Bromance :D

I also love the bromance in this story.
Tae-poong and his friend Young-jin were adorable together. Besides their skin-ship, they were always looking out and taking care of each other.

The only major complaint I have is how some things aren’t clearly answered in the end. You have to just pay attention to conversations leading up to the end to understand the conclusion.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Beach: Korean Drama Review

  1. I was laughing at the Jun Jin part, because from what I’ve seen from him in Infinity Challenge and Shinhwa Broadcast, I have a hard time picturing him as a serious person. He seems way too happy for that.

    I kind of like that there is no kissing scene, because (in my mind) it lets the actors show us more of their acting skills.

    Shallow note…I like the fan service picture. I might watch this just for that lol.

    • Haha really? XD Maybe since he’s usually not the serious type he had a hard time with this part!

      That is true, but… I just love kissing scenes too much not to be disappointed haha XD;

      It is a good drama if you give it a try :D I hope you like it too if you get around to watching it.

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