Personal Taste Drama Review

Personal Taste/Personal Preference

My score: 9/10


Lead Actors: Lee Min Ho Son Ye Jin

Episodes: 16

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama

Summary: Jin Ho wants to live in Kae In’s house because he wants more info on the house for his career. They had previously met in a bad situation,  so they don’t really get along at first, but the soon become friends. There are various misunderstandings that leads the girl to believe he’s gay… so she let’s him rent out a room in her house because of a bad loan a previous employee took out using her house as collateral. Soon they develop feelings for each other, which leads to complications since Kae In still thinks Jin Ho is gay.

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Review: Okay, this goes on my favorite drama list… and it’s really hard for a drama to get on that list!

The beginning isn’t immediately addicting, but I was hooked before I knew it… around episode 4 to be exact.

I loved the type of humor and laughed often. The tension and romance were superb! The main characters relationship felt really natural and it was fun to watch them interact.

At first, the main characters didn’t really like each other, but there was a good reason for it… and they were adult enough to get past that and get along with each other in a reasonable amount of time.

Kae In… she’s very kind-hearted and trusting. She’s also entertaining. I loved how her friends supported her. Jin Ho starts off as a little stand-offish, but his true personality starts shining through. His sweet expressions were wonderful! Even in his questionable situation, his trustworthy attitude shines through. Director Choi was my favorite character. He was  a very refreshing character… very mature, somewhat introverted, and cutely awkward at times.

The “villains” were annoying, but they didn’t get in the way of the story.

This is a must-watch drama~

Things I didn’t like: I can’t really think of any. The”villains” were a bit stereotypical, but it wasn’t bad enough to hurt anything. The very last episode felt a bit rushed, but it was satisfying none-the-less.

My score: 9/10


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