Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Eight

Eun-oh tries to find Arang while Joo-wal tries to get close to her for his “mother”‘s agenda.

Eun-oh fell off a cliff, Arang tried to save him but got stuck with him.
They found a cave where all the missing spirits had formed together into a dangerous liver-eating body.
The reaper came and released them all.

Eun-oh gets pulled up the cliff by his servant, but Arang climbs, the rope breaks and she falls down the tall cliff, lands on a rock and dies.
Eun-oh is desperate to get to her, but faints from his injuries before he can.

Arang washes on shore and heals. Joo-wal overhears everything and goes to find her. His “mom” the demon-woman wants him to get close to Arang to find out what she wants most. So he helps her back into town.

Episode 8 Summary:

Eun-oh wakes up to his servant sleeping on top of his stomach.
He suddenly remembers what happened and asks where Arang is.

His servant tell him that she must be dead and that he sent patrolmen to find her body.
Eun-oh is alarmed and rushes out, though his condition is still bad.
His servant runs after him, though can’t catch up since Eun-oh is on a horse.

The shaman has set her shop up again in the streets.
She’s eating her lunch and is about to eat a piece of kimchi.
Suddenly, the servant runs past and she sees him as though he’s running mystically in slow motion.

She forgets the kimchi and freezes as she watches him.
He sees her and walks over, angry about the pot lid incident.

But, watching her frozen like that makes his heart race.
He slowly walks over.
A drop from the kimchi falls on her face and he reaches out and wipes it off.

This makes them come to their senses and the servant freaks out and runs.
Once out of sight, he holds his chest and thinks he must be going crazy.

Eun-oh gets to the beach to look for Arang.
When he gets off the horse, he falls to the ground, shoulder hurt again.
But he gets up and walks around, searching for her.

Meanwhile, Joo-wal gets to his place.
Arang is unconscious.

Eun-oh’s servant goes and fetches him back to their house.
He tells Eun-oh that Arang must have been carried away by a current.
Eun-oh wonders if Arang is in a good state of mind and worries.

At home, he notices the items from the tomb are gone. The City Hall men tell him that random people just took them away.
Eun-oh is angry, but has to stay calm because of his injuries. He waves them away.

Eun-oh is tired, but won’t rest inside.
His servant tells him what he overheard the City Hall men saying… the reason nobody came to Arang’s funeral was because the village was all afraid of Lord Choi getting angry.

Eun-oh waits up for Arang well into the night.
He remembers her words of how scary it is to die… so even if she can revive again, she still must have been scared.
He wonders what the truth of her death was to make her suffer so much.

In his house, Joo-wal watches over the sleeping Arang.
He wonders what she is and why the demon-woman wants her.

In her basement cave, the demon-woman makes two seals with her blood.
She places them on the handles of two swords and then gives them to her two reapers.
She says it’s time to test the swords out.

In the night, a killer is after a woman and her child.
The woman tackles the man. He fatally hits his head on a rock and she is stabbed by his knife. Only the child survives.
Their spirits leave the bodies and are immediately taken by a reaper.

But suddenly their red rope is severed by the demon-woman’s reapers.
They slice the real reaper and he disappears. They slice the female ghost and then take the male one away.

But then they are apprehended by more reapers and there’s a giant sword fight.

One of the real reapers arms get cut off and it disappears.
It doesn’t look good for them.

Just in time, the General shows up and fights them both off.
However, one of the bad reapers grabs the spirit and disappears with him.
The General picks up the sealed sword that was dropped and examines it.

The remaining bad reaper takes the spirit to the demon-woman.
She asks him if the reapers showed up and he nods that they did.

She walks over to the spirit and touches his head.
Black soul-like wisp comes out and gets sucked into one of her jars.

In heaven, the King is angry.
The Emperor examines the sword, he comments that the demon-woman must be getting desperate.
The King is so angry he goes and sits on his thrown and yells, (that was a strange, small scene lol).

The Emperor comments on his anger.
The General stops the Emperor and asks who the demon-woman is. He ask about how the Emperor mentioned how the “power has been recovered”.

The Emperor says who the person is isn’t important, what’s important is how to catch her.
The General wants more information… he asks why it’s so hard to catch her.

The Emperor just smiles and wonders why he’s asking so many questions.

The General says he just wants to know one thing… whether Arang has something to do with this or not.
The Emperor ignores him.

