Dream High Korean Drama Review

Dream High

My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Suzy  Kim Soo Hyun  Taecyeon  Ham Eun Jung  Wooyoung  IU  Uhm Ki Joon 

Episodes: 16

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama/Music

Summary: Go Hye Mi’s father runs away because of debt, which results in the loan sharks chasing after her instead. In order to pay off the debt and keep her young sister out of the situation she has to get into Kirin Art High School… a school for grooming idols.

Due to certain conditions, she needs to convince two other kids to enroll in the school as well to be able to be accepted. These kids include Sam Dong, a country kid who doesn’t even know about the school, and Jin Guk, a street kid with no interest in the school.

Besides this situation, both boys end up falling for her, and she has to deal with her ex-friend-now-rival Yoon Baek Hee.

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Review: Honestly I was going into this expecting little. I thought all the hype was because the actors were all currently-popular idols and not because the story-line was particularly good.

Fortunately I was wrong.

I don’t watch too many school dramas… but that’s because usually the school dramas I watch have minimal romance, and I’m particularly fond of romance, haha. Though there was hardly any actual dating in the drama… and the main couple wasn’t even really official or too apparent until the end… it did have enough romance in it to keep my attention. I’m going to credit this mainly to Pil Suk, Jason, and Sam Dong.

Pil Suk and Jason were one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen in a drama. They were just so innocent and adorable together. Sam Dong is, himself, a romantic. Though he has a one-sided love, just the way he loves Hye Mi anyway is enough.

As for the story itself, it was fairly original. The music was pretty good, and I found myself worrying over the characters’ hardships. Some of the things that happened were unexpected to me, which made the drama enjoyable.

Things I Didn’t Like: Though the ending was good, I felt it was a bit rushed. I think it could have had another episode without hurting anything. It would’ve been nice if we could have seen more into everybody’s future lives.

I also would’ve liked better kissing scenes, but hey, it was a teen drama so I can let that one go, haha.

All in all, I give it a high rating because of Kim Soo Hyun’s superb acting.

My Score: 8/10


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