Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Ten

Eun-oh is jealous of Joo-wal and learns that Arang will be leaving earth in 2 months.

Joo-wal came again for Arang. Eun-oh didn’t want her to go with him, but she wants to ask Joo-wal why he was going to marry her past self when he didn’t even know her name or what she looked like.

Eun-oh is about to follow them, when a little kid comes and begs him to save his father, who’s being beaten at Lord Choi’s place, (though it seems Lord Choi doesn’t even know about this).

Episode 10 Summary:

The little kid begs him for help, but Eun-oh brushes him off.
He’s about to run away, but turns back. It looks like he’s having second thoughts about leaving the kid alone.

Arang and Joo-wal walk together.

Joo-wal suddenly asks what Arang’s relationship to Eun-oh is.
She says some jumbled-up things before she remembers the story and tells him she’s the daughter of Eun-oh’s teacher.
Joo-wal thinks she must be close to Eun-oh then, but she frantically tells him she’s not. Joo-wal smiles at her reaction.
Arang asks him where they’re going but he doesn’t answer.

Meanwhile, Eun-oh is off to Lord Choi’s place.
When he warns his servant that if anything happens to Arang it’ll be his (the servant’s) fault, the servant taunts him a bit about Arang’s relationship with Joo-wal.

Joo-wal takes Arang to a shop to get her new clothes.

As she’s measured by the shop woman, Arang remembers when Eun-oh measured her when she was a ghost.
“So, a day like this can come to me,” she says to herself.

The woman asks what she’s talking about and Arang says she once wanted to buy new clothes to look pretty for a certain guy, (she side-eyes Joo-wal a bit). The woman tells her to forget guys like that and go after men who will buy her clothes themselves without her trying anything to get their attention.

Then the woman wonders why Joo-wal is buying her clothes, since he never does things like this. She tells Arang that maybe he pities her and then says to men, pity can be a part of love.
Arang asks what she means and the woman says when a man worries or feels sorry for a woman, it’s the same as saying, “I like you” to her.

Arang looks to Joo-wal, but as the woman measures her neck, she thinks of Eun-oh again.

After Arang is measured for her new clothes, she walks in the market with Joo-wal.
He offers to buy her any snacks she wants and she starts taking anything she likes while he pays.

Then she comes upon some peaches.
She smiles and takes a lot of them.
Joo-wal kind of smiles.

Eun-oh and his servant get to Lord Choi’s gate. Lord Choi’s servant stutters for his master.

Lord Choi is irritated and asks Eun-oh if he has nothing better to do since he’s bothering someone for something done in their own private residence.
Eun-0h says a petition was submitted, (by the kid), so he must look into it.

Lord Choi says the guy is a criminal, though they don’t have evidence yet, which is why they’re locking him up.

Eun-oh laughs and says that’s really strange since it’s his job as magistrate to take care of criminals, not Lord Choi.
He says the lord is defying the king’s orders by ignoring the magistrate’s job.

Lord Choi gets all angry, but when his henchman reaches out to grab Eun-oh, the lord tells his people to let the man go.
As Eun-oh smiles to himself, the henchman gives him a death glare.

Eun-oh’s servant takes the man and is helping him away when the henchman leers at Eun-oh and calls him a “slave bastard”.
Without warning, Eun-oh spins around and punches him in the face.

Eun-oh’s servant runs up and asks what happened. Seeing the henchman on the ground, he rushes over and grabs the villian.
Eun-oh calls him away and then reminds the henchman that his father still has the ability to kill him if he harms Eun-oh.
The henchman makes a remark about how the magistrate job isn’t going to be easy for him.

After Eun-oh walks away, Lord Choi goes to his henchman and kicks him.
He’s angry that the henchman messed with that guy and caused an embarrassment at his house.

Eun-oh walks out the gate and sees his servant handing the man off to some villagers.
His servant runs up and tells him that Lord Choi has been acting like a loan shark to the villagers… lending them money and demanding high interest.

He tells Eun-oh that they wanted to report this to him, but there seems to have been a rumor that Eun-oh has a bad personality. Eun-oh looks surprised.
His servant tells him that maybe they were just afraid of Lord  Choi.

Eun-oh is thoughtful for a moment, then tells his servant to go to the villagers and tell them to start a rumor.