Eun-oh gets on his horse and rides away.
A group of villagers are hanging out at the gate.
They go in and tell the servant they have to ask the magistrate for a favor and wonder when he’ll be back.
They want to ask him personally, not through a message.

The servant tells them that the magistrate doesn’t care for people at all and won’t help them.
As he walks away, he thinks that Eun-oh will probably leave once he finds his mom.

Eun-oh still can’t find Arang.
He thinks that she may have gone to a place she knows.
He thinks for awhile and then rides away.

Arang wakes up in Joo-wal’s house.
She gets up and looks for him, but can find nobody.
She wants to go back to Eun-oh’s office, but feels she should thank Joo-wal first.

She decides to ask the resident ghosts that houses always have… like the well ghost, the storage yard ghost, ect, but she can’t find any.
Bewildered, she suddenly notices the path to the demon-woman’s house.

The demon-woman is talking to Lord Choi.
He says the spirit disease shouldn’t bother him for another 3-4 months.
He tells her he took care of the bone tomb and then he asks if they should kill the magistrate.

She tells him to close his mouth.

He leaves angrily and thinks of burning her house down. He would, but he needs her to manage his disease.

Arang is going down the path. She about to touch a pillar with at seal on it when she runs into Lord Choi.
He gets angry and tells her she shouldn’t be here. Arang looks a bit shocked.
The demon-woman hears the commotion.

Suddenly, Joo-wal intervenes and says Arang is his guest.
Lord Choi grabs Arang as Joo-wal tries to lead her away and says even if she’s a guest, since she came here she can’t just leave.

Joo-wal walks up to him and speaks in his ear.
He says now isn’t the time for this and reminds him of something that happened to his previous wife when she came here.
He mentions something about how the lord paid for that.

Lord Choi let’s Arang go.

Joo-wal apologizes to Arang and she says it’s okay. She says she has a strong heart so she’s not easily frightened. He gives her a look.

Lord Choi hovers around and thinks Arang looks familiar somehow.

After they’ve all left, the demon-woman comes out and goes to the pillar. She calls Joo-wal a bastard and makes her creepy expression.

Joo-wal asks Arang if needs a ride back but she refuses.
He asks if she needs a change of clothes and she says she’s going to make Eun-oh pay for them.
She’s about to go when she suddenly turns and looks over his gate.

She realizes it’s the same gate when she was going to see Joo-wal, knowing he was her past fiance.
Arang turns to Joo-wal and asks his name.

When he tells her, her heart beats harder.
He asks for hers and tells her it’s a good name.
She then asks if he’s ever seen her before.

He says they first met at the funeral for the first magistrate’s daughter.
Arang gives her past-self’s name, Lee Seo Rim.
Joo-wal says, “so that was her name?” He really doesn’t seem sad about her death at all. (Of course, since he didn’t even know her).

When Arang realizes how he didn’t even know her name when she apparently liked him, she takes off running.

Hoping she’s not really there, Eun-oh is in the mountain forest looking for Arang.

Once there, he’s shocked to find the bone tomb completely covered up.

In his office, Lord Choi tells his adviser that he did well in covering up the tomb.
The guy asks about the mysterious house, but the lord tells him to just to his job.

Arang has run to the beach.
She realizes that she wasn’t imagining her heart beating quickly before, but is pained that Joo-wal doesn’t recognize her and talks about her past self as as stranger.

Suddenly, Joo-wal comes up behind her and ask why she didn’t go to the office.
He then asks why she’s crying.

He says she’s not well so he followed her to make sure she was okay.
He tries to get her to go with him again but she refuses, still kind of upset.

Joo-wal follows her as she walks in town.
He thinks to himself that he doesn’t want to give her to the demon-woman until he knows what she’s going to do with Arang, (probably still afraid of being replaced).

Arang asks if he’s going to keep following her.
He says he has his own wishes and he will continue.

They get on the topic of the magistrate and whether Joo-wal knows him or not.
Joo-wal says he met the magistrate when Lee Seo Rim’s body was found.

Arang freezes.

Joo-wal continues to say that he realizes that he met the magistrate before he met her.
Arang confirms that Eun-oh knew who Joo-wal was before. She doesn’t seem happy.

At that moment, Eun-oh calls out to her, (he’s back to calling her “Memory-Loss” by the way…).
He gets off his horse and angrily stomps over to her.
Joo-wal apologizes for not sending her home sooner and tells Arang to take care of herself.

As soon as he leaves, Arang rushes away, angry at Eun-oh.

