Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Six

Eun-oh finds a ghastly tomb!

Joo-wal is helping Eun-oh’s mom capture pure female souls for her to eat.

He stabs and kidnaps Arang while she’s sleeping, but she manages to escape just in time.
She tells Eun-oh that she was stabbed, but she doesn’t know who did it.

Eun-oh investigates the area and find the place Arang had been taken to.
He finds some blood there as well as his mother’s hairpin!

Episode 6 Summary:

Joo-wal paces outside, looking towards the demon-woman’s house.

Lord Choi comes up behind him and laughs at how he failed the other night.
We also find out that Lord Choi used to do this for that woman before she took in Joo-wal.

Lord Choi tells him that when her hunter fails, she just gets a new one.
He laughs and says, “You think you’re better than me?” Joo-wal walks away.
The lord’s laughter stops as his head starts hurting.

Joo-wal goes to see the demon-woman.

Back to Eun-oh and his servant…

After Eun-oh found his mother’s hair pin, his servant runs in and tells him he found something strange.

They run out together to what looks like a hole in the ground covered with boards. They start clearing it.

In heaven, the Jade Emperor plays the gayageum again… more than a single chord this time.

The King of the Underworld comments that  he’s playing so well, he must be feeling good.
But then tells him that he doesn’t think mere humans will be able to do this job well and the King anticipates taking the Emperor’s body for his own.

Eun-oh and his servant try hard to lift the boards, but they have a seal on them.

The Emperor in heaven keeps playing his instrument, and finally, Eun-oh lifts the boards up.

The Emperor smiles and says they have to summon the General Reaper.

In her house, the demon-woman opens her eyes and seems concerned.

Looking in the hole, Eun-oh and his servant wonder why there’s just a bunch of rocks in it.
However, looking closer, they see a skeleton!

Eun-oh jumps into the hole and finds the skeleton of a human hand.

He then uncovers a human skull.
Telling himself it’s not his mother’s, he digs some more… and finds another one!

He also runs into various items of clothing.
At this point, he has his servant gather the police to come check it out.

Suddenly, at her house, the demon-woman comes out of her house and commands Joo-wal to check out that spot in the mountains.
He takes a horse and hurries over.

Arang is still sleeping on Eun-oh’s bed while all this is going on.

Joo-wal arrives at the location and sees Eun-oh uncovering the hole with the police.
He worries to himself that Eun-oh had followed him before and brought Arang’s “corpse” back with him.

Joo-wal wonders how Eun-oh knew about this place.

At home, Arang wakes up and remembers what had happened.

She wonders who would want to kill her… and then remembers that she was actually killed last night.
Arang realizes she was revived again. She really can’t die for the next three months.

She checks her stab wound and finds it healed.
To make sure, she cuts her wrist, but finds it healing as she wipes the blood away.

She becomes upset, thinking that she’s not really human after all.

At the site, the bones are being collected… there are so many.
Eun-oh tells them to gather every piece of the victim’s belongings without missing any.
He then looks at his mother’s hairpin again.

The General Reaper comes to see the Emperor.

The Emperor tells the reaper that it’s been 400 years since they discovered the deaths that weren’t planned on their list.

He says it’s such a bad murder case because even the soul disappears with the body.
Looking at the reaper, he tells him the bodies will be found soon so he will have a lot of work to do.

The reaper then asks about Arang.
He asks the Emperor if he was the one who untied her rope when he was first bringing her to the underworld.

The Emperor just kind of smiles.

At night, Arang finally puts on the detective clothes Eun-oh left her and goes to look at her bed.
Her blood is still on it.

She relives the memory of the other night and steps back outside.

Meanwhile, the officials are bringing the bones and belongings back to town.
When Eun-oh sees them, he starts digging through them like a crazy person.

But he can’t find any of his mother’s belongings among them.

He figures that she couldn’t have died there or her ghost would’ve come to him.
However, he still can’t explain the hairpin.

When Arang comes over, he grabs her and drags her out the gate.
She pushes his hand away and demands that he tells her where he’s taking her.

He stares at her with a strange look in his eyes.

The officials are worrying about the bones, wondering how to identify them.
Then they think of a “worse” problem; how their village will become famous now. They worry about their storage rooms….
If the way the room was built is found out, they will all be in trouble.
Now they’re angry with Eun-oh.

Arang is amazed at the amount of bones from that hole.
She asks why Eun-oh is taking her there now.

He shows her his mother’s hairpin and tells her it was found there.

He tells Arang that since it was there, she must have died there before, since she had it as a ghost.