The next scene shows the servant opening the storage doors and letting the villagers take good food from it.

The people all thank Eun-oh. His servant thinks it’s a bit too much, but Eun-oh says it seems easy to be a magistrate.
His servant worries that that food all belongs to Lord Choi, but Eun-oh says it belongs to the office, not just the lord.
He reminds his servant to set some of the food aside of the taxes. Only surplus should go to the villagers.
His servant wants him to go back to not caring like he used to be.

Meanwhile, the city men are complaining about Eun-oh, his servant, Arang and even the shaman for introducing them to Eun-oh in the first place.
They come upon the villagers taking away the food and get upset.
They get into a fight with Eun-oh’s servant and end up asking him why they should listen to the slave of a slave (referring to Eun-oh’s servant).

Eun-oh watches and they all freeze when they notice. Eun-oh walks away, upset, taking off his hat when he’s a distance away from those men. He remembers Lord Choi’s words about how the city men will treat him differently knowing that his mom is a servant.
He goes to his room.

His servant is tossing the city hall men around and tells them he won’t tolerate being insulted.

Then it shows a flashback to when Eun-oh and his servant were kids.
The servant is being beaten for beating up some other kids. The man in charge is blaming Eun-oh for his servant’s actions but then his servant jumps up and says he wasn’t mad because of that… he was mad because they insulted him, not his master.
Then he picks up little Eun-oh and says he shouldn’t involve his master in his own affairs and that if he gets beaten, it’ll be at his own house. He runs away with Eun-oh.

The shaman came for the extra food and is still hanging around.

The servant goes to Eun-oh and tells him they should leave instead of sticking around just to be insulted.
Eun-oh just brushes him off and gallops away on his horse.

His servant is about to be upset, but then he sees the shaman being harassed again and rushes to help her.

Eun-oh rides his horse far away while thinking of all the bad things in his life concerning his mom.
He goes to a random tower to look at the scenery alone.

Meanwhile, Arang is still hanging out with Joo-wal.
She gets more food.

Suddenly, she sees a ghost creeping up to her. She takes some food and offers it to another ghost next to that one. Then she gives the first ghost some too.
They take it and run away, the second one happily waving to her.

Arang waves back, but then realizes how strange she must seem to Joo-wal.
He asks her why she eats so much all the time and she says she used to be starving, so now she eats whenever it’s available. Then she tells him it’s just a story of something that happened long ago.

She says it happened when her dad left her and because of the magistrate’s situation, she didn’t get much to eat.
Then Arang says the magistrate is the type who doesn’t notice when other people are hungry if he’s not hungry himself… but then she stops and says to herself, “Wait a minute… won’t the magistrate have starved himself all day too? Could he have fainted?” Joo-wal stares at her.

Eun-oh seems to be heading home now.

Arang is talking with Joo-wal and says she feels kind of bad for mooching off of him all day. She says she actually had a lot of questions for him.
Joo-wal sighs that he didn’t get to take her to see the myrtle trees again this time.

Arang says that seeing them at night is the best and then says to herself, “Did he really collapse?”, thinking of Eun-oh again.

Then the two of them see Eun-oh heading home on his horse.
Arang asks him where he was so late. He just stares at her then leers at Joo-wal.
Joo-wal tells him he was taking Arang home.

Eun-oh just extends his hand to Arang without a word.
When she doesn’t take his hand, he tells her to come with him.
He pulls her up on the horse and Arang says goodbye to Joo-wal. Joo-wal smiles.

Riding home, Arang asks why he waited for her. Joo-wal asks if she found out what she wanted to know from Joo-wal and she says she didn’t ask him. Then she tells Eun-oh that Joo-wal bought her clothes and he’s says, “What?!”

Arang says while he did, she wanted to ask Joo-wal why he was buying her clothes when he probably never did when she was her past self. She says whenever she tried to say something like that, she just couldn’t.
Eun-oh says it’s because she’s jealous of herself.

Arang comments that Joo-wal must like her. Eun-oh doesn’t like that and says she should stay away from Joo-wal.

Eun-oh stops the horse and gets off. Arang walks up to him and asks if he’s worried about her.
Then she pauses and asks if Eun-oh likes her.

