Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 13

Sora finally finds out about Tae-hyun’s lies… but then finds out a fact that will break her and Tae-pong up for good…!

Last Episode:

Sora hates Tae-pong, but is looking very depressed and listless. She just lost trust in the man she loved and she’s losing her motel.

Tae-pong is trying every method he can to save her motel. When the auction didn’t work, he told his dad he would take over the resort project. Hearing that, Tae-hyun decides to buy a lot of stock through his mom so he can overrule any decision his father and Tae-pong make.
…Because Tae-hyun thinks Sora will accept both him and his decision to tear her motel down.

Sora keeps telling Tae-hyun that she will never like him, but he just refuses to listen to her.
This leads to him introducing him to his family, (against her will), and ultimately leading to a fight with his mom.

Tae-pong runs up and pulls her away from the mom after she slaps Sora.
Outside, Sora tells Tae-pong that she really likes Tae-hyun to make Tae-pong leave her alone.

Episode 13 Summary:

Sora tells Tae-pong that she likes Tae-hyun because he doesn’t like like he does, (oh how wrong you are… lol).
She storms off, leaving Tae-pong sad.

Later in his office, Joo-hee storms in angry.
She just found out through and investor that Tae-pong is planning to restructure the site plans for the resort to save Sora’s motel.

Tae-pong tells Joo-hee that doing this will also benefit the resort. He found a better way.

She won’t listen because she’s so angry about Sora being involved in some way.
She tells him that Sora is probably likes his brother too and was just using him.

Tae-pong says Sora isn’t that type of person, and even if she was, he wouldn’t care.
Joo-hee does her irritated face again.

Tae-pong asks for Joo-hee’s help.

Meanwhile, Tae-hyun’s mom has just got back from bothering Sora and is all upset.
She tells the dad that he better keep Sora away from Tae-hyun because she could ruin her son’s life.

The dad says there isn’t anything he can do since Tae-hyun is already a grown man.
She mentions how Tae-pong got mad when he saw her with Sora and dragged Sora out.  She says there’s probably something between those two as well.

The dad sits and thinks about this as the mom storms away. He then picks up the phone and makes a call telling someone to track Sora down for him.

When Sora gets home, Grandpa hands her the registration papers for the motel that have both her name and Tae-hyun’s on it.
Grandpa tells her that Tae-hyun gave these to him and asked his permission.

Sora says she has no feelings for Tae-hyun.
Grandpa understands and says he thought so because there’s probably no room in her heart for another person.

Sora knows he’s talking about her feeling for Tae-pong, but doesn’t comment on it.
Instead, she says she’s going to go give the papers back to the president and then come right home.

She runs over to Tae-hyun’s office.
Right as she gets in the elevator, Tae-pong gets out of the other and they completely miss each other.

In his office, Joo-hee is telling Tae-hyun about Tae-pong’s plans.
Tae-hyun is really mad.

Joo-hee is saying that Tae-pong will do anything for Sora, even if it damages the hotel.
Sora is walking up to Tae-hyun’s door and can hear them talking.

She walks just into the office door where they can’t see her as Joo-hee talks about how she framed Tae-pong so Sora would end her relationship with him.

“If you want to destroy Tae-pong, you have to get to Sora first,” Joo-hee finishes.

Tae-hyun wonders what it is that Joo-hee wants out of this.
She says she wants Tae-pong because she’ll be able to forget Tae-hyun by latching onto his step-brother, (wow, she sounds pathetic right now… >.>;;; ).

She says after she gets Tae-pong, she’ll start fighting about business with Tae-hyun again.
“Like you, I’ll get both work and the person,” Joo-hee says.

Then she reminds him that if Sora finds out he’s planning to tear down her motel and build condos on it, he’ll lose Sora for good.
She walks away.

Suddenly she sees Sora there and calls out.
Sora takes off running. Tae-hyun looks alarmed and chases her.

She gets down the the lobby, asks where Tae-pong is, and leaves the motel deed at the desk for Tae-hyun.
Then she runs out the door to find Tae-pong.

After wondering which way to go for a few minutes, she finally decide on the beach and just runs.

