Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 10

Tae-pong comes back to the team and realizes his feelings…!

Last Episode:

Sora goes to visit Tae-pong in Seoul but is disappointed when he breaks a lunch date to take care of Joo-hee.

Later, Tae-hyun sets off some large fireworks just for her, but instead of thinking about him, she thinks of Tae-pong.

Being straight-forward and honest, she goes to Tae-hyun right away and tells him she though of another man while watching the fireworks, so she doesn’t think it’s right for him to be pursuing her any further.

Tae-hyun tells her that the guy she likes may not like her back, so he will wait for her.

In his office, Tae-pong finds the lifeguard whistle that Sora left him secretly.
He seems thoughtful.

Episode 10 Summary:

As Tae-pong looks at the whistle and thinks, Joo-hee calls him.
She says the Japanese investor saw their plan and is investing more money in it. She’s going to ask him to let Tae-pong be on the planning department.
If he’s a permanent member of the team, he won’t have to be a lifeguard anymore.

Of course, she expects Tae-pong to be happy about this, but instead, he’s kind of apathetic towards the news.

When he hangs up, he slowly puts the whistle to his lips and blows it a few times.
Memories of when he first became a lifeguard and other similar scenes fill his mind.

He gets up and runs out the door.

Work on the beach is almost over for the day.
Sora stares at the water, thinking about memories with Tae-pong.

Scanning the beach in the lifeguard observatory, Sora hears a noise on the back window.
It’s somebody’s hand hitting it, but whenever she turns, she doesn’t see.

Finally, she goes to the window and looks out… but sees no one.

As she turns back, she finds the dolphin necklace Tae-pong was admiring in the store the other day.

She picks it up and rushes out, looking for the person who left it, (pretty sure she’s thinking of Tae-pong since he’s the one she’s talked about dolphins with the most… bet she’s really hoping it is him).

She sees a man at the water’s edge.

She knows who it is and she calls out Tae-pong’s name.

He turns and she yells over to him, asking why he came back.
Tae-pong tells her that he just really missed the beach.

Then, in a really sweet scene, Sora runs over to Tae-pong and he opens his arms to her.
She jumps into a hug and they hug each other for awhile, smiling (omg, this was soooo adorable ;o;).

But then they walk together to the train because he’s going right home.
She asks why and he tells her that he just really wanted to see her for a moment.

He asks if she wants him to stay and she says yes, but she wants him to stay forever, not just coming to visit.
But Tae-pong tells her he doesn’t want to since he works for a big company now.

Then Tae-pong smiles big and asks if she really likes him that much and refers to the hug she gave him.

Sora just ignores that and runs to the train.

He runs onto the train and then rushes to his seat to look out the window at her.
She does a dolphin sign at him, then shouts to him, telling him to sit down.
He does, and she sadly watches him go back… still managing to smile anyway.

Later, she admires the necklace he gave her.

She then calls Tae-pong with a video of her making the stuffed dolphin talk.
He smiles, really amused by it.

Sora then moves the dolphin and tells him she left a lot of food in his fridge and that she wants him to send her a message like this one.

At work, Sora sneaks away a bit and checks her phone.

Tae-pong sent her a message, but it’s just a photo of his eyes.
The text says he’ll send her more later because he’s afraid she’ll miss him too much if he sends it all at once.

Sora laughs about it.

Young Jin notices and wants to look at it with her, but she hides around the corner where she looks at the message again and laughs about how cute it is.

With her dad, Joo-hee tells him that she’s not marrying Tae-hyun. She tells him Tae-hyun didn’t want to marry her.

Her dad is angry, but Joo-hee calms him and tells him she has a plan to make him regret this.
She tells him to stop investing first.

In his office, Tae-hyun is anticipating a break off from Joo-hee’s dad and is looking for other investors.
After that, his mother calls him to nag about how he broke off the engagement to Joo-hee.

Joo-hee meets up with Tae-pong to go over their business project.
Tae-pong brings up an idea to keep long-term customers instead of just getting more customers.
He wants to attract people who would want to stay throughout all the seasons, not just summer.

