Korean Men’s Accessories I Miss

Yeah, many of you may not agree with me, but here’s my personal list of what I’d like to see more in Kpop MVs and photoshoots….

These are accessories that aren’t really in style anymore or just don’t show up as much as I’d like.


I love seeing goggles.

Heck, I’m even happy seeing giant sunglasses that appear to be goggles. As long as they have the look of goggles, I’m there.
While it’s probably more of a Japanese fashion, I do see them appear in Kpop artists on occasion in Korea.
However, it’s pretty rare.

Most recently, BTOB had one of their members wearing them over a hat in their MV for “Wow”, which made me really excited.



If they’re the wide style or just a sweatband, I think they’re hot~

I see the thinner style is more popular right now, but I tend to go for the wider ones.

A more recent example would be from MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah” MV.



While I do like hats with brims, there’s just something about open-topped visors that’s just attractive to me… though I’m not often a fan of old-school hairstyle that usually comes with them, haha.

I hardly ever see this, though. I can’t even remember an MV I’ve seen one in.

I’m pretty sure it was popular 10 years ago on Korean stars, but it’s probably another fashion that’s more popular on J-rockers.
It would be nice to see them on Kpop idols again~


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