Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Four

Eun-oh finds out Arang went to the underworld and prepares a funeral for her body.

They found Arang’s body.

Her former fiance, Joo-wal wasn’t too affected and said he hardly even knew what Arang looked like.

Arang got the shaman to help her capture the General Reaper… though she mostly succeeded because the Jade Emperor struck a deal with the King of the Underworld.

So, the General is taking her to meet the Jade Emperor like Arang wanted.

Episode 4 Summary:

Eun-oh is looking all over for Arang when he sees the shaman run by really fast.
She goes to pray to the gods for capturing the reaper and she’s in a terrible fright.

When Eun-oh calls out to her, she collapses, crying because she’s so scared.

The shaman tells Eun-oh that Arang went to the underworld to meet the Jade Emperor and that she doesn’t think Arang will be safe there… but she’s happy to be rid of her.

Walking behind the General, Arang asks if reapers can die too.
He tells her that they can, and if they do, they just disappear.

Arang wonders if that’s even a big deal.

The General stops and looks at her.

Arang continues, asking how long he was a reaper. She wonders if he was born one or if he became one.

He ignores her and they continue on.

When they get to the spot, the reaper asks Arang if she has any regrets.
She feels bad for not saying goodbye to Eun-oh, but just tells the reaper that he better keep his promise.

At that moment, a boat is seen coming down the river.

They get in and start the journey.

Soon, the water gets rougher and rougher.
Up ahead, Arang sees a waterfall. She gets scared, but the General looks fine, still standing up at the back of the boat.

Arang notices other boats like hers heading towards the waterfall and they all fall down it.

She closes her eyes and it seems like she’s underwater.

Arang hears Eun-oh call her, “Look here, Memory-loss!”, but of course, when she opens her eyes, he’s not there.
She’s standing with the reaper on dry land.

They’re in a weird cave-like hall.

Suddenly, Arang notices a scary demon-liked thing on a rock.
It’s all wrapped up, but it’s eyes still glow behind it’s mask.

Arang looks scared and whirls around to the reaper.
“Did you lie to me?!” she demands.

But the demon thing jumps down and looks her right in the eyes. It speaks a creepy whisper-language.

In the human world, the shaman is telling Eun-oh that Arang is probably going to go to hell for threatening the reaper like that.
Eun-oh doesn’t believe her at first, but eventually asks what hell is like.

The shaman opens her book and tells him about the 10 places in hell: Being fried/eaten, Cut by saws, Body cut by saw winds… those are the three she chooses to tell Eun-oh about.

She tells Eun-oh that Arang must not have known about the consequences or she wouldn’t have done that.
Eun-oh asks if there’s anything they can do to help her and she tells him there isn’t.

She says even though she captured the reaper like that and acted strong, she could tell she was full of fear at the time.

At the magistrate office, Eun-oh’s servant peeks into the room where Arang’s body is.
He tells it that he feels sad for her situation, which is why he’s guarding this body.

Later, a group of men suddenly storm into the courtyard.

The servant is forced to defend Arang’s body.
Even when several gang up on him and hit him in the back with poles, he still gets up and fights them off.

When he refuses to back down and won’t be beaten, the guy in charge takes out a knife and almost stabs the servant.
He’s about to do it again, when he’s hit on the back of the head.

Eun-oh had thrown his shoe at the guy.
They see him hopping on one foot in the gate.

The guy with the knife tries to threaten Eun-oh as well, but when Eun-oh reveals his father’s status and how his father will kill him if he hurts his son, the City Hall men take the guy away.

Before he goes, Eun-oh calls him back to bow to him first, and then they all leave.

His servant hugs him in relief.

At his place, Lord Choi is irritated that his plan failed.

Eun-oh watches over Arang’s body and wonders what to do.

The next day he tells the City Hall men to prepare a funeral for her.
He tells them to make the townspeople come and apologize for spreading false rumors and bad-mouthing her as well.

When the men leave, he thinks to himself that this is the only thing he can do for her and plans to leave town after the funeral.

In his office, Lord Choi decides that Eun-oh is having the funeral instead of investigating the murder case because he felt sorry for acting the way he did the other night.
His adviser suggest that Lord Choi scolds Eun-oh harshly so he won’t do it again.

The townspeople see the notice for the funeral and gossip among themselves.
It appears they don’t really know about the murder case because they don’t know what to apologize for.
They complain against Lord Choi and wonder if they should tell the new magistrate about his unfair taxes.
They also wonder about how Arang’s body hasn’t decayed at all in so many years.

