5 Manhwa Recommendations

For those of you who don’t know, manhwa are Korean comics that are very similar to manga.

They’re read left to right and have a different feeling than their Japanese counterparts.

There are a lot of great manhwa out there and there’s a million on my to-read list.
Here are five out of my favorites list~

  • Kill Me Kiss Me
  • Hot Blooded Woman
  • Flower of Evil
  • Can’t Lose You
  • Faeries’ Landing

Kill Me Kiss Me

Kill Me Kiss me has gender-bending, romance, comedy, crazy fangirls and gang violence.

Some people don’t like how it turns into another story after the first volume, but for me, it’s one of my favorite manhwa. There’s just something about it.

In the first volume we have a girl who dressed up as a boy to get close to her idol. The guy’s friend ends up falling for her, though he thinks she’s a boy. Yeah, similar to Hana Kimi, but this manhwa doesn’t feel the same as that story at all.

The next volumes are about a really tough girl who’s in love with a flower boy. Unluckily, one of the toughest gang bosses in the town is in love with her. Jealous of the flower boy, the gang boss constantly picks on him. The girl agrees to go out with the gang boss so he’ll leave the flower boy alone.


Hot Blooded Woman

This is an amazing comedy-romance manhwa.
A nice feminine little girl is terrorized by her older brothers. As a result, she grows into one of the strongest gang leaders in school.

Everything changes for her when one day, she’s in an accident. She’s kicked out of her own body and ends up in the body of a weak, but beautiful girl. Instead of being happy, she becomes upset that her muscles are all gone.

She soon finds herself involved with the strongest gang leader in the beautiful girl’s school.


Flower of Evil

The Flower of Evil is about two twins. It’s a darker psychological romance.

The sister seems to be in love with the brother. She hates being away from him. When he gets a girlfriend she becomes really jealous. He tries to distance himself from her after rumors go around the school that they were seen kissing.

A childhood friend appears, but neither of them can remember him. It seems he has a hidden agenda as he tries to get closer to the sister.
There’s a pretty good twist near the end.


Can’t Lose You

In Can’t Lose You, a poor girl is hired to take the place of a rich girl because they look so alike and the rich girl needs a double for her safety.

While pretending to be the rich girl, the man the rich girl has a crush on falls in love with her instead.

There’s a lot of mystery concerning her father.


Faeries’ Landing

This was my first manhwa.

The lead guy in this story really reminds me of Mong Ryong in the drama Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang.

It all starts when he rips a faerie’s clothing by mistake. According to legend, if that happens, the faerie can’t return home. Luckily, the faerie doesn’t want to go home!

One thing leads to another, and another faerie puts some magic eye-drops in his eye. This makes it so any girl that has even a slight amount of romantic interest in him falls in love with him if their eyes meet. Apparently this will happen 108 times before it wears off.

 Each time it happens, he has to battle the evil affinity that comes with it.


8 thoughts on “5 Manhwa Recommendations

  1. One that I really liked ( even if I didn’t finish to read it ) is NOBLESSE, vampire story, I really liked the story line. You can only read it online ohhhh nd they will release a ManHwa base on B2ST….can wait to see the story line and the artwork

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