Eun-oh wants to take her there to see if any memories come back.
But Arang doesn’t want to because she’s scared.

Lacking any empathy, Eun-oh dismisses her fears, but Arang tells him that since he hasn’t died yet, he doesn’t know the same fear.
She says she has at least one memory, and that’s the fear she felt as she died the first time.

Arang says she’s scared, but she’ll go check that place out when she’s ready.
She emphasizes when she’s ready, not when Eun-oh is ready.

She runs off into the night.
Eun-oh knows he can’t say anything about it, but he’s probably really frustrated.

Joo-wal goes to the demon-woman/Eun-oh’s mom.

He tells her that the bones were found.
She asks if the magistrate is the one who found the bones and took the corpse.
When Joo-wal confirms it, she tells him to kill the magistrate and bring the corpse back.

She tells him she’ll decide how to deal with Joo-wal himself after he’s done these things.
Lord Choi is going to take care of the bone tomb.

Outside, Lord Choi seems really happy that Joo-wal failed.
He tells him it was fun sometimes to be his fake father, but he’s glad to be rid of him.

The lord goes in to see the demon-woman, but suddenly he falls down in sudden pain.
It seems he wants the woman to save him, but she just stares.

Arang thinks alone in a field while Eun-oh broods over his mother’s hairpin.

Arang then wonders why out of all her memories, she remembered the feeling of fear as she died.
“Do I remember only when I experience the same thing?” she wonders.
She remembers that she must find out the truth of her death.

She runs back and takes a paper lantern.

Scared, she enters the forest and goes back to that horrible building.
Even though it’s terrifying, she lays down on the bed Joo-wal had placed her.

After a moment, she sits up, annoyed because she can’t remember anything.
But as she stands up, she trips and hits her head, causing another memory to appear.
It has something to do with that hairpin.

She gets up and runs back.

In his room, Joo-wal takes out the dagger.

It then shows him doing a ninja leap over a wall.

Eun-oh is walking the grounds, thinking about Arang.
He understands her feelings and he wants her to come back.

Joo-wal stalks him.

Eun-oh sees a group of ghosts scurrying by and wonders if he should ask them.
He decides they wouldn’t know and continues on his way.

Suddenly, he feels like something is wrong. He looks behind himself but sees no one.

From the tree above, Joo-wal looks down on Eun-oh like a ninja.

Joo-wal takes out the dagger and is about to pounce, when Arang comes running up excitedly.

When Joo-wal sees who it is, his eyes widen.
He remembers killing her and knows she definitely died.

Arang and Eun-oh are walking away now.
Arang tells Eun-oh that she remembered something.

Eun-oh kind of brushes her off, pretending that he wasn’t worried when she ran off again.

Finally, Arang tells him that she remembers how she got the hairpin.
She pulled it out of some woman’s hair, though she couldn’t see the face of this woman and she didn’t know why she did it.

Trying to find some shred that will help them, Eun-oh asks what her feelings were at the time, but Arang can’t remember this either.
Because none of this helped, Eun-oh then asks how she remembered.

She tells him that she went back to that place because she wanted to. He tells her that she should have gone with him since she was scared. Arang tells him he would’ve just distracted her.

“Mama’s boy?!”

She then calls him a mama’s boy again and runs away.

Suddenly, Joo-wal appears, dressed as normal.
He looks super shocked.
Eun-oh eyes him, and Arang smiles at him.

As an excuse, Joo-wal says he’s shocked because he thought she was a guard.
Arang is friendly with him, causing Eun-oh to be irritated. He grabs her wrist and says it’s “toooo late” to talk and he drags her away, (before she breaks away and storms ahead of him… he follows, calling to her haha).

Joo-wal is left in his shock, wondering how she didn’t die.
He worries about this mistake he made and what the demon-woman will do to him for it.

Back at home, Arang is about to go into Eun-oh’s room but he stops her.
He tells her that he cleaned the blood off her bed so she can sleep there again.
She walks quickly over to her room.

Eun-oh is left in thought about the hairpin.
He wonders if she took it from his mother, and if so, why his mother was there.

Arang sees her cleaned bed and smiles,
(Okay, I would NOT feel safe there anymore after that. I don’t know how she can go back there!)

Joo-wal goes to the demon-woman and sees that Lord Choi’s shoes are still there.
He wonders why he hasn’t gone home yet.

He’s about to enter, but the woman’s voice is heard from inside the room.
She tells him his “father” isn’t feeling well and the light inside turns off.

Joo-wal isn’t sure what’s going on, but obviously can’t go in to see.