During their break, Joo-hee brings up the differences between him and his brother towards her.
She tells him that he always takes care of her, but Tae-hyun is always cold.

Tae-pong tells her to try and understand his brother… “isn’t he cool?”
They laugh.

Joo-hee asks Tae-pong if she can always go to him if she needs to cry and be comforted.
Tae-pong says sure, but he really thinks she should go to his brother instead.
He really emphasizes this and Joo-hee looks disappointed.

Meanwhile, Tae-hyun has gone to see Sora at her motel.
He tells her that she must go with him… and so she does.

They play along the beach together… in the water, with a 4-wheeler, with badminton….

On the way home, Tae-hyun tells her he had a lot of troubles today, but he feels better after playing with her.
He asks if he can always come to her like this.

Sora stops and looks at him.
She tells him that he can’t.

He asks why it can’t be him.
She tells him that with Tae-hyun, there’s only laughter, but with the guy she likes, there’s both laughter and tears… the feelings are deeper and longer-lasting.

Tae-hyun asks if the person she likes is Tae-pong and she kind of nods.

At this, Tae-hyun says he’s not going to wait now… he’s going to grab her instead.
Sora does not look happy.

Joo-hee and Tae-pong are meeting with his dad, showing him the plans.

His dad is very happy and tells Tae-pong that he will make him a part of the planning team, however, Tae-pong tells him that he wants to return to the rescue team instead.

Joo-hee is shocked and his dad is angry.

Joo-hee chases him when he apologizes and leaves the room.

She tells him that she doesn’t understand and he says he doesn’t either, but that there’s no changing his mind.

She assumes he’s just giving up, but he tells her that there’s somebody waiting for him.

As he turns to leave, she asks who it is, but he won’t tell her.

When the lifeguards enter the cafeteria, Tae-pong is waiting for them in an apron. He’s made them chicken soup.

Sora and Young Jin are really happy.
Half the other lifeguards are happy too, but a few are annoyed.

The captain seems to be one of them… he sternly calls Tae-pong out to talk.

Tae-pong doesn’t really know why he’s upset and is kind of caught off-guard at how serious the captain is.
The captain tells him that he can’t just come and go as he pleases and that he didn’t even properly apply to join again.
He tells Tae-pong he has no business here and that he should leave.

He storms off before Tae-pong can respond.

Joo-hee comes to the hotel to finish business, though Tae-hyun tells her that it’s uncomfortable to work with her now.
She tells him that Tae-pong came back.

On the beach, the captain is bringing a broken boat up the to maintenance building with three other lifeguards.
They see Tae-pong happily fixing a 4-wheeler.

The captain gets irritated and tells him to stop. He tells Tae-pong to take off the lifeguard uniform so people don’t misunderstand.

When he tries to laugh it off, the captain tells the lifeguards to take it off of him.

Tae-pong calls to the leader, saying he changed since he left for Seoul, but the captain won’t listen.
They take his shirt off and leave.

Hanging out with Sora, she asks him if he really thought he could just casually come back like this.
Tae-pong asks Sora to tell Min-jung to talk with the captain for him, since he likes her.
Sora doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Grandpa comes out to greet Tae-pong.

Tae-pong wants to stay with them since he can’t stay in the lifeguard dorm yet.
Grandpa says he needs money since this is a motel.
Tae-pong can’t pay since he doesn’t have a job yet, so Grandpa tells him to pay with his body and makes him cut radishes.

Sora comes over and sees how badly he’s cutting them and gets irritated. She says he’s not working seriously so he should have to pay with money.

She takes the knife and shows him how to do it properly.

Her grandpa wonders if he should sell the motel and use the money to send her abroad to study like she wanted.
Tae-pong stutters, not liking the idea.

Sora tells Grandpa not to worry… that she’ll come up with the money herself.

She tells Tae-pong that they’ll be better off if he pays back his debt to them.

Later, Tae-pong is refusing to give up.
Though they took his uniform, he still does lifeguard work as a volunteer.

The captain thinks he’s really annoying, but the two lifeguards he’s with try to convince him to just let him back on the team. “Won’t he cause trouble like this? Just let him come back.”

