Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 11

Sora believes Tae-pong is to blame for taking away their motel.
He tries desperately to save it since it’s the only way she’ll believe in him.

Last Episode:

So we knew Sora liked Tae-pong, and now in the last episode, Tae-pong announced to Tae-hyun and Joo-hee that he loves Sora and wants to protect her. He even bets Tae-hyun to leave Sora’s land alone because he doesn’t want to hurt her or her grandpa.

To get revenge, Tae-hyun tells Joo-hee to frame Tae-pong when they kick Sora and her grandpa off their land.

I can only conclude from this that Tae-hyun’s jealousy/dislike for his step-brother is stronger than his love for Sora.

Episode 11 Summary:

Joo-hee calls her informant to get Sora’s information.

Sora’s grandpa is sitting at the motel desk when a postal worker comes in and has him sign for a letter.
When he opens the letter, he looks alarmed.

Suddenly, the market woman comes in and says something went horribly wrong.
At one of the shops, men are carrying everything away.

The grandpa asks what’s going on and a guy next to him says those men said her loan fell through and that they’re going to auction her store. He says they even have paperwork for it.

They’re taking all her stuff until she can pay back the loan, but they are giving her very little time to pay it, so it looks impossible.

Suddenly, Sora’s grandpa faints!

At lunch, Sora looks around for Tae-pong and asks Young Jin if he’s seen him. She says she hasn’t seen him all day and was hoping he’d be here.

The market woman, (who’s the new lifeguard cook since Sora quit that job), runs up and tells Sora what happened.

Going outside to talk, Sora says that it can’t be happening to her motel and the woman says it is.
Sora asks how her grandpa is.

The woman stutters and Sora runs home.
Tae-pong sees her as he goes to lunch and calls, but she ignores him. He seems puzzled.

Sora sees her grandpa, who’s just laying down in his room, but seems better.
She asks him why she kept this a secret from her and wants to see the contract.

The name under the contract is Tae-hyun’s company.

Sora storms out the door against her grandpa’s wishes.
She calls work to say she can’t come in as she goes to Tae-hyun’s hotel.

She steps in front of his car and he looks surprised.

Tae-hyun looks at the contract and Sora asks him how his company can do this.
He tells her it’s just a mistake and that he’ll look into it. He tells her to trust him.

Tae-pong goes to Sora’s motel to find her.
He sees her grandpa laying in bed and the grandpa weakly tells him to find Sora for him.

At that moment, Sora comes back.
Her grandpa seems worse than when she left him.
She tells him she went to see the manager of the company holding their debt.

Tae-pong looks shocked at this.

Sora continues, saying the manager told her it was just a mistake.
Grandpa apologizes and Sora tells him it’s okay if they end up losing the motel as long as they have each other.

Tae-pong can’t take it anymore and runs to Tae-hyun.

On his way, he sees Joo-hee and asks her where Tae-hyun is.
Joo-hee goes to Sora’s motel.
She meets Sora and addresses Sora’s money problems. She then hands Sora a paper, telling her to sign and stamp it.
As Sora looks over the paper, she sees Tae-pong’s name.
She’s shocked and can’t hear anything else Joo-hee is saying.

Sora looks to Joo-hee and asks why Tae-pong’s name is on it and Joo-hee says, “Why wouldn’t his name be on it? He’s in charge of this project. You didn’t know?”

She tells Sora that Tae-pong is the president’s younger son.

Tae-pong is at Tae-hyun’s office and tells him that he must save Sora.
Tae-hyun asks why he should.
Tae-pong says he thought Tae-hyun loved Sora too; he thought he was her friend.

Tae-hyun says, “Don’t judge me.” Tae-pong continues, saying, “Are you really that kind of person?”

Tae-pong leaves after his brother yells at him to get out.

Joo-hee tells Sora that Tae-pong is the younger brother of Tae-hyun.
Her mind reeling, Sora says that’s impossible.

She asks why he was a lifeguard then and Joo-hee says it was just so he could learn about the village.

Joo-hee says she should talk to Sora’s grandpa but Sora says she’ll tell him herself.
Joo-hee agrees and leaves, smirking to herself.

In her room, Sora still thinks it can’t be true.
Her grandpa enters and she hides the papers from Joo-hee under her pillow.

He tells her that Tae-hyun’s corporation set them up and asks if she wants to know the details.
She doesn’t want to know and tells him Tae-hyun will help them since they’re close.

Her grandpa asks how she knows that he’s not lying and Sora says he has to be telling the truth because they’re friends and she tells him not to worry.

