Going By the Book Korean Movie Review

Going By the Book Movie

My Score: 9/10


Director:  Ra Hee-Chan

Cast: Jung Jae-Young Son Byung-Ho Lee Young-Eun

Genre: Comedy/Action/Crime

Summary: After a string of bank robberies, the new police chief decides to have a realistic bank robbery simulation for training and boosting public morale. However, things don’t go as planned when the cop in charge of pretending to be the robber takes the role too seriously.

Review: This was a really good movie. It’s an action film, but it’s also a comedy, so you can just let yourself relax and laugh; you won’t have to worry about anybody suddenly dying or anything that might happen in a drama. The dialog was somewhat cute and clever, but not so much that it would be over anybody’s head. Although I rarely found myself outright laughing, the situations were very amusing.

The first 5-10 minutes of the movie is a little slow, but that’s just to set up the characters and everything. The rest of the movie is funny… there were no boring parts at all. The characters were interesting and it was funny to see how they interacted and reacted. Even when the hostages got mad at the cop for going too far, they still played along and even got mad at the other cop when he tried to find a way around the rules of the situation.

The movie also seemed to have a little bit of hidden depth to it as well, but any seriousness was quickly tempered by comedy.

I guess I can’t give it a perfect score because the ending kind of cuts itself off. Though I thought the ending was good and appropriate for the movie, I still felt a little disappointed because I wanted to see more, haha. Also, the problem of the inept police department was never really solved. However, I think it’s really easy to imagine a solution to these problems… so I think the ending was actually a pretty good one since it kept you thinking about it while the credits rolled. It’s just so abrupt.

My Score: 8.5/10


3 thoughts on “Going By the Book Korean Movie Review

  1. I just recently watched this film and I was laughing my ass off. It was a one of a kind film and I was really entertained. The police was really a mess and they couldn’t do anything to resolve the conflict. I was also laughing about the dispute on the situation.

    This is a real ha-ha!

  2. I have watch this movie “over and over”, shame to say how many time. Lets say over 10 time and LMBO (laugh my butt off); this move was so fun “going by the book “. The cast was so great that I have been on the internet searching for other movie directed by Hee-Chan Ra and actors: Jung Jae-Yeong, Son Byung-Ho and leyong Eurn. I laughed more about what was gone on inside the bank to child skipping school to the elder man.

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