Finally, the captain calls him to the office and asks if he really won’t leave again before the season is over.
Tae-pong says he definitely won’t.

The captain give him night duty for a whole week since he caused trouble by suddenly leaving before.

Of course, Sora and Young Jin are really happy to hear that Tae-pong has been accepted back onto the team~
Tae-pong takes Sora away as his partner again, leaving Young Jin worried because now he has to partner with the captain like before.

Tae-hyun’s step-dad is on the phone with Tae-hyun, telling him he let Tae-pong go back since he wanted to go.
He also tells him that Joo-hee’s dad suddenly stopped the investment saying he had no money. He asks if he heard anything about it from Joo-hee and Tae-hyun simply says no.

When his dad hangs up, he sits and thinks about how Sora likes Tae-pong.

Tae-pong is on night duty when Sora brings him some food.
He doesn’t know what it is or how to eat it… Sora says it’s a seafood cake she made herself and you’re supposed to eat it with your hands.

She takes a piece and puts it in his mouth. He lights up at how good it is.

While they eat, Tae-pong asks her if she’s really going abroad to study. She says of course she is.
He says, “Will you stay if I don’t let you go?”

Sora says she already missed her first chance because of him so she won’t let him ruin her second chance as well.
She tells him he can go with her if he’s bored.

Tae-pong says he has his own dreams so he doesn’t want to follow hers.
She asks what they are, since she didn’t know.
He says they aren’t specific like hers. He just wants his dad to be proud of him.
Sora thinks that seems childish and simple.

Tae-pong tells her that his older brother isn’t related by blood, but always does things so much better that his dad acknowledges his brother more than him… even though he’s the real son.

He says the only thing he’s better at is swimming, so he worked hard and won that medal.
He was so happy going home after that, but instead, his dad beat him for it.

Sora tells him it’s just because his dad has high expectations for him.
Tae-pong says he’ll do anything for his dad just to hear the words, “You did well. You deserve to be my son.”

Sora says he’ll be able to do it and cheers him on.

Tae-hyun meets with the dad and they talk about whether they can make the families clear out of the area on time.
Tae-hyun craftily suggest that Tae-pong takes care of that.

The dad talks to Tae-pong about it later.
He says he can stay on the lifeguard team for this season, but not for his whole life.
When the season is over, he has to come back to the company, since he showed potential with the business plan.

Tae-pong looks kind of happy and asks if his dad trusts him, but his dad just coughs a bit.

Tae-pong picks up the list of people he needs to buy-out, but when he sees Sora’s name on the list, his expression changes.
He seems to want to talk about it with his dad, but his dad just tells him to talk to the lawyer about it and leaves.

At the motel, Sora can’t find her grandpa.
She sits at the desk and goes through the mail… there’s a postcard from Tae-pong’s mom.

It says she’s having a performance on the 27th and tells her to come visit her in Seoul some time.
She also tells her to tell Tae-pong not to worry since she’s happy.

Her grandpa comes back with some corn.
Tae-pong slowly creeps in.
He sits down to eat when they tell him to, and then carefully goes about his task.

He mentions how there’s a lot of bills to pay. He asks if it’s tiring to own a small motel.
He suggest that they sell it and start another business instead. If they sell it, they should get a lot of money for it.

Sora tells him they wouldn’t because they’re in so much debt. Most of the money would go into paying that off.

Tae-pong tells them that their interest will just keep going up so they should get rid of it before it gets worse.

Sora replies that it isn’t too unmanageable.

Tae-pong asks if they really don’t have any thought of selling it at all.

Sora says her grandpa is waiting for someone here and she also doesn’t want to leave.

As Sora tells him about their family memories in building the place, Tae-pong realizes how difficult this task is going to be without hurting them.

Sora asks him if he wants to go see his mother’s show that night.
He has night duty, but both of them smile and think of Young Jin.

Young Jin goes to take over Tae-pong’s shift.
As the other lifeguard leaves, he sees Min-jung going over to him to bring him some food.

