Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Three

Arang’s body is found!

Eun-oh finds out Arang’s human name and family information.
Her name was Lee Suh Rim and she was the daughter of the magistrate. She was engaged to Lord Choi’s son, Joo-wal.
She disappeared and a rumor spread that she ran off with a lower-class guy. Her dad ended up dying.

Going off to see Joo-wal, Arang’s chest started feeling funny and she concluded that she must really have been in love with the guy.

Joo-wal shows a scary side while being annoyed by a concubine. He shoves her against a tree and threatens her with a knife.

In the last scene, Arang is laying beside Eun-oh and is about to kiss him since she regrets never having a first kiss.

Episode 3 Summary:

So, Arang leans in to kiss Eun-oh and he closes his eyes.

Their lips almost meet when he opens his eyes and she’s gone.
Was it just a dream or was she teasing him…?

Eun-oh makes a face and thinks that he really is going crazy.

Outside, he gives his servant a message for Joo-wal, Lord Choi’s son.

The Jade Emperor is fishing with the King of the Underworld.
The Underworld King is complaining about the amount of lost ghosts in the human world; he’s saying it gives him stress.
The Jade Emperor tells him he should just let them be if they have unfinished business.

The Underworld King tells the Jade Emperor to go solve it before he solves it himself. The Jade Emperor grudgingly agrees.

Meanwhile, the shaman girl brings Arang her new clothes.

Arang happily dresses up, but sighs to herself afterwords since she can’t see herself in the mirror.

Eun-oh is outside with the shaman, waiting for Arang.

When he sees her in the clothes, his eyes widen and he gets flustered.

However, Arang doesn’t notice his approval and he tells her she just looks like a clean ghost now.
Arang looks disappointed.

Eun-oh tells her not to follow him and to stay there until they go see Joo-wal. He runs away.

Joo-wal gets Eun-oh’s letter.
He’s surprised there’s a new magistrate.
When asked, Joo-wal says the letter says Eun-oh wants to meet him.

Arang happily admires her new clothes.

Outside the shaman prays for Arang to leave her and for a strong warrior spirit to come in her place.
When it doesn’t happen, the shaman begs Arang to leave her alone.

Arang says she doesn’t want to leave because her clothes might get dirty and because Eun-oh told her to stay here.

Finally, Arang decides to go wait at Joo-wal’s gate.

Walking alone, Eun-oh complains about how Arang looks now. He thinks it was better when she was dirty and creepy.
But then he agrees with himself that it’s only the clothes that make her look nice… that she isn’t really attractive.

He tells himself that he must stay with her or she might get in trouble. He heads back.

Arang is on her way to Joo-wal’s when she remembers using the potion that makes her visible.

She goes into an old building, but three male ghosts appear in front of her.

The one in charge commands the others to grab her. Arang punches one in the face, but then they attack together and restrain her.

The leader tells her he wasn’t able to eat the offering the other day because of her, so he’s going to get revenge. They step on her new clothes. He tells her he’s going to beat her until he’s not mad anymore.

She thinks he sounds stupid and suddenly bites her captures. She punches them in the back and fights pretty well, but then a lot more ghosts show up.

Just when they’re going to beat her, Eun-oh appears and kicks them out of the way.
He sees that Arang’s clothes got a little dirty and he scolds her.

However, the fight isn’t done yet.
Even knowing he’s a human, the other ghosts decide to beat both Arang and Eun-oh now.

Eun-oh confidently takes out red beans to use as defense, but finds he’s all out of them.

And then, oh man, there’s a fight scene with Eun-oh and the ghosts that makes me fall for Lee Jun-Ki all over again!
When that’s almost over, Arang also gets some more good fight moves in that reminds me why Shin Minah is my favorite actress~! *fangirl squeal*

*cough* Anyway….

Because the ghosts were fighting Eun-oh, who is a human, the reapers come to take them away.

Eun-oh grabs Arang’s hand and they run out of the building.

The bottom of Arang’s new skirt is dirty and tattered. Her hair isn’t neat anymore either.
Eun-oh sees this and asks if she doesn’t want to go now that she’s not pretty.

