Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 12

Tae-pong is still trying to save Sora’s hotel though she hates him, while Tae-hyun refuses to care about what Sora wants.

Last Episode:

Sora thinks Tae-pong really is the one who is taking her hotel.

Tae-pong doesn’t know what to do other than help her by buying her hotel back, however Tae-hyun knows of his plan and intercepts it.

Their father’s company now owns Sora’s hotel.
Tae-hyun says he has more power than Tae-pong so he will never win in this battle for Sora.

Upset, Sora tells Tae-pong that she hates that she ever loved him.
He tells her that he hates himself and that he’s really sorry.

Episode 12 Summary:

After that, Tae-pong walks away, leaving Sora on the beach.

When he’s a distance away, he collapses under a tree and tries hard to hold back his tears.

Tae-hyun is still waiting for Sora outside her motel.
He finally sees her coming.

He asks Sora if she’s mad at him for not saving her motel and she tells him she knows it’s not his fault.
Tae-hyun doesn’t even flinch. He must have no conscience at all.

He tells her to come to his side and just let his company take over.
According to him, it’s the only way she will be happy.

As he turns to leave, Sora stops him and says she believes he did everything he could, but she can’t do as he asks.

Tae-pong is still under the tree.
He calls his mom.

Though he tells her he’s calling for no reason and that everything is find, his voice keeps wavering.
His mom can tell something is up and frantically asks him what’s wrong.

Trembling, he manages to tell her that he couldn’t keep the promise of protecting Sora and that he thinks he’s lost her forever now.

He starts crying and asking what he should do.

(Waaa ;o;)

Sora is telling Tae-hyun to stop waiting for her. She says she’ll never go with him no matter how much he asks.

She turns to go in, but he stops her.
He grabs her and puts her in his car, (jeeze!).

He speeds away with Sora, ignoring her when she tries to talk to him.
Soon he stops at a bus station.

Tae-hyun takes her out of the car and looks around.
“Remember this place? This is where we first met. It’s the first time I fell in love… yet Tae-pong stole your heart first,” he tells her.

Sora just looks at him with pity.
Tae-hyun asks how he can change her feelings and says they should just go back to when they first met.

Sora doesn’t know what to tell him.
She looks at him and says she can’t do that. No matter what, the result would still be the same.

He violently grabs her into a hug and says he won’t let her go, (she even let’s out a kind of gasp-scream when he does it).
He tells her to come to him and everything will work out.

Tae-pong is still depressed and hopeless under that tree.

Sora goes to her room, emotionally drained.
At her vanity, she reaches to touch the necklace Tae-pong gave her, but remembers she took it off.
She takes it from her pocket and looks at it.

When the lifeguards leave their dorm in the morning, they’re greeted by garbage on their deck and a sign that’s cursing Tae-pong.

They show the captain and he just tells the rest of them to get ready for work.

The cook/market woman runs up and pulls the captain into the cafeteria with her.
She sits him down and tells him that things are just going to get worse since the village is so angry with Tae-pong’s company.

He sighs and goes outside.

Tae-pong is alone, cleaning up the garbage.

The captain tells Tae-pong that he has to leave the team.
He tells him that trust is the foundation for a team like this and they don’t trust Tae-pong anymore so he has to leave.

He says he knows it’s not Tae-pong’s fault, but there’s nothing he can do.
“You’re responsible, hard-working and smart. You make a great lifeguard, but this isn’t the place for you,” the captain tells him.

Tae-pong understands and has no hard feelings towards the captain, but he still looks upset.

Tae-pong packs his stuff and leaves the dorm, remembering all the fun he had.

He calls Tae-hyun and says he got fired because of him.
He says he’s going back to Seoul, but he wants to talk to him first.

Tae-hyun tells him he’s too busy and hangs up.

On the beach Young Jin is depressed. When Sora comes up acting like nothing is wrong, he gets really frustrated… but there’s nothing he can do about it.

Tae-pong goes into the office to wait for his brother.
There’s an employee going over some plans when he walks in… recognizing one of the president’s sons, he quickly tries to roll them up.

Tae-pong sits on the couch and tells him to leave them on the desk. The man does so and then leaves the room.

When the man leaves, Tae-pong goes and looks at the plans, which has the title of “Last Plan” on the top.

As Tae-pong looks them over, he is shocked to see where the resort is going to be.