As they turn, they see Joo-wal right behind them, listening in.
They all hurry away.

The funeral has been going on for two days, but nobody has shown up.
Eun-oh talks to Arang, feeling sad for her.

He wonders how she could have no friends growing up in this village… it’s only been 3 years since her death so there should be people to remember her.

He tells her that it was good she didn’t meet Joo-wal, since he didn’t even know what she looked like.
Eun-oh then wonders if she really did go to hell.

Finally, it’s the last day and they get the funeral procession ready.

Arang’s maidservant wishes Eun-oh well and leaves.
Eun-oh is still unhappy by this sad funeral… so is his servant.

As Eun-oh steps outside for the funeral, a girl walks up to him.

Eun-oh is shocked to see Arang!

He’s even more shocked when he find that his servant can see her as well!

When his servant starts talking to her, Eun-oh becomes out of sorts and commands him away. He even gets angry when he doesn’t leave as soon as possible.

Walking away, his servant thinks that Eun-oh must have secretly been in a relationship with that girl.

Eun-oh is at a loss for words with Arang. He manages to stutter out a question about the underworld and Arang wonders how he knew she went there.

She realizes that Eun-oh was looking for her and she becomes really happy. She teases him a bit, and finds out how seriously worried he was when he reacts angrily again.

Arang smiles and tells him she became human.

Eun-oh feels her neck for her pulse and pats her arms over, in shock.
He grabs her and pulls her into the office to find out how she became human.
Arang begins the explanation.

The demon-like guardian looked at her, the reaper nodded at it, and it opened a door.
A bright light came from it and Arang walked with the reaper into it.

Suddenly, they’re flying through clouds.

She lands on a small platform and becomes worried.

But she then hears a voice. Looking up, she sees the Jade Emperor and King of the Underworld, looking down at her.

The Emperor asks why she wanted to see him.
(The King smells the Emperor and asks what perfume he’s wearing. The Emperor tells him it’s the heavenly fragrance for greeting a woman, haha).

Arang assumes the King of the Underworld is the Jade Emperor and speaks to him… but the actual Emperor answers, making her surprised.

She asks him why she died the way she did.
The Emperor acts surprised and says he didn’t know.

Arang wonders how he couldn’t have known and he tells her he can’t know everything. He says he’s in charge of so many people that he can’t keep track of them all.

He says they’ll discuss her situation and tries to whisper to the King, but he shrugs the Emperor off asking why he’s pretending when they already made a decision about her earlier.

“I’m not in the position to ‘earnestly request’ something from you, though…”

The King looks down at Arang and says she’s going to hell for her crimes, but… since the Emperor “earnestly requested” it, (the Emperor denies this), they’re giving her a second chance.

Arang gets to be human?!

They tell her she’s going to be human again.

They tell her she has to find out the reason she died or she’ll go to the worst hell there is for having the nerve to bother them like this.

After that, they take her to a cloud plain. The Emperor smiles at Arang while the King frowns.

They use their yin yang powers together and Arang whirls into a yin yang ball. The Emperor gives her some encouraging words and throws her at a giant yin yang ball in the sky.

On Earth, Arang’s ball lands in some water.
She turns into a human and, in a scene reminiscent of The Little Mermaid, swims to the surface.

Her first words back as a human is a curse to them for not giving her any clothes.

Naked, she steals some clothes hanging in the back of someone’s yard.
After she’s dressed, she notices someone watching her and she screams.

However, it’s just the storage yard ghost.
Arang happily shows that she’s human and runs off.

During the day, she happily skips around, being human, when she sees the notice for her funeral.
She sees the magistrate’s name and she gets happier and skips off to see him.

Which leads to where she is right now.

Eun-oh wonders why the Jade Emperor did this for her and nobody else.
Arang decides it must be because she looked so pitiful.
She tells him they must find out why she died so she won’t have to go to hell.

Outside, Eun-oh’s servant calls to him, reminding him of the funeral.
Eun-oh gets flustered and tells him to leave without him, but his servant says they can’t because he’s the magistrate.
Eun-oh looks very frustrated.

Finally, Eun-oh goes out after telling Arang to stay put until he comes back.

Waiting, Arang remembers her old room and goes there.
She looks in a mirror, realizing that she really is human now.