Walking down the street, Tae-pong sees the shop owner from before, crying and saying all her roots are here.
The two women start talking about how the corporation set them all up and start bad-mouthing them.

Ashamed to be associated with that hotel, Tae-pong tries to avoid eye-contact as he passes by.

Sora calls him and wants to meet.
He tells her he’s busy and can’t see her, but she says she’ll wait for him and hangs up.

Tae-hyun goes to his dad and tells him that he’s canceling his engagement to Joo-hee.
He assures his dad that he has found more investors and that Joo-hee’s dad won’t pull out anyway since he’s already invested too much.

His dad scolds him, saying he showed Tae-hyun the perfect path to take and asks why he won’t follow it through.

He tells Tae-hyun that marrying Joo-hee will help him reach all his ambitions.
Tae-hyun asks him if that’s the reason he married his mother and his dad is taken aback.

Tae-hyun tells him it doesn’t matter.
He says he wants someone he loves.

His dad tells him he’ll give him time to think about it and Tae-hyun leaves.
His dad seems frustrated, but not angry.

Meanwhile, Tae-pong is drinking at the bar when Young Jin comes up to him tell him that Sora is waiting.

He asks what’s wrong and Tae-pong tells him that Sora is going to have to transfer her land and lose her motel.
Young Jin is surprised and gets even more shocked when Tae-pong says it’s because of his father’s company.

Tae-pong comments that he can’t keep Sora waiting, but tells Young Jin that their company was planning this all along since they knew the villagers wouldn’t give them the land willingly.
Tae-pong says if Sora can’t pay off the loan, they’ll just take her land.

Young Jin says Sora still doesn’t know he’s the president’s son and he should hurry and stop it.
Tae-pong says he begged Tae-hyun but his brother didn’t care and that he has no money himself to pay off the debt.
Looking hopeless he says soon Sora and her grandpa won’t have a place to live.

Young Jin asks him what they can do.
Still hopeless, Tae-pong says calmly that he should have told Sora sooner, but he just didn’t know how… and now she’ll just be more hurt if she knew.

“You must really love her,” Young Jin says.
He then looks around, thinking and tells Tae-pong that he has about $6,000.
He says they can think of a way to get more.

Tae-pong looks at his friend and thanks him.

Sora is waiting for Tae-pong on a bench.
He sees her as he’s walking back.

He starts walking when she stands up and sees him.
Noticing she saw him he asks if she’s been waiting and runs up to her, trying to pretend nothing’s wrong.

Tae-pong tells Sora that he told her not to wait and takes her hand saying he’ll send her home.

She looks at him and asks what the rush is. She says he ran out of her house without a word and wonders where he was all this time.

He pauses and tells her he went out to look for money so they can find a new place to live.
He tells her they’ll look for a new house tomorrow.

Sora asks him why he’s saying they should leave. She thinks it’s more likely that he’d insist they stay no matter what.
He tells her he thinks it’s pointless to do that.

He apologizes and she tells him that she’s going to fight it no matter what and won’t lose to that company… or to him.

Tae-pong’s expression changes.
She leaves him standing there and walks home.

He spins around with a painful look on his face and tries to call out to her, but is at a loss for words.

The next day, the captain tells Tae-pong and Young Jin that Sora called to say something was wrong so Tae-pong will have to work alone today.
Young Jin says she must be working out the loan and that he should go help her.
Tae-pong just pats his friend’s shoulder and walks away.

Sora has gone to see Tae-hyun.
She asks why he wanted to see her.
He tells her that it’s too late for him to interfere with the loan.

He says the only way is to pay it off quickly.
When she says she has nobody to borrow  from, Tae-hyun tells her to let him pay it off for her.

She refuses, saying she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to pay him back.
He tells her that they should rely on each other… that she doesn’t need to pay him back.

Sora asks him if he’s always honest.
“I think I am,” he replies.

She asks him why he didn’t tell her the truth about Tae-pong then.
He doesn’t know what to say, but then manages to tell her that he thought it wasn’t important at the time when they first met. He wanted to tell her later on, but didn’t know how.

Tae-hyun tells her that she may not know this, but that Tae-pong always wants what he has and he’s always giving in to him.
He says he doesn’t want to hurt him since he’s his brother, which is why he gave Sora up.

He asks her to trust him.

Tae-pong is telling Joo-hee that he always trusted her and asks if she can withdraw the loan.

When she confirms it’s because he doesn’t want Sora to get hurt, she says she can’t do it.
She then outright tells Tae-pong that she hates Sora.

