My Girl Korean Drama

My Girl Korean Drama

My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Lee Dong Wook Lee Da Hae Lee Jun Ki Park Si Yeon

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Summary: Yoo Rin is a girl who’s family has always been in debt. She and her father are always on the run. One day she runs into rich Gong Chan. Gong Chan has been searching for his long-lost cousin. If he doesn’t find her soon, his grandfather will most likely die from guilt, since his cousin lost her parents in a natural disaster after their grandfather sent her mother away in anger.

Since Yoo Rin really needs money, and she kind of resembles his aunt, Gong Chan convinces her to pose as his cousin.

Meanwhile, Gong Chan’s childhood friend, Jung Woo has fallen in love with Yoo Rin and Gong Chan’s old girlfriend has come back after 2 years asking him to take her back.  Further complicating things, Yoo Rin starts falling for Gong Chan… but now because she’s posed as his cousin, it’s a love that can never be!

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Review: Okay, this drama was written by the Hong Sisters, so you know it’s going to be entertaining (if you haven’t seen “Delightful Girl Choon-hyang“, go watch it right now, before you watch this or anything else! It’s what got them so popular, and you’ll appreciate this drama more if you watch it first Delightful Girl first).

Lee Da Hae is kind of a cheesy actress… a little over-the-top at times, but she can still pull off the dramatic and crying scenes well. Her character is supposed to be lively and good at lying, which she accomplished in portraying. Lee Dong Wook really grows on you. I think he pulled off his character extremely well; mature and obviously experienced in love, but still vulnerable at times. Lee JunKi is awesome as the “third-wheel”. He’s perfect eye-candy, but at the same time, he can act very well. No wonder his character Jung Woo is often cited as everyone’s favorite love rival in drama history.

Things I Didn’t Like: They really go over-board with the cliches at times. Yes, a lot of the time, in almost every drama, characters are always conveniently in the area at the right/wrong time… (whether it’s the enemy overhearing information they shouldn’t hear, or the hero being in the right spot just in time to save someone)… but I haven’t come across a drama besides this one where it happens so often. It gets really predictable.

Also, many of the characters are overly dramatic or just don’t know when to quit. For example, people fainting or hyperventilating over every little thing, or rivals that just can’t take no as an answer to the very end.

Luckily, this drama is just so entertaining and funny that it balances the cliches out. You’re always wondering what’s going to happen next in the plot, and they really keep you guessing about who the real cousin is. The few sub-stories they have in the drama are interesting to watch as well. I was also laughing a lot.

This drama is not the best out there, but it’s worth watching.

My Score: 8/10


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