A Better Tomorrow Korean Movie

A Better Tomorrow Movie

My Score: 8/10 


Director:  Song Hae-Sung

Cast: Joo Jin-Mo Song Seung-Heon Kim Kang-Woo Jo Han-Seon

Genre: Action/Bromance/Drama

Summary: Remake of the cult classic Hong Kong film of the same name.

Hyuk is a mobster in South Korea. He’s searching for the younger brother he lost when he escaped from North Korea. However, when his brother is found, Hyuk finds that his brother hates him.

Hyuk’s closest friend is Young-Choon. He’s an unpredictable and daring guy in the same mobster group as Hyuk.

Things get ugly when Hyuk takes newbie Tae-Min to Thailand for a meeting with Thai gangsters….

Review:  I believe that most of the people who don’t like this movie have seen the original Hong Kong version first… and since that is such a cult classic, they just can’t even compare this movie to that one and so they end up giving it a much lower review than is fair. I watched this movie before I even realized it was a remake, and I thought it was good.

At first it was a bit confusing. I didn’t know who was who and I had no idea what was happening. Soon I caught on and started enjoying it. It did feel just a little bit slow at times, but slower pacing now and then doesn’t bother me as much as it may bother others.

The action sequences were good. It made the lead characters look really awesome. The acting was pretty good. Joo Jin-Mo was the best of the actors in this movie. Personally, my favorite character was Song Seung-Heon’s, but Joo Jin-Mo just stood out acting-wise.

Something I didn’t like was… well I didn’t really feel emotionally involved. For example, sad things happened and I didn’t really feel sad. I think it was just because there was a sense of predictability to it.

Also, there was a LOT of bromance.  The only woman in the movie, besides the hastily filmed background people, was a 70-80 year old woman. Instead of any romance between a man and woman, there was the bromance… even a slow-motion hug. But, since it was true bromance, there was really no homosexual feeling to it. I actually loved that about the movie, but I think it inhibited my ability to take things as seriously as they wanted me to.

My Score: 8/10 – I’d watch it again.


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