She says Tae-hyun broke off their engagement because of Sora so she can’t help someone who “stole” her fiance away from her, (jeeze, Sora doesn’t even want the guy lol).

Tae-pong looks saddened.

Joo-hee tells Tae-pong she wishes she fell for him first instead.
She asks if it’s too late for her to get together with him now.

He tells her it is too late.
When he was hurt by Joo-hee’s rejection, Sora was the one who helped him through it, so his heart has changed.
Between the time spent with Joo-hee and time spent with Sora, he’s happier when he’s with Sora and even feels closer to Sora even though he grew up with Joo-hee.

Joo-hee looks upset.

Tae-pong says he can’t live without Sora.
He apologizes to Joo-hee and says he won’t involve her in this anymore.
He walks away while Joo-hee makes her ugly incredulous expressions.

Tae-hyun is walking Sora out, telling her that her grandpa must be worried about her.

She thanks him and walks out of the building.

Joo-hee sees her and calls to her.
She says it must be tiring for Sora to be seducing two brothers at once.

Sora looks at her and says she never did that.
Joo-hee can’t believe that both of them could just suddenly be in love with her.

She tells Sora that Tae-hyun broke off their engagement because of her. She says Tae-pong also suddenly took back his confession to her because of Sora.

Joo-hee tells Sora she better be frank with them and stop leading them on, (um, Sora was pretty straight-forward with Tae-hyun before).
Joo-hee storms off.

While working, Tae-pong is calling everybody he can think of to stop Sora’s land from being taken.
He suddenly notices Sora coming to work and decides to act like normal, teasing her for showing up so late.

Young Jin leaves and after a bit, Sora asks Tae-pong why he’s there.

She wonders why he left his good job in Seoul to come work as a lifeguard.
She asks if there’s any special reasons he did so.

He acts kind of flustered and says there is none and then runs away to work elsewhere.

That night as the lifeguards head to the dorm, the market woman from before storms up and yells for Tae-pong.
When he steps forward, she grabs him and starts cursing and yelling at him for stealing their village.

Tae-pong doesn’t know how to react… since none of the lifeguards know he’s the president’s son.
Sora is in the group, looking pretty uncomfortable.
The other lifeguards try to keep her away.

When Tae-pong asks what he did, she takes out the contract from an envelope.

He looks at the paper and sees his name.
Surprised, he asks the woman where she got this and who did it.

The woman thinks he’s faking innocence and says he stole her house and store and is now stealing Sora’s motel.

Sora walks quickly away.
Tae-pong tries to go after her, but the woman won’t let him leave.

He finally gets away and runs after Sora.
He grabs her hand and asks her to talk with him.

She says she won’t believe anything he says anyway and walks away.

At the dinner area, the lifeguards are gossiping, saying that Tae-pong was the son of the president all along.
They’re shocked that he even lied to Sora.

The captain tells them to just eat, but they can’t be calmed.

When Tae-pong comes back, one of them asks who he’s going to back-stab next.
They start to fight when the captain calls Tae-pong to the office.

He asks Tae-pong if he wants to be transferred.
He’s worried that Tae-pong is going to get bullied and will be unable to do his job properly since the other lifeguards think he’s a traitor now.

Tae-pong still wants to continue working here anyway.

Young Jin is waiting for Tae-pong outside.
He thinks Tae-pong should just leave and get a better job.

Tae-pong tells him that if he leaves, he will never be able to be with Sora.
Young Jin says she doesn’t care about him anymore.

Tae-pong says he’ll never give up and will find a way to help Sora.
He says he’ll keep protecting her even if she doesn’t want him to.

Tae-pong goes to his dad.
He asks to be put in charge of the project since his name is all over it anyway.

He acts very confident that he can do it.
His dad asks about the lifeguard job and Tae-pong says he can manage to do both.
He just aks that Mr.Kim be allowed to help him with it.

His dad agrees.

The next day as he eats, Tae-pong goes over the auction section in the newspaper.
Young Jin wants him to head back to the dorms, but Tae-pong smiles and says he’s not going to.
Young Jin is worried that they’ll all hate him more if he doesn’t.

Tae-pong tells him to hang in there because things will get better.
He also mention that the captain assigned a new partner to Sora so he hasn’t seen her.

Tae-pong stays up late into the night, going over things with Mr.Kim.

When he gets to the dorm everybody is deep asleep.
He covers Young Jin up and sits thinking for a bit.

In her bed, Sora looks at the dolphin necklace that she’s still wearing.
She also looks to the dolphin toy he won her at the fair.