Tae-hyun walks into the building and is greeted by the man who says he left the plan on the desk and that Tae-pong is waiting for him there as well.

Tae-pong gets up as his brother enters the office.
He points to the plans and says he thought Tae-hyun cared about Sora.
He wonders why he’s going to tear her motel down.

Tae-hyun says that he thought about it and he believes Sora will understand, (um, dude, Sora’s family built that thing by themselves!).

“You claim you have feelings for Sora but you don’t even think about what she wants!” Tae-pong shouts.
“Then do you think you know what’s best for her,” Tae-hyun scoffs. “I’m the only one who can give her what she  needs.”

“The loss of her home is not what she needs,” Tae-pong replies.

Tae-hyun pauses for a moment and then says, “I think it’ll be alright.”

Tae-pong threatens to tell Sora about this.
Tae-hyun smirks and says she’ll never believe him.

(Tae-hyun is reminding me of the crazy CEO in Delightful Girl Choon-hyang now…).

Tae-pong sits at the beach that night, thinking of Tae-hyun’s taunts.
“Protect her if you can!” for example.

He calls his dad and asks him for an opportunity to prove himself.

When Tae-hyun walks into the hotel, he sees Tae-pong walking with their dad and Joo-hee.
Their dad tells Tae-hyun that Tae-pong is head of the resort project now since he proved himself.
Joo-hee smirks at Tae-hyun.

Tae-hyun agrees… until he finds out that Tae-pong is completely in charge alone while Tae-hyun is designated the hotel only.
Though, in front of their dad, he can only politely agree to the decision.


Joo-hee happily takes Tae-pong to his new office.
He sends for all the relevant files.
She lingers until he dismisses her.

In his office, Tae-hyun picks up the phone and calls mommy.
He tells her she needs to come right away because Tae-pong is now the leader, (which she never wants).

She rants at him, saying it’s because of the canceled engagement.
Tae-hyun calmly tells her it’s because his step-dad never gave up on Tae-pong.

He says he’ll never let this happen and tells his mom to buy a third of the company’s stock as a third person.
“What dad won’t give, I’ll take myself,” he says.

(Um, I think he’s getting a bit out of control…).

Meanwhile, Min-jung is convincing Sora that Tae-pong is the bad one because when she saw him at the company earlier, he ignored her.
She also tells Sora that he’s sticking close to Joo-hee and even “stole” Tae-hyun’s project.


The two of them have completely switched Tae-pong and Tae-hyun’s roles around.
Min-jung says Tae-pong was just using her while Tae-hyun’s feeling were real.

Sora says she’s already forgotten about Tae-pong.

Min-jung keeps going on about how she feels sorry for Tae-hyun.

Outside his office, Tae-pong is approached by Joo-hee.
He tells her that he hasn’t given up on Sora so she shouldn’t waste her time.
The look on Joo-hee’s face shows that he saw right through her intentions.

But she then says he’s misunderstanding. She’s only there because Tae-hyun pushed her on Tae-pong.

Tae-pong asks her if she knows about long-distance swimming and tells her about how he raced against his team captain when he first came here.
He said he was in such a hurry to win that he almost drowned.

Joo-hee comments that he still won though, since he managed to swim farther even at that cost.
He says he thought so too at the time, but now he realizes that he lost.

He compares his current situation to a race like that.
Tae-pong says he’s not going to make the same mistake of blindly rushing ahead again.

Joo-hee invites him on a walk by the beach like they did when they were kids and pulls him along.

Of course, at that moment, Sora is walking there with Min-jung.

They see each other.
Min-jung pulls Sora away.
Tae-pong wants to go after her, but Joo-hee pulls him away smugly, saying her shoes are wet so she wants to go back.

Sora goes to her room and sits there sadly.

The next day Sora gets a text at work from Tae-hyun asking her to meet him for lunch.

She goes, but only to tell him again that he should give up on her.
He tells her to think it over even more.

At that moment, his dad, mom, Joo-hee, and Tae-pong come into the room.

And… he obviously planned it because he introduces her to all of them with a smile.
He puts his arm around her and says he likes her.

His father tells them to sit down and talk.
(Okay, I would not be so passive. I’d definitely announce that I don’t feel the same and politely leave).

Sora lets him lead her to the table.

Tae-hyun’s mom asks rude question about her lifeguard job until Tae-hyun says that Sora just recently started that job.
Sora says she used to manage a motel with her grandpa.