Sora’s grandpa is taking the garbage out when he sees Tae-pong’s dad waiting outside.
He introduces himself as Tae-pong’s dad and says he wants to talk to him about something involving Sora.

At the beach, Sora sees Tae-pong sitting on the beach alone like he’s been doing recently.
She jogs over to him.

*omg cute scene coming up!*

He gets up and turns. When he sees her, his expression looks pained.

Her expression softens and she calls him a bad guy.

He looks disappointed and says he already knows that.
Tae-pong apologizes and starts to leave, looking pretty upset.

But Sora stops him by apologizing herself.
She says she’s sorry she never believed him and she kind of cries.

He turns around, surprised.

“I love you,” she tells him.
When he just stares at her, probably wondering if it’s just a dream, she repeats what she said, adding his name.
“I love you, Tae-pong!”

Tae-pong makes a face like this is what he’s been wanting all this time and rushes over to hug her.

(My feels! ;o; Lee Wan’s expressions were perfect in this scene, omg… the screenshots don’t do it justice. The transitions are wonderful.)

Tae-hyun sees them hugging.

He heads back to his office. The front desk man hands him the deed that Sora gave him and that makes him angrier.

When he gets in his office room, Joo-hee anxiously asks what happened. Tae-hyun tells her to get out and then even yells at her, (which is really rare for his character).

The angriest this character will ever look.

Joo-hee leaves, looking irritated, and Tae-hyun sits at his desk.
He looks at the deed and crumples it up, looking really upset, which is again, rare for his usually composed character.
Then he sits in thought.

On the beach, Sora asks Tae-pong why he hid all that from her.

He tells her that he thought saying sorry alone wouldn’t be good enough.
She says she wanted him to tell the truth and that she would’ve been able to understand him.

Tae-pong says he’s not afraid of anything, but during this time, he was scared of her and her reactions towards him.
He apologizes for hurting her so long.

She feels sorry to him too for not believing him.

Then he gets up and says he wants to show her grandpa that they’ve made up.

But Grandpa is still talking with his dad….

Tae-pong’s dad says he doesn’t want to see his sons fighting over a girl and hurting the family like that.

Grandpa thoughtfully says that Tae-pong is like family to him, but he was really surprised when Tae-hyun suddenly came over.

Tae-pong’s dad smiles and good-naturedly says it’s bad for two brothers to fight like that and wants Grandpa to stop it.
Grandpa kind of laughs and says how can he possibly stop something like that.

The dad says that since both brothers are so into Sora, she’s the one who will have to make a decision, (um, didn’t work with Tae-hyun lol).

Then, in a kind of bribe I’m guessing, the dad offers to help Grandpa find a new place to live.
Grandpa gets upset that he’s telling them to leave the area right now.

The dad says he knows they’re waiting for a person to come back and that if he gets Sora to give up on Tae-pong, he’ll find that person for him.

Grandpa gruffly tells him he understands what he means and tells him to leave.
The dad says he’ll believe him and gets up to go.

Grandpa looks a bit thoughtful and confused as he thinks over the conversation.

In his car, the dad calls his people to tell them to find out more about Sora’s family so he can find the missing person.

Tae-pong and Sora walk along together as a couple.
They talk about getting her place back and then how Tae-hyun put Sora’s name on the deed documents.

Tae-pong says his brother never acted like this before, so he thinks he must have really been serious about her. He thinks this is a big problem.
Then he jokes about how he doesn’t know what his brother saw in her since his brother’s standards are so high. Sora jokes back that Tae-hyun is her ideal man so she doesn’t know why she likes Tae-pong instead.

Sora turns serious and asks if Tae-hyun was really going to destroy her house.
Tae-pong says it was just Tae-hyun’s best method… he wanted to make his business good and wanted her at the same time.
Tae-pong tells Sora that his method is different from his Tae-hyun’s. He’s going to make saving her house a priority, because he wants to follow her wishes.

At his meeting, Tae-pong tells his team that the sea belongs to everyone, so he’s against any ideas that keep everybody from enjoying it.
He says this is why he’s going for a hotel franchise instead of personal condos.

One of his team members say it will make a lot of wealthy people lose interest, but Tae-pong says they’ll still have plenty of customers so they shouldn’t worry about it.
His team agrees.