Arang looks upset and says it doesn’t matter since Joo-wal can’t see her anyway.
She runs away unhappily.

Eun-oh chases after her… and it starts raining.

Joo-wal is waiting for Eun-oh as it rains. His adviser is really bad-mouthing Eun-oh for being so late. Joo-wal decides to leave.

Eun-oh is still following Arang. They’re both pretty wet now.
They get to the appointment place, but of course, Joo-wal is gone by then.

Arang still looks depressed and wonders why nothing goes her way.
Not just this, but she even died at a young age.

Eun-oh lists all the things that are going wrong for her.

Suddenly Arang gets angry and yells at him. She wonders what she ever did wrong and curses the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor hears, but seems to ignore her.
However, little by little, something is being uncovered by the riverbank.

Soon there is an uproar. People are looking for the officials; magistrate, Lord Choi, ect….

As Eun-oh walks back, he sees a group of men run by. He sees his servant in the group and calls him out to find out what’s happening.
He tells Eun-oh that they found a dead girl near the water.

Eun-oh’s eyes widen and they run to the site.

At the site, Arang’s maid is crying.
The body is under a mat, but Eun-oh sees a part of Arang’s old skirt so he knows it’s her.

The city officials are wondering why her body isn’t decaying at all, though it’s been dead for 3 years.
They think they uncovered a ghost instead of a human body.

Eun-oh walks over to look. He notes that Arang’s body doesn’t have his mother’s hairpin.

An official tells Eun-oh that it seems she was murdered.
Eun-oh remembers how Arang said her side hurt like she was stabbed there.

Turning back, Eun-oh sees Arang at the scene.

He goes over and tells her not to look.

However, as the maid is being pulled away from the body, she uncovers the face for a brief moment and Arang sees.

Disturbed and upset, Arang runs away crying.

Eun-oh wants to chase after her, but at that moment, Joo-wal arrives on the scene so he can’t go.

Realizing that she truly is dead, Arang runs and cries, remembering the things she had to go through as a ghost… the hunger, fights and being chased by reapers.

At the scene, the officials are about to take her body away by orders from Lord Choi.
People are concerned because, since it was clearly a murder, everything in the area should be examined first.

Eun-oh walks up and says they shouldn’t move the body yet. The officials tell him it should be okay since Arang was engaged to Lord Choi’s son, and therefore, like family.

Eun-oh tells his servant to move the body to his office instead.

When the officials complain, Eun-oh tells them that he’s the magistrate, so he can order them about as he pleases in this case.

While the body is being moved, Joo-wal takes the opportunity to as Eun-oh why he wanted to meet him earlier.
He tells Joo-wal he had a question at the time, but not anymore.

As he turns to leave, Joo-wal says it’ll be hard to go against his father’s orders about Arang’s body.
Eun-oh tells him he should understand since it was obvious that Arang was framed. Somebody was spreading a rumor about her that she ran away, so he thinks it’s important to fix her ruined reputation for her family.

However, Joo-wal tells him her reputation isn’t important. He thinks it’s more important that no new incidents are created for others to gossip about.

Eun-oh assumes that Joo-wal is just feeling resentful because of the false rumors from before, but Joo-wal tells him that he didn’t even know Arang. Even though they were engaged, he had only seen her once, so he has no feelings for her at all and can’t even remember what she looked like.

He tells Eun-oh that he doesn’t even care what happens to her body, but his father will.
He gives him a warning look and leaves.

At night, Arang is still laying by the river, depressed.

At home, her maid burns her clothes while Eun-oh watches.

He worries about Arang, wondering where she is now.

His servant tells him her body is in the office and wonders what to do.
Eun-oh says he doesn’t know and implies that he wants to discuss it with Arang first.

Later, Arang goes to the office alone and talks to her body.
She wonders what happened and wishes she knew.

On the roof, Arang prays to the Jade Emperor, saying that if he tells her what happened, she’ll turn herself in.
When he doesn’t answer, she screams another curse at him.

He hears that and startles.
He tells the Underworld King that he has to go take care of it.
The Underworld King tells him that when he gets a hold of Arang, he’ll punish her severely.  The Emperor reasons with him, saying she agreed to come nicely if he would just tell her what happened.