Eun-oh whirls around, shocked.
Arang says he doesn’t like her, so why is he worried for her.
Eun-oh stutters that there’s no reason why it means a person likes somebody if they’re concerned for them.

Arang tells him someone told her that it was that way with men.
Then she tells Eun-oh not to like her because she only has 2 moons left on earth.

Eun-oh is surprised.
Arang explains that if she doesn’t find out who killed her within 2 months, she’ll get sent to hell, but if she does find out, she’ll get to go to heaven. However, either way, she’s only going to be alive for 2 more months.

Eun-oh looks pretty distraught.
Arang just walks away saying she needs to find her murderer.

After thinking over her words, Eun-oh runs after Arang and stops her.
He asks why she didn’t tell him this until now.
She says she didn’t tell him because it’s not important… it’s her problem, not his.
He looks kind of angry and takes her wrist. He leads her away, (probably to the horse).

Joo-wal is thinking in his room when the demon-woman walks in.

Joo-wal immediately gets up and asks why she came. She says she had to since he didn’t go to her first.
She talks about how she knew it would be difficult for him to captivate Arang. She asks him if Arang has another man and Joo-wal says that that’s not the case.
The demon-woman says she knows what Arang means to him, but tells him to try and hurry it up.

Arang and Eun-oh are riding the horse quickly home.

In his room, Joo-wal remembers seeing Arang in guard’s clothes before.

Outside, the servant and the shaman are sitting shyly near each other.
Suddenly the shaman speaks up, asking why the servant has suddenly been speaking to her in a respectful dialect.
The servant stutters and manages to mention her lips at that time… but before he finishes, she gets flustered and stands up, saying she has to leave.

The servant tells her to just wait a little longer. Soon the magistrate will be home to unlock another storage shed so she can get some food. She tells him she’ll just come back in the day.
She runs away, forgetting her book. The servant chases her and they act a bit awkwardly with each other. She runs back in and the servant notices Eun-oh coming home.

Eun-oh angrily walks into the courtyard without even looking at his servant.
The servant asks Arang what’s wrong with him and she tells him she doesn’t know, but that Eun-oh is just mean.
His servant is irritated by this.

The shaman gets her book and sees Eun-oh walk by. She recognizes him, but doesn’t believe he was the one who could see Arang as a ghost before.
She then notices the servant pestering Arang and misunderstands.
When Arang sees her, she hurries away. The shaman recognizes Arang’s voice, but doesn’t remember where she heard it.
The servant sees the shaman and asks if she got her book. She glares at him and hurries away.

In his bed, Eun-oh is upset about how Arang has to leave and that she didn’t tell him before.

Sitting on her bed, Arang thinks again that she didn’t tell him because she really doesn’t think it’s important.

In heaven, the General Reaper wonders what Eun-oh’s fan is… how it could destroy demon-reapers.
He says to himself that the only thing that can destroy those things is the Law of Heaven, but that humans shouldn’t have that power.

Lord Choi yells at his henchman for allowing Eun-oh to give away a bunch of food. He wants retaliation.

Eun-oh sits in his bed the next day, not looking too good.

His servant comes in with his cleaned and mended clothes from when he fell off the cliff. He tells Eun-oh that there was a talisman in them.
Eun-oh just tells him to leave his clothes in his room.

Then, his servant asks that he open the storage room for just one more villager.
Eun-oh kind of ignores him which makes his servant pretty upset. “How can you do this to me?!” the servant cries, but is ignored.

Eun-oh goes to Arang’s room and calls out “Memory-Loss”. He opens her doors and wakes her up. (Le gasp! Is that proper?)

The city men are worrying like usual.
They think Eun-oh and Lord Choi are being strangely quiet lately.
They also worry about how the villagers are considering the magistrate’s office to be a real government office, (isn’t it? lol). They also don’t like how the villagers are asking Eun-oh for favors like they would do to a real magistrate.

In her office, the shaman is trying to remember where she heard Arang’s voice before.
Suddenly, the servant calls out and then looks in.

He hands her a package of meat and shyly says that’s all he could do. The shaman looks touched, but then angry, (probably thinking he’s 2-timing her with Arang). She asks him why he’s doing this to her and he looks confused.

She throws the meat on the ground and the complains about how he uses respectful speech with her as well.
He sadly apologizes and turns to leave. She yells at him, telling him to be gruff like he was before.