Joo-hee comes in, saying she’s a part of the team and didn’t want to miss the meeting, however Tae-pong is already wrapping it up.
After, he mentions that he thought she was against the plans.

She says she just didn’t like how he came up with it because of Sora. He says he was doing it to benefit the hotel, not just help Sora out. Joo-hee says the plans are pretty good, so she wants to help him.

One of the team members is designated by Tae-hyun to report all meeting progression to him right away.
So, Tae-hyun is keeping a close eye on Tae-pong’s plans.

Tae-hyun remembers Joo-hee’s words that he must get to Sora to destroy Tae-pong.
He picks up a phone.

Meanwhile, Grandpa is going over the type of house he wants for him and Sora with someone on the phone.
Though he doesn’t want a big house, he still needs one with two rooms.
He hangs up when he sees Sora coming downstairs.

She’s going to go meet Tae-hyun about the deed to the house. Her grandpa isn’t happy about her going, but she says she’ll be right back.

Sora asks Tae-hyun what he was doing… she wants to ask him about what happened since she didn’t think he’d ever do something like that.
He says he didn’t want to deceive her, he just wanted to keep her by his side.

She tells him he never really loved her then, because he didn’t even try to understand how much she loves her house.
Tae-hyun says he was going to build a condo there and have her and her grandpa manage it.

Sora says she wants to live in her hotel because of all the memories it has in it.
They never wanted a better house, just the house that has sentimental value to them.

Tae-hyun grabs her hand and asks if he can have another chance with her. He asks for more time.

Sora looks at him and says she’s simple-minded and can only love one person at a time.
There’s just no room for him in her heart.

She says she doesn’t want to meet him like this in the future because it makes her feel guilty towards Tae-pong.
After apologizing, she leaves.

Tae-pong’s dad calls him to meet at a bridge.

They talk. His dad says he feels sorry for pushing him out and scolding him so often. He says to try and keep things fair between Tae-hyun and Tae-pong, he ended up being more strict to his own son.

Tae-pong smiles and says he understands.

Then his dad talks about how it was always his dream to build sea houses.
He said since he grew up an orphan with no family, he needed something constant to rely on, and for him, that was the sea.

Before getting too serious about that, he turns the conversation to how happy he is that Tae-pong is working so hard.
He says he always knew Tae-pong could do it.
Tae-pong looks happy that his dad is acknowledging him.

Then, his dad asks if he’s dating anybody.
Tae-pong smiles and says he is.

His dad tells him to introduce her to the family because he can’t get married alone.
Then, he mentions that he shouldn’t make trouble like Tae-hyun did.

“Don’t make me disappointed with you,” dad says and Tae-pong’s expression falls as he realizes how hard it’s going to be for him and Sora in the future.

At Sora’s work, Tae-pong shows up and says his dad wants to meet her, (does she have no free time? Both brothers take her to meet family while she’s still in her work clothes lol).

Sora asks why and he says they need to get permission to date seriously.
Sora wonders if he asked her grandpa then. Tae-pong says his grandpa is already like family so he doesn’t need to.

Tae-pong says they have to go now because his dad is leaving for Seoul.
Sora doesn’t want to because he already saw her with Tae-hyun so it wouldn’t be appropriate to do it so soon.

They start play fighting because Tae-pong was annoyed she was with Tae-hyun that time.
Young Jin sees and thinks it’s a serious fight.
He tries to protect Tae-pong and then pull him away.

To show that they’re together again, Tae-pong starts intimately brushing an imaginary thing from Sora’s face and then puts his arm around her to walk her back to her lifeguard station.

Young Jin is dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Tae-pong’s dad is brought the papers for Sora’s family.
Flipping through it, he sees a child photo.

He’s shocked and yells for his car.

(omg… I’m going to cry if Tae-pong is actually the one related to Sora T_T omg…)

Tae-pong meets Tae-hyun outside and asks him nicely if he’ll return the motel to Sora and follows his plans for the motel instead.
He says it’s sure to turn out well with his help.

Tae-hyun mentions how Tae-pong took the resort project from him.
Tae-pong says even with that, he never has any plans of getting promoted higher than he is because Tae-hyun knows so much more than he does. Besides that, he’s his brother.