Inside, Lord Choi is acting strange.
He waves from side to side, moving his mouth strangely, staring as if in a trance.

“Some useless old man you are,” says the demon-woman.

Outside, Joo-wal looks scared and he runs away.

Inside, the demon-woman wonders whether she should save Lord Choi or Joo-wal.
But in any case, there are still things she needs the lord to do.

He tells her that if she cures his disease, he’ll do whatever she wants him to do.

She smiles creepily and undoes the tie to her jeogori, (top of hanbok).

Some time passes and Joo-wal carries the old man to his bed.

As Joo-wal turns to leave, the lord speaks, telling him to be careful. He says this will soon be Joo-wal’s fate as well.
The old man chuckles to himself.

Leaving the room, Joo-wal sees an official.
When asked, he tells the man his father isn’t feeling well so nobody should go in.

He’s also told that the main adviser went to Gimhae upon Lord Choi’s request.
Joo-wal looks very serious.

The next day, Eun-oh goes looks at Arang’s room and thinks that she did as much as she could do.
Inside, Arang is again happily dreaming of peaches.

In bed, Eun-oh’s servant is pouting.

He remembers earlier when he hugged Eun-oh and told him how important he is to him. He said he swore to protect his household, but then adds he does so even though Eun-oh is the son of a servant.

Of course, this makes Eun-oh mad and he punches his servant before walking away.

Back to the present, Eun-oh goes to his servant and asks why he’s pouting. His servant won’t say.
Eun-oh tells him to go back to the bone tomb with him.

When his servant doesn’t answer, Eun-oh shuts the doors and leaves alone.

His servant sits up and goes to leave and tell Eun-oh’s father about the situation to make him leave.
But he has second thoughts and just gets back into bed.

Looking at all the skeletons spread out along with the belongings, the City Hall men see Eun-oh walk out of the gate.

One of them decides that they should kill him.
They discuss it, saying they could blame it on the ghost and that Lord Choi would be happy if they did it.

But when one of them goes to ask Lord Choi if they should, he finds that the lord is too ill for any visitors.
Joo-wal then walks up to him and asks about Arang.

He learns she’s connected to the magistrate.

Arang is looking for the magistrate to ask him about the leap moon month. She’s worried the gods cheated her out of a moon/month in time she has on earth with this.

The City Hall men are conspiring to kill the magistrate as soon as possible so he doesn’t cause more trouble, when Arang pops up and asks where the magistrate is.

She then sees Eun-oh’s servant walking by and calls out to him to find out where Eun-oh is.
When she finds out he went to the bone tomb, she’s irritated that he went without her.
Seeing that they were planning to meet, it seems the servant goes as well.

The City Hall men think this is a perfect chance to kill the magistrate.
They decide to literally bury him when he goes back into the hole.

Arang is going to the mountains after Eun-oh.
When she sees the servant following, she asks if he’s going too… the he wants to stay angry and refuses, suddenly heading in the opposite direction.
He tells himself that he will make her leave.

The shaman is trying unsuccessfully to sell fortunes on the street, when the servant walks up to her.
She tries to be insulted and hate him, but she remembers the day before when he got wet and sexy.

He asks her to make her a talisman to make “a wench go away.”

The shaman wants to, but isn’t sure if it exists. She tries to sneak a peek at her book, but he catches her hesitating and asks if she can’t do it.

She tells him she can for sure, but asks him what his relationship to the girl is.
She says if it was just a kiss and stuff it’s only one nyang, but if it was more then it will cost more since it would be more complicated.

The servant acts confused for a moment, but then seems to misunderstand and thinks she’s asking about the relationship between Arang and Eun-oh. He freaks out and starts shaking her violently again.

She reaches for a big pot lid and whacks him on the head with it.
While he’s stunned from the blow, she escapes.

At the  tomb, Eun-oh thinks it’s strange that he can’t feel any spirits.
(The tomb is filled now, so I wonder why the City Officials were planning to bury him in it… haha.)

Then, he notices the seals he broke before, when he first opened it.

He ponders over them for awhile, then goes up a hill and looks down on the area.
But he still can’t feel the spirits. He wonders where they all went.

Then, he notices the black cloth tied to the tree.
He seems to realize something and he runs over to it.

He takes it off the tree… it’s another talisman.

At that moment, the demon-woman opens her eyes, concerned… seeming to know what Eun-oh has done.

In heaven, the Jade Emperor and the King of the Underworld are standing together with the General.

They’re looking at a crystal ball, which seems to crack.

Eun-oh seems to realize something again and starts running dramatically.


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