That catches his parents’ attention.

Tae-hyun says it was the same motel his family’s company bought and announces that love can overcome any obstacle, (omg I’m so mad lol).

Tae-pong, looking down at his plate, asks Sora if she really likes his brother.

Tae-hyun quickly looks at him.

Tae-pong looks up and continues.
“To my brother, love is everything. Do you really like him?”

Tae-hyun says it’s none of his business.

Suddenly, their mom throws a hissy fit and leaves the table.
The dad stands up and politely thanks Sora for meeting them and leaves after his wife.

Sora announces that she’s leaving for work.
Tae-hyun stands and says he’ll take her back.
Tae-pong angrily tells Joo-hee to get back to work with him.

Tae-hyun chases Sora outside and stops her.
She’s really angry and demands to know why he did that to her.

“You don’t know how hard it is for me, Sora!”

He whines to her that he feels so worried and can’t let her go and all that.
Every time she tries to move away, he pulls her closer.

Above them, on a balcony, Tae-pong notices them together.
From that distance, it looks like they’re being close with each other.

“You’re making this harder on yourself,” Sora tells Tae-hyun.
She tells him that she’ll never change her mind and the harder he pushes her, the more disappointed she’ll be.

After that, Tae-hyun has to deal with his mom’s outrage over Sora.
Tae-hyun says she was married so his step-dad could have control of the company, but he doesn’t want that for the woman he marries.
He tells her to give up on this issue… he’s never giving Sora up.

Sora walks back, (still wearing Tae-pong’s necklace, I see), and she thinks of Tae-pong’s reaction to seeing her with Tae-hyun.

She’s late and the her co-worker is hungry and waiting for her shift to be taken over.
As she lightly scolds Sora for being late, Sora begans to cry.

The other girl asks her what’s wrong and tries to calm her down.
At that moment, the other lifeguards are passing by and Young Jin sees the state Sora’s in.
He rushes over to her and asks what the other girl did to her, (awww I’m so jealous of these characters that have good guy friends T_T haha).

The girl says she was just hungry waiting for Sora to come.
The other lifeguards say Sora’s been through a lot lately, so she should just deal with being hungry if Sora’s a little late.

They all disperse to their shifts and Sora smiles a little as she sees Young Jin annoyingly scolding the other girl for making her cry.

Sora’s grandpa is talking with the market woman about how he’s going to start looking for a new house.
He feels sorry that he didn’t let Sora study abroad… the one thing she ever wanted.

The woman starts complaining about Tae-pong, saying he was the one that issued their properties to be taken.
Grandpa can’t believe it.
She says yes, he was the president’s younger son!

She says Mr.Kim’s wife confirmed that he was even the leader at the auction that won his motel.
She feels sorry for Sora since she liked Tae-pong so much.

Grandpa looks a bit thoughtful.

That night, he brings Sora some good food and tells her he’s going to sell the motel after all, (does he mean before Tae-hyun’s company takes it over or what? I’m confused lol).

He says with the money, he’ll find a place to live and send Sora abroad to study like she wanted.

She says she doesn’t want to lose their place because of all the memories there.

Her grandpa just listens and then asks if she’s talked to Tae-pong lately.
He tells her he knows Tae-pong isn’t that kind of bad guy.

Sora tells him not to mention his name again.

Drinking together, Tae-pong asks Young Jin to come work with him since he’s the only person he can trust.
Young Jin accepts, but says he needs to finish the lifeguard work until the season ends since he’s more responsible now.

Tae-pong smiles and agrees.
Young Jin mention that Sora hasn’t been feeling good lately and that Tae-pong should go cheer her up.

He says Tae-pong needs to just tell her the truth. Sora is hurting because he never told her what really happened.

Tae-pong says she won’t listen to anything he says, and that it’s easier if she doesn’t know anyway.
He says he will keep the promise to protect her no matter what it costs him.

Afterwards, he walks to Sora’s motel and happens to see her outside.
He turns and walks away.


In the morning, he swims in the pool while the lifeguards play on the beach.

Even through the games, Sora just goes through the motions, never really looking happy.

Tae-pong goes to the fishing spot to see Sora’s grandpa.
Her grandpa says he doesn’t know what happened, but he doesn’t think Tae-pong is a bad guy.