Tae-hyun seems a little touched, but it’s hard to tell with his character.

Tae-pong then apologizes for the situation with Sora but says they’ll never break up.
He says he can keep his status in the company… he just wants him to give up Sora. Nothing else.

Tae-hyun looks at him and says Tae-pong is always like this.
“You pretend to be nice to me but you never sacrifice anything you want, right?”

He continues, saying that people’s hearts change… even Tae-pong changed from Joo-hee to Sora… so he will make Sora fall for him eventually.
Then he says he won’t do the hotel plans his way and leaves.

Tae-hyun calls Joo-hee to his office and tells her to keep Tae-pong’s plans from being accepted no matter what. He says that she should plant people on the team that can be manipulated by them.
She agrees.

While Sora is at her motel’s front desk, Min-jung calls and tells her they have to meet right now or she’ll never talk to her again.

On the beach, Min-jung and Young Jin are on a blanket, setting up a cake and snacks.
Young Jin comments that she’s just as kind as she is pretty, haha.

Tae-pong shows up and asks who’s birthday it is. They tell him he’ll see in a moment.
Sora shows up as well.

Min-jung and Young Jin tell them it’s a reunion party.
There’s 20 candles on the cake because they’ve fought enough for 20 years already.

Sora and Tae-pong act inconvenienced, but when it’s time to blow the candles out, they both do it together suddenly.

Before cutting the cake, Young Jin puts a single candle on it and tells Min-jung to blow it out with him so they will never separate even once.
Sora and Tae-pong are speechless.

Meanwhile, Tae-pong’s dad comes to a screeching halt in front of Sora’s motel.

Grandpa is looking at a photo album with the photo Tae-pong’s dad was looking at earlier.
He has tears in his eyes, sad that he can’t find his missing relative.

Suddenly, Tae-pong’s dad comes in the lobby and calls for him.

(I don’t like where this is going omg… I’m going to cry….)

Tae-pong’s dad sees Grandpa and asks if he remembers him. He hands him the photo and says, “I let go of brother’s hand and wandered around until I got hit by a car. After that, I couldn’t remember anything except that I played on the beach.” He starts crying as Grandpa is in total shock.

“Are you Jung-ho?” Grandpa manages and Tae-pong’s dad says he is.
Grandpa and Jung-ho cry happily together.


Grandpa is waiting outside when he sees Sora and Tae-pong walking home together.
He looks sorry for Sora.

When Sora says she’s back together with Tae-pong now, Grandpa acts gruff and pretends he’s angry at Tae-pong. He goes in the house.
Sora says her grandpa will forgive him in no time because it’s not his nature to stay mad.

Tae-pong tells Sora that he’s going to Seoul tomorrow for a director’s meeting. If his plan gets passed there, Sora’s hotel will be saved.

The next day Tae-pong’s dad is told that his father is waiting for him.
Happy to have family now, he goes to meet Grandpa.

Grandpa looks reserved and asks him to sit down.
He asks if he’s told any of his family about the situation yet.

When he says he’s going to tell his sons today, Grandpa asks him to keep it a secret for now since Tae-pong and Sora like each other.

Jung-ho realizes the situation, but says they can’t just leave them without knowing.
Grandpa says he knows, but that it would be a bad way for them to break up.
He wants to move away with Sora and send her abroad for awhile so she can get over her feelings first. He tells Jung-ho to come up with a way to make Tae-pong forget Sora as well during that time.

At the meeting, Tae-pong skillfully answers any oppositions the manipulated team gives him. His dad looks like he agrees with Tae-pong’s points.

Finally, Tae-hyun brings up an opposition.

Dad sides with Tae-pong, saying the basic structure is good so they should proceed.
Tae-hyun looks shocked, Tae-pong looks happy.

After, Tae-pong calls Sora to tell her it was successful.

His dad stops him to say something, but is called away to Joo-hee’s dad.

He tells Joo-hee’s dad that he doesn’t think their situation is too serious, so they should still be able to marry in the future.
Her dad says it may not have been serious for Tae-hyun, but it was for Joo-hee.
Then he says that the one Joo-hee said she really liked was Tae-pong.