The Underworld King doesn’t like this, but the Emperor said he promised to listen to those who prayed earnestly. Underworld King says this is why there’s disorder now.

He complains that because he does things by the book, it makes him look bad.
When the Emperor gives him a judging look, the Underworld King goes on to say that Arang wasn’t even praying, but threatening instead.

Eun-oh is now watching over Arang’s body and wonders where she went to.

The shaman is doing her chants as usual for her warrior spirit.
But becomes disappointed when it’s just Arang asking for favors again.

The shaman takes Arang to the gate of the underworld, (which just looks like the door to an old building).
When Arang tries to enter, she’s repelled. The shaman walks over and opens it for her.

They explore the building.
Arang reaches to touch an item that the shaman brought and pulls away with a scream. The shaman tells her not to touch it.

At the office, Eun-oh is heading out.
He tells his servant to stay and watch over the body. “No matter what happens, ‘This is mine!’ is the frame of mind I want you to have,” Eun-oh tells him.

His servant doesn’t want to. Eun-oh tells him that the magistrate should protect people in danger, and that body is in danger. He says that tonight, his servant is the magistrate and he walks away, leaving his servant confused.

Outside, Joo-wal is again looking at the moon.
His father, Lord Choi, comes out and tells him he looks good, but a fake is always a fake. If anything goes wrong in the household, it will be because of him. He tells him that real people do their job well.

Joo-wal looks kind of insulted.

His father says he’ll tell him only once and walks away.

In the old building, the shaman finds another door covered in seals.
She starts taking them off. Moving the panel, they find a large symbol on the wall.

The door has been found.

The shaman is looking through a book.
Arang asks her if she really knows what she’s doing.
The shaman says she’s never done it before, but it should go well as long as she reads the instructions.

She finds a symbol in a book and find the symbol on a cloth on the wall. She pulls it up.

When she keeps asking Arang what she’s planning to “catch”, Arang goes over and blows something itchy on the shaman.

She tells the shaman to bear with it and the stuff eventually fades away. “If I do this, they’ll definitely come for me,” she thinks to herself.
Arang then tells the shaman that she’s finally going back to the underworld now and thanks her.

Suddenly, Arang can tell something is there with them.

The General has come for her.

Arang tells him that she’ll go if he lets her meet the Jade Emperor.
He tells her that she’ll be seeing the King of the Underworld instead.
Arang repeats what she said.

The General tells her that it’s impossible for her to meet him.
Arang looks at the door to the underworld and then says, “I have to meet that old man”.

That appears to be a signal to the shaman, but she’s so scared in finding out that Arang is trying to capture a reaper, that she’s having a hard time moving.

Arang calls to her friend in desperation and right when the General is realizing what’s happening, the shaman moves the cloth in front of the symbol on the wall.

It turns into a portal.

The reaper gets pulled into it, but catches himself on the door.

Arang gets pulled as well and gets caught on the reaper’s chest.

In heaven, the Jade Emperor says there’s big trouble.

Arang begs the General to let her see the Jade Emperor.
The General tells her that she’s going to be sucked in as well, but she says she doesn’t care.
She tells him she has nothing to lose, but he has a high position.

In heaven, the Underworld King is laughing, saying that he’s almost won their usual boardgame, as the General reaches for the gears to save himself on Earth.
But the Jade Emperor suddenly makes a move and wins.

On Earth, the shaman continues wailing and asking for forgiveness, though she can’t see anything that’s going on.

In heaven, the Underworld King begs for the Jade Emperor to take back the move. He never wins, so he wants to re-do his move.
The Jade Emperor asks what the Underworld King will do for him if he does.

On Earth, the General hears his name being called.
He tells Arang that he’ll do what she wants.

Arang tells the shaman to close the door because the General always keeps his word.

The shaman goes over and takes the cloth down from the wall and Arang falls down with the General.

Angry, he grabs her… he gain composure and tells her to never do that again.
She makes a comment about how they won’t ever be that close again.

In heaven, the Jade Emperor takes his move back and the Underworld King makes a face.

On Earth, Eun-oh is looking for Arang and seems concerned, realizing that she probably left.

The General takes Arang through the Underworld.


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