Young Jin sits down and sets the food aside. They both say it’s a little cold at the same time and then Young Jin stretches and puts his arm around Min-jung.
She looks a bit surprised at first, but then seems to like it.

The other lifeguard walks into the dorm and asks if there’s food.
He mentions that Young Jin’s girlfriend just brought him something to eat.

The captain quickly looks up.

He gets up and runs out the door.

At the lifeguard tower, Min-jung acts a nervous
Young Jin acts if she’s cold and she says no… he touches her forehead to his to see if she’s sick.

Then, they stare at each other and Young Jin slowly leans in for a kiss. Min-jung still seems nervous, but closes her eyes and leans towards him as well.

The captain comes around the corner and sees. “That guy sure is quick!” he says to himself.
He quickly blows his whistle, but is pretending to stretch when they look at him.

Young Jin is mad and Min-jung is embarrassed… so embarrassed that she leaves.
When Young Jin asks the captain what kind of people exercise so late at night, the captain just tells him to work hard.

Sora and Tae-pong go and meet his mom.
His mom is happy, but when she sees Tae-pong looking at her, she pretends she never sent a letter and wonders why they met her.
She can’t keep it up for long though, and smiles.

At dinner, Tae-pong’s mom observes how Sora and her son act towards each other and it seems she knows they like each other.

When Tae-pong and his mom interact, Sora decides to let them have some time alone and leaves for the bathroom.

As soon as she’s gone, his mom looks at him and says, “Sora’s pretty, isn’t she?” Caught off-guard a bit, Tae-pong asks if that’s so.

“Do you love her?” his mom bluntly asks. Tae-pong almost chokes on his food.

She tells her son to go after Sora if he likes her.
She says even though Sora seems strong, she’s still a woman.

“Don’t change your heart, don’t let her become lonely, don’t make her cry,” his mother tells him.

She then smiles and tells him he’s so handsome.
He laughs and says she’s pretty as well.

(This is another scene that shows how much Tae-pong loves being fawned over by the elders in his life… his mom pinches his cheek and rustles his hair and he gets such a happy look on his face when she does this.
It’s really adorable, but a little sad because they’ve given him reason to feel insecure most of his life… like his dad never thinks he’s good enough and he thought his mom abandoned him. When he gets an older brother, his brother turns out to be jealous and overly competitive with him in everything… I just want to give him a big hug ;o;).

On the ride back home, Sora is sleeping against the window.
Tae-pong moves her head onto his shoulder and he takes her hand, remembering the words his mother said to him.

(I love how naturally they move from friendship to love!)

At breakfast, Joo-hee, Tae-hyun and Tae-hyun’s step-dad are eating together.
The dad brings up the engagement and Joo-hee is about to tell him it was canceled when Tae-hyun interrupts.
He’s about to say something himself, when he’s interrupted by Tae-pong.

“It’s good you’re all here!” he calls as he runs towards the group.

Tae-pong announces that he can’t do the task his father gave him because he doesn’t want to hurt his friends.

He even asks his dad to keep the project away from that area.

His dad gets angry and says he never had any expectations for Tae-pong’s success.
He tells Tae-hyun to do it instead and leaves.

Alone together, Tae-pong tells Tae-hyun to leave Sora’s place alone.
Tae-hyun tells him not to command him.

Tae-pong then begs Tae-hyun to leave it alone.
His brother turns and asks why he’s doing this.

“I love Sora, so I want to protect her,” Tae-pong replies.

In the background, Joo-hee looks shocked.

“Use your own ability to protect her and don’t bother me about it,” Tae-hyun says and storms away.

Joo-hee is speechless, Tae-pong ignores her as he walks by.
She must really hate Sora now haha… since all the guys around her seems to fall for her.

In the elevator together, Tae-hyun tells Joo-hee to use Tae-pong’s name when driving Sora’s family out… framing him to make the couple break up.
Joo-hee tells him he’s terrible.

Tae-hyun kind of subtly threatens Joo-hee to do what he wants, but outwardly says he’s just giving her ideas.

Alone, Joo-hee thinks about how both brothers are in love with Sora.
She prepares to drive Sora out of the land.


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