He looks suprised. She covers her mouth and then runs away.
He smiles to himself, (kind of greasily haha).

In heaven, the Jade Emperor is hanging out with a heavenly maiden.
She’s making medicine and he keeps criticizing the way she’s doing it. When she refuses it to do it differently than how she’s already doing it, he says that no grim reapers will court her because she’s so stubborn.
He asks if she put in flowers from the goat’s back and she says she doesn’t believe they have any power, though she knows he does.
He complains again and then runs off to greet the Underworld King.

The King asks when the Emperor is going to tell the General that the demon-woman who’s killing off so many humans is the General’s sister. Apparently the demon-woman was once a heaven’s fairy, (heavenly maiden?).

The King is irritated that even though they know everything, they can’t do anything about it. They can’t do anything to the demon-woman while she’s in a human body.

Then he wonders when Arang will be able to find out the truth of her death. He thinks she’s wasting all her days, however, the Emperor says she’s doing really well so far.

On earth, Eun-oh has taken Arang to get new clothes, (lol).
Except instead of just standing and waiting like Joo-wal, he watches and critiques the woman measuring her.
The woman wonders what kind of relationship the two of them have for Eun-oh to know where Arang’s waistline is.

Then she turns to Arang and asks her what happened to Joo-wal.
Arang looks irritated at Eun-oh.
He tosses money at the woman and tells her to have the outfit done by tomorrow. When she asks how, he throws more money.

When Arang tells him Joo-wal already bought her clothes, he looks angry and tells her she won’t be wearing them.
She says that’s up to her. “Since when did you come to know the human heart?” she snickers.

He still looks irritated and goes back to the clothes woman. He throws more money at her and tells her to get rid of the clothes Joo-wal ordered the other day.
Arang asks why he did that and he tells her that he’s the one that’s going to be sending her to heaven, so she shouldn’t “go around ensnaring other guys.” He says that will make them too pitiful when she has to leave.

Then Eun-oh beckons for her to follow him and he leads her away into the forest.
Whenever she asks where they’re going, he just tells her he’s taking her to heaven.
Eventually she gets worried and asks if he’s abandoning her right now because he thinks she’s annoying. He just smiles and says she’d just come back and find him if he tried that.

She says the way she’s following him through the forest like this reminds her of the path to the underworld… it was warm, quiet, and peaceful so that, for a minute, she didn’t even mind dying.

But that didn’t last too long… because then they went down the waterfall and met the scary skeleton ghost guardian. She says that was so upsetting that she thinks the gods in heaven must be sadistic.
Arang tells Eun-oh that next time, she wants to get to heaven a different way.

Suddenly Eun-oh stops and smiles. He says he found heaven.
It’s a field of flowers.

Arang says it’s not like heaven at all.
Eun-oh reminds her that she said she wanted to be a flower, then corrects himself and says butterfly.
He tells her to just look at it.

He tells her that when she goes to heaven again, she should tell the Jade Emperor that she wants to be reborn as one of these.

After a bit, they sit together. Arang has a flower in her hair and Eun-oh laughs about it.
He says there was once a girl in his village who’d put flowers in her hair too. He’d always listen to her, until one day, she disappeared.

Then one day, she came back as a virgin ghost and attached herself to him.
Arang asks when he first started seeing ghosts.

Eun-oh tells her that when he was  little, he got really sick. He almost died. After that, he could see ghosts.
At first, he was so scared that he did everything they asked him to do.
He says at that time, a rumor spread about how he was a haunted son of a traitor.

His father used his influence to calm the rumors down. It was very convenient for him.
He stopped the rumors and added Eun-oh to the family registry, even though he was a slave’s son.

Arang is quiet.
Eun-oh tells her not to feel sorry for him, because he doesn’t care about rumors like that.
She asks if that’s what fathers do… block everything? She wonders why her past self’s father couldn’t block the rumors about her.

Eun-0h looks kind of sad for her.

Then Arang asks him what he’ll do when he finds his mom. He says he’ll ask what kind of son he was to her. Then they’ll go far away and live alone together.
Arang asks if she’ll be in heaven then, when he finds his mom. He tells her she will be. Arang smiles, thinking about how he will help her get there.


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