He says she was just bearing the engagement to Tae-hyun all that time when she liked Tae-pong.
So, since it’s this way, they should marry those two together now. He says the public didn’t even know about the situation with Tae-hyun, so it’d be okay.

Jung-ho looks startled and stutters a bit.
Joo-hee’s dad leans forward and says, “Give Tae-pong to me.” (Creepy lol).

Later, Jung-ho calls his son to meet with him, drinking a lot for courage while waiting.
He asks Tae-pong what he thinks of Joo-hee.

Tae-pong says he thinks of her as family since they grew up together.
His dad asks if he hates her and Tae-pong says no.

Taking another drink, his dad tells Tae-pong to marry Joo-hee.

Tae-pong is speechless.
His dad tells him that Joo-hee’s dad said she broke up with Tae-hyun because of Tae-pong.

Tae-pong says he doesn’t think of Joo-hee that way and that he already likes someone else.

His dad asks if it’s Sora and says she had a relationship with his brother so she won’t do.
Tae-pong says it was a misunderstanding… Tae-hyun only likes Sora, but his dad says it’s bad for brothers to fight over a girl and forbids it.

He tells Tae-pong not to meet Sora anymore, but Tae-pong just gets up and leaves the room after apologizing.

After he leaves, Jung-ho calls Sora’s grandpa and says Tae-pong wouldn’t listen to him at all.
Joo-hee comes, since he invited her, and can hear outside the door before going in.

“I guess maybe Sora has to tell them that they’re both cousins,” he says on the phone.
Joo-hee is shocked.

Tae-pong has met Sora and is telling her of the success. She’s really happy, of course.

Then, he looks like he’s thinking of what his dad told him and asks that she follows and believes in him no matter what happens in the future.

Sora agrees and Tae-pong says that his father is against their dating. He thinks it’s because of Tae-hyun.
He tells her to wait and trust him while he tries to change his dad’s mind.

Sora can tell something else is bothering him as well.

To make him feel better she takes his hand and says her grandpa will be harder than his dad and that he should wait and trust her while she changes her grandpa’s mind as well.
Tae-pong laughs.

She sends him home since she has night duty.

Joo-hee comes looking for Sora.
After pausing to decide what exactly to say to Sora, Joo-hee calls out to her.

“Your grandfather has lost a son, right? I guess it’s fate that our lives are intertwined,” Joo-hee begins.
When Sora asks what’s going on, Joo-hee tells her that her grandpa’s lost son is Tae-pong’s dad.

She says Sora should as her grandpa if she doesn’t believe it.
“Adults know, but they don’t say it out loud because they don’t want to hurt the two of you,” Joo-hee says.

She tells Sora that she hasn’t told Tae-pong yet because he already has too many scars to take the news easily.
Joo-hee says Sora should decide what’s best for Tae-pong and act accordingly.

Sora runs to her grandfather and asks him outright if it’s true.

His shocked expression answers for her.
She starts crying and tells him he can’t be true… that it must be some kind of mistake.

“I also wish it wasn’t true…” Grandpa replies.

At this confirmation, Sora begins crying really heart-breakingly (T_T omg).

Satisfied with the way things are turning out, Joo-hee meets Tae-hyun and asks if he can choose Sora over his resort.
After a moment, he says he can.

Joo-hee says he’s lucky because he’s probably going to be able to get both in the future.
(Why…? Just because it won’t work out with Tae-pong doesn’t mean she’ll go to Tae-hyun. I mean, won’t that be more painful since she’ll keep seeing Tae-pong that way???)

She then tells Tae-hyun that Tae-pong and Sora are cousins and tells him the situation.

Tae-hyun is shocked.
Joo-hee says he should be happy because he’s not blood-related to his step-dad so it won’t affect his situation.
If he comforts Sora during this time, she may even grow to love him instead.

Tae-hyun asks if she told Sora yet.
“Why? Shouldn’t I have told her? I just wanted to help you out,” Joo-hee replies.

Sora looks at at family photo, thinking about how much Tae-pong loves her and how they can’t be together.

Alone in his office, Tae-hyun solemnly thinks about what Joo-hee just told him.

Sora calls him and asks to talk.


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