He thinks Tae-pong should talk to Sora though.
Tae-pong says he wants to see her, but Sora’s so stubborn, she probably won’t believe him.

Grandpa tells him to take a fishing pole.

He finds the fishing pole that belonged to Sora’s dad.
Tae-pong mentions that Sora never talks about her mom.

Grandpa says her mom was young and widowed so she left to get re-married about 15 years ago.
Sora didn’t want her to leave. Her mom told her she’d be back, but never returned, (just like Tae-pong’s situation before).

He says Sora has never mentioned her since.

Sora is hoping her mom will come back to this motel, which is why she doesn’t want to lose it.
Grandpa says Sora’s dad had a brother, and that’s who he’s been waiting for for about 40 years now.

If the motel is lost, then their family might never find them.

Tae-pong says that he’ll help him find them.
Grandpa says he should treat Sora that well too.

Tae-pong smiles and says he’ll make Sora sorry that she ever doubted him.

(lololol just had a thought… what if Tae-hyun’s real dad is Sora’s long-lost uncle? Then he’d have to give up because they’d be related!)


Tae-hyun is in his office with Mr.Kim.
He has the deed to Sora’s motel, (I think), and Mr.Kim says something about how it will create rumors.
Tae-hyun says he knows what he’s doing and tells him to buy more stock.

When grandpa gets back to the motel, Tae-hyun is waiting for him.

“Grandpa, please give Sora to me,” he says.

(OMG why… just… why.)

Grandpa is taken aback and says he hasn’t even heard Sora mention him before.
Tae-hyun says he hasn’t gotten an answer from Sora yet, (uh, yes you have and it’s NO.), but he’s going to continue to try his best.

Grandpa looks at him and says he looks really familiar. He wonders if they’ve met before, (LOL maybe he IS related to Sora’s uncle!).
Tae-hyun says he might have seen him around the area.

Curious, Grandpa asks him where he works.
Tae-hyun pauses and then says he works at the hotel managed by the company that bought up the village.
He says his father is the president.

Grandpa looks a bit shocked and upset.

Tae-hyun says their motel will soon belong to them, but he bought it so nobody else could.
He hands Grandpa the deed and says this will make him believe in him.

Sora’s name is on the deed under Tae-hyun’s. (As close to marriage as he can get? lol)

Grandpa is very surprised.

Tae-pong is going over plans for the resort.

At work, the captain tells Sora that the president’s wife is looking for her at the cafeteria.
(Jeeze, Sora already looks so lethargic, and now she has to deal with that crazy woman… poor girl).

Alone together, the mom tells Sora to never meet Tae-hyun again, (tell that to your son, lady…).

Sora tells her that she’s mistaken. There’s nothing between her and Tae-hyun. She gets up to leave, but the crazy woman yells at her, saying she didn’t tells her she could leave yet.

Shocked, Sora stops. Looking a bit irritated, she sits back down.

Young Jin sees Tae-pong and runs up to him happily.
He says he’s sorry that Sora chose Tae-hyun.

Tae-pong glances at him and asks if he heard that from someone. He stays calms, knowing it’s probably just a rumor.

Young Jin says he hasn’t heard it, but why else would the president’s wife go to see her?

Tae-pong freezes. He asks where Sora is and goes running.

Meanwhile, Sora is telling the woman quite clearly that she has no interest in Tae-hyun.
The woman doesn’t believe her and says she must be trying to get to him to save her grandpa’s motel.

After being insulted, Sora gets up to leave.
The crazy woman commands her to sit down repeatedly, but Sora doesn’t listen.
The woman asks again if she’s doing it to save her motel.

Insulting Sora even more, Sora finally turns around and says if she’s really Tae-hyun’s mom, then she can see why he’s always so lonely.

The woman slaps her and screams that she doesn’t know anything.

Tae-pong rushes in and yells at her to stop.
He grabs Sora’s hand and takes her away.
The woman watches after; a strange look on her face.

Once away, Sora pulls away from Tae-pong’s grasp.
He’s angry and asks why she let herself get in that situation.
She tells him it’s none of his business since they broke up.

Tae-pong asks if she really likes Tae-hyun that much.

She looks at him and says she does like Tae-hyun because he’s not like him.
She says she can’t trust Tae-pong… she only believes in Tae-hyun.

Then she walks away, leaving Tae-pong hurt and speechless.


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