At work, Tae-pong uses the binoculars to watch Sora working with the captain.
At night, he works with Mr.Kim again.

Finally, they have come up with a plan.

But after Tae-pong leaves, Mr.Kim calls Tae-hyun and says that Tae-pong doesn’t suspect anything….
(Jeeze, nothing can go smoothly, can it?)

Tae-hyun wants to know Tae-pong’s financial state.

As Tae-pong hits on the punching bag outside the dorm, Young Jin comes up and tries to convince him to talk to Sora.
Tae-pong refuses.

He then turns to Young Jin and says he plans to outbid his company, but he needs his help to do so.

Young Jin is surprised.
He reminds Tae-pong that he won’t be able to enter his father’s company if he does this.
Tae-pong says he doesn’t care… he only wants to protect Sora.

That night, Young Jin gets together with Min-jung and Sora.
He tells her that as a friend, he wants to help her outbid the company.
He says he already knows the amount the company is going to bid, so he just needs to write in the bigger amount.

Sora agrees with Min-jung’s encouragement.

The day of the auction, the lifeguards encourage Sora.
Young Jin runs out of the dorm in a suit and Min-jung admires him.

Young Jin goes into the building and gets the paperwork, making sure it’s all there.
From the side, Mr.Kim and Tae-hyun watch.

Tae-hyun makes sure Mr.Kim knows the highest bid in case something goes wrong and sends the guy off.

Tae-pong is with Mr.Kim and and watches the guy make the bid to see what the amount is.

He then walks quickly away, whistling a signal for Young Jin to follow him.

From a distance, Tae-pong hides and watches as they walk past.

In the bathroom, Tae-pong writes down a bigger number than Mr.Kim’s and tells Young Jin to stay put.
Young Jin is really worried, but Tae-pong tells him he’s not doing anything wrong and to relax.

Tae-pong then goes back.

Tae-hyun meets up with Mr.Kim really quick and replaces the paper in the envelope with another one, with a higher price on it!

Everybody puts their envelopes into the bid box and sit down.

Sora and Min-jung are nervously waiting outside.

When the results are announced, Tae-pong find what his brother did and runs out of the room.
Their hotel had beat Young Jin’s price.

He’s not supposed to leave the room until it’s over, but he crashes out just to see Tae-hyun driving away
Tae-pong chases the car, but of course, can’t catch up.

Sora and Min-jung go inside to find that they failed to keep the motel.
Min-jung curses Tae-pong.
Young Jin sees Tae-pong hiding around the corner, listening.

Sora thanks Young Jin and walks slowly outside.
Min-jung wants to follow her, but Young Jin stops her.

Tae-pong follows Sora at a distance and she doesn’t notice he’s there.

Sora’s eyes tear up.
Tae-pong looks really frustrated that he couldn’t help her.

Meanwhile, Tae-hyun is with their dad, who is happy it went well.
But then their dad asks where Tae-pong is and wants to congratulate him.

He goes on about how proud he is of Tae-pong and that when he finally joins the group, they’ll be at the top.
He says it’s great to have two competent sons.

Tae-hyun looks like he’s biting his tongue.

When Tae-pong gets to the hotel, he runs right into Tae-hyun, who’s playing dumb.

Tae-pong rages at him, demanding to know why he’s doing this and says he’s doing all he can to protect Sora.

Tae-hyun looks at him and says this is Tae-pong’s limit. He says he can protect Sora better, (even though he’s causing it in the first place omfg).
“You can’t compete with me,” Tae-hyun says and walks away.

Tae-pong grabs his brother’s arm and says he doesn’t want to fight with him.
Tae-hyun coldly replies that he should give Sora up then.
Tae-pong looks upset.

Sora sits alone at the beach and thinks of the good memories with Tae-pong, probably wondering if it was all a lie.

She takes off the necklace he gave her.

As she looks at it, it slips from her hands. She pauses and picks it back up.

Tae-hyun waits for her at her motel.

Sora is still at the beach.
Tae-pong is on a walk in that area and sees her.

Sora walks up to Tae-pong and tells him she can’t believe him.

She grabs him and shakes him asking how he could do this to her.

He says he doesn’t know what to say, (because she probably won’t believe anything he says anyway).

She calms down and says she hates this… she hates everything he was to her and all the memories.
Her voice trembling, she tells him that she hates how she liked him so much.

“I hate myself,” Tae-pong replies.

He says she has no idea how greatly sorry he is, but all he can say is simply, “Sorry, Yoon Sora.”
He turns and walks away.

(This scene is so sad because their acting is so good!)


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