Penny Pinchers Korean Movie

Penny Pinchers (Many A Little Romance)

Korean Film (2011) Director: Kim Jung-Hwan
Genre: Comedy My Score: 7.5/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: A guy who can’t get a job and lives off of his mother’s money and a girl who scrapes up as much as she can from everywhere. He has problems spending all his money and she has problems hoarding it.Due to certain circumstances, he ends up living in a tent outside her apartment. Along the way, he learns how to make money and they become friends
Cast:  Song Joong-Ki and Han Ye-Seul



Review: As it started out, it felt like most Korean romantic-comedies, but by the end, it definitely had it’s own charms.

While it is a romantic-comedy, the main leads didn’t actually have any romance between each other until around the end. It was mostly about poor people learning from each other and being resourceful and staying happy in hard times.

It was interesting to see Joong-ki as a dirty scoundrel, haha.
He watched dirty movies, had bad habits, an un-attractive attitude and was just a general loser. However, he had a make-out scene that was really hot… and when his character wanted to be charming, he did his usual appealing mannerisms as well as ever.

I liked Han Ye-Seul as well. Her character was overly thrifty, but she had some smart philosophies. She didn’t want to spend any money on herself, but you could see that a part of her wanted to be able to.

The two actors had good chemistry and their characters fit together nicely – each having something the other was lacking. It lead to some nice character growth.

As for the movie itself, it had a kind of slow feeling sometimes, but was never boring. I laughed quite a few times, mostly at how unexpected some of the things were. Oh, and it ended on a sweet note; perfect for a romantic-comedy.


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