Sex Is Zero Korean Movie Review

Sex Is Zero Movie

My Score: 5.5/10 


Director: Yun Je-Gyun

Cast: Lim Chang Jung Ha Ji-Won

Genre: Raunchy Comedy/Drama

Summary:  A dumb and unlucky 27-year-old college freshman wants to get the attention of the girl of his dreams, but can’t seem to do so.

Lots of gymnast fan-service.

This movie is pretty much aimed towards guys. It’s pretty raunchy and none of the guys are that attractive personality-wise or physically. Even so, that’s not entirely the reason why I gave it a lower score…. This movie feels like it’s all over the place. Kind of like it knew what it wanted in the movie, but wasn’t quite sure how to pull it off.

The first half of the movie… it has a lot of sex and nudity, which is pretty much expected from the title and description. However, along with that, it has a bunch of gross-out scenes as well. For example, there’s a scene where a girl is throwing up hardcore, then she suddenly turns around and forces this guy to make out with her before cleaning herself up at all. While you’re still feeling disgusted by that, it suddenly switches to a sex scene between another couple. I don’t know about you, but the sex scenes are significantly less enjoyable when I’m feeling completely grossed out.

Then, in the second half of the movie, it turns into a lesson about love and responsibility. The comedy gets turned way down and you have to deal with people crying. I feel like they made this movie to teach a bunch of college guys a morality lesson… make it super raunchy to get their attention, and then shove a life lesson at them.

Also, I’d like to mention that almost a fourth of the movie was just a big gymnast fan-service performance.

Anyway, I give it a 6/10 instead of a 5/10 because it did keep my attention to the end. I never really felt bored… haha.

Warning: Of course there’s sex and nudity in this.

My Score: 6/10 


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