Artist of the Week: Shinhwa

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This week’s artist is…


Shinhwa is the Korean word for “myth” or “legend”. They are the longest-running boy band in Korea. They also hold a record for being together for a decade and not having any members leave or change.

After H.O.T. had so much success, SM Entertainment created Shinhwa. Recent reports say Shinhwa made H.O.T. the most nervous out of all the groups during their time because H.O.T. felt that SM Entertainment created Shinhwa just to be their rival. [source] As a result, they really became rival groups.

They’ve been around since 1998, but haven’t disbanded, though they went on a few hiatuses. In fact, just this month – March 2012 – they released a new album together.

When their contract with SM Entertainment expired in 2003, SM Entertainment decided they only wanted two of the members, Eric and Minwoo, to re-sign. They refused to re-sign with those conditions and instead moved over to Good Entertainment. SM Entertainment retaliated, like they usually do, with a lawsuit. They didn’t want Shinhwa to continue to use their name, but Shinhwa won, kept their name, and moved over to Good Entertainment in 2004. (Open World Entertainment CEO, Seok-Woo Jang owns the rights to their name and allows them to use it as long as they’re together in the group.)

Between contracts, they pursued solo careers of acting or singing, which many of them are still successful in today. Around 2004/2005, they also started writing their own music more actively.

When 2006 rolled around, the group renewed their contract with Good Entertainment and stayed with them for another 3 years. They went on another group hiatus in 2007, and during that time they went back to their solo careers until their mandatory military service dates.

After their military services, they decided to found their own company. In 2011, they became the first Kpop group to own their own company, called Shinhwa Company.

Little Facts:

Shinhwa has a star named after them.


Leader, Main Rapper
February 16, 1979

Lee Min Woo
Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
July 28, 1979

Kim Dong Wan
November 21, 1979

Shin Hye Sung
Main Vocalist
November 27, 1979

Jun Jin
Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Lead Dancer
August 19, 1980

January 21, 1981



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