He knows why she’s angry, but he’s upset too.
She rushes away to her room and slams the door in his face.
Suddenly, she opens it and stares at him. He tries to explain why he didn’t tell her before but she slams the door again.

The City Hall men and the servant see Arang and are in shock.

Finally Arang comes out and they fight with each other.
Eventually he tells her that he was searching for her all this time and was thought she couldn’t be revived this time.
She says why would he care if she couldn’t… would he even miss her?

He looks a bit upset.

She goes on to say that he’d only be upset that she isn’t there to help him find his mother.

After insulting him, she goes into her room again.

Eun-oh notices the City Hall men and his servant watching.
He sees how dirty the City men are and he storms over to them and accuses them of wrecking the crime scene and going against magistrate orders.

They tell him they had to follow Lord Choi’s orders.

Eun-oh then finds out that they burned all the evidence as well.
He gets super angry, but they say that Lord Choi’s word is law so they must obey.

Eun-oh commands them to summon Lord Choi to the office and to prepare his official robe.

In his office Eun-oh talks to himself, saying he’ll show them who’s word is law around here.

His servant is wondering what Arang is and how she didn’t die.
He determines that she’s a gumiho and cries that his master is possessed.

Wondering what to do, he figures the shaman might be able to help.
But when he thinks of her, his heart begins racing again and he freaks out.

In heaven, the General is still wondering who the demon-woman is.
He then thinks, “There’s no way Moo Yeon could do this. She has no reason to do this.”

The Emperor asks if the King is still being angry and hands the General some tea.
He briefly worries that the King is making innocent people die because of his rage, but then remembers that the King can only follow the rules and so he would never do that.

He tells the General to drink the tea and tell him what it tastes like.
He says it’s made from the flowers growing on the goats back.

The General isn’t sure. The Emperor is frustrated and says he’s trying to make a tea that shows a person’s mind.

“If you don’t know the taste, then you don’t know your own heart. It’s not like that, is it? Fail!” the Emperor says.

That night, Joo-wal finds the demon-woman in his room waiting for him to return.
She’s angry that he didn’t show her Arang.

To charm Joo-wal into trusting her, she gives him some info… she tells him that Arang never dies.
Joo-wal is surprised.

The woman says Arang has a living body, but dead heart.
She says if she has her body, she’ll live forever.

Arang wakes up and looks at the moon.
She goes to the courtyard and sees Eun-oh pacing outside like before.
They both look at each other and then Arang walks towards him, but then passes right by.

Eun-oh looks upset.
He looks at his mom’s hairpin.

The demon-woman asks Joo-wal to help her.

If she has that body, he won’t need to kill people anymore.

Joo-wal looks scared. He wonders what will happen to him if she doesn’t need him.
Trying to charm him, she tells him a mother can never throw away her son.

She touches his cut like before to see if it’s healing and asks if he’ll call her “Mother” when she has Arang’s body.

Joo-wal wants this and eagerly asks if he should kidnap Arang again.
She tells him that Arang will come on her own if he acts right.

She reminds him to find out what Arang wants most and suggests that he becomes Arang’s lover.
She says he’s a healthy adult now, but ¬†he should leave his heart with here with her.

In the morning, Lord Choi heads to the magistrate office, saying he wanted to check the office out anyway.

Euh-oh prepares himself.
The City men are getting everything ready for the lord, to try and appease his anger of being called there.
Eun-oh’s servant sees and messes some things up for fun… then decides to go see the shaman.

Joo-wal suddenly appears at the office.

Eun-oh sees him and wonders why he’s there, but then suddenly realizes he’s going to see Arang.
Arang is surprised to see Joo-wal there to see her.
Joo-wal turns on his charm.

He tells her he needs to take her somewhere and comments how it seems she couldn’t get money for new clothes yet.

Eun-oh watches, and it seems like he’s jealous.

Joo-wal tells her that she owes him a favor from before.
She’s about to tell him she doesn’t want to go, but when she sees Eun-oh watching¬†irritably, she agrees.

Eun-oh really is not happy about this and he storms off to the gate.
When he sees what the City men have done, he gets more irritated.

Before he can do anything about it, though, Lord Choi arrives.
He walks up to Eun-oh.
He tells him the office is old and needs repair. He says he’ll have one of his people take care of it for him if he wants.
Eun-oh replies that he’ll take care of his own office.

Lord Choi gives him a look.

In the office, the lord asks what favor Eun-oh needs from him.
Eun-oh replies that it’s not a favor, but a summons.


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