But then she remembers how the Emperor is only giving her 3 months to live.
She asks them how she will know if what she finds is really the truth or not.

The Emperor holds up a little bell and says it will ring if it’s the truth.
Arang wonders how she will even be able to hear it down on Earth.

It grows and makes a giant “bong” sound.

He tells her to remember the sound well and that only the person who killed her will make it ring.

She asks them if she’ll be able to live in the heavens if she does find the truth and the Emperor says he’ll think about it when that time comes.

Back in her room, Arang is full of resolve to find the truth.

In heaven, the King tells the Emperor that her truth isn’t even the important thing. He wonders if this plan will work.

Apparently this is all just like a game for them.

The Jade Emperor asks the King what he wants if he loses.
The King thinks for a moment and then says, “Your body.”

The Emperor looks surprised.

The King says he wants them to switch bodies and the Emperor is very shocked, but agrees.

He doesn’t reveal what he wants from the King if he wins, (I have a feeling it will be something like letting Arang live longer or something lol).

We then find out that when they play their game, whenever the King puts down a piece, people die, but when the Emperor does, people are born.
But people have to die for others to be born, so it’s not like the King is a bad guy.

Meanwhile, Arang’s funeral procession is under way.

Joo-wal is hanging out alone, when some pretty ominous music starts playing in the background.

He walks over to a shed of some kind where it seems a woman is living.

He checks the lock on it and turns away, (creepy).
(Why do I have the feeling that she’s Eun-oh’s mom…? Or at least someone looking for his mom…).

Lord Choi’s official is letting some townspeople take some rotting food for their starving children.

The last man thanks Lord Choi, but as he leaves, the lord notices that his bag isn’t rotted yet.
Even though it’s too much for the lord to use himself, he commands that the bag be put back until there’s no chance he’ll be using it.

As he leaves his inventory building, he gets the letter saying Eun-oh is leaving after Arang’s funeral.
He laughs happily to himself.

Just then, he sees Joo-wal come through the gate.
Lord Choi asks his servants loudly when the next full moon will be.

The father and son stare at each other for a moment. (Does it have something to do with that woman in that building…? What’s going on?)

Alone together, the lord asks his son, “What did that person say they were going to do if you didn’t find that girl by tomorrow? That person couldn’t possibly desert you for one mistake. Don’t worry too much about it.”

Joo-wal tells his father that he’s the one who shouldn’t worry.

Lord Choi tells his son to just do his job well and he’ll do his.

As Joo-wal turns to leave, the lord tells him to go see Arang’s funeral. He says there are a lot of spectators there so he might be able to catch someone by chance.

Joo-wal spins around. He tells the lord to go to the funeral himself. He says if he acts well there, maybe it will help his reputation more than pretending to be generous with rotten food.

Lord Choi is outraged as Joo-wal leaves.

Arang dresses up as a guard and runs to her funeral to find any clues to who her murderer is.

Eun-oh is wondering about Arang becoming human again.

His servant watches, disapprovingly. He notices that Eun-oh is thinking about something other than the funeral and assumes it’s about his secret girlfriend.

Arang’s maid is very noisy in her mourning, wailing in the background, as the City Hall men worry about whether Eun-oh is actually going to leave or not.

Arang is hurrying to her funeral, wondering where everybody is, when she runs into Joo-wal.

Joo-wal looks down to see his strange ring reacting to Arang.

Arang pulls away and asks where the funeral is.
Joo-wal is too stunned to speak so Arang walks away.

Arang find the funeral and Joo-wal is now chasing after her.

Eun-oh is about to go help Arang find her murderer, so he can also find the truth out about his mom, when he sees Arang running up to the funeral.

He isn’t quite sure it’s her until she starts talking back to an official that’s ordered her to shovel dirt onto her coffin.

Suddenly, the officials think she looks familiar and Arang takes off running. They all chase her, leaving Eun-oh irritated again.

Eun-oh and Joo-wal chase her as well.

Joo-wal jumps from the rooftops and catches up to her first.

Arang sees Eun-oh and tells Joo-wal to help her escape. She says she’ll do him a favor if he does and Joo-wal helps her over a wall.

She smiles down at him and he seems to recognize who she looks like.
He asks if she really works for the government and she says yes.

At that moment, Eun-oh sees her and runs towards them. Arang jumps away.

Eun-oh and Joo-wal face each other.


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