Little Big Soldier Chinese Movie Review

Little Big Soldier Movie

My Score: 7.5/10 


Director: Sheng Ding

Cast: Jackie Chan Lee-Hom Wang

Genre: Historic/Drama/Action

Summary: An old war deserter kidnaps a younger general hoping to get a pardon and some money to settle down and forget the never-ending war.

Review: Okay, I like the actors. I’ve always been a big fan of Lee-Hom Wang’s music and I always feel impressed at how good his acting is as well. This movie has gotten high reviews on various sites, and honestly, I think it’s because of who’s in it.

The plot itself is nothing too original. In fact, while watching it, I felt it was just another historical Asian action movie. There was some humor in it, but not really enough for me personally. Also, for a Jackie Chan movie, I wish there had been more of his famous stunts in it. There were some, but not really much compared to other movies I’ve seen him in. Maybe he just wanted to focus more on actual acting? Yeah, it’s probably safe to say that I’m used to his goofy movies and was expecting that a bit more, but there really wasn’t enough plot-wise for me even if it hadn’t been a Jackie Chan movie.

I like the characters a lot and they did grow a bit… but I just feel this movie could have been better. There were a few characters and circumstances that feel like it should have had more depth to it. I felt like there was no real hidden, deep meaning. Everything was pretty much laid out for me. The ending was also pretty predictable for a Chinese action/historical movie, (though I guess if you haven’t seen many Chinese movies, it might be surprising).

Set-wise, the scenery was very beautiful. I loved watching the places they chose to film this.

My Score: 7.5/10 (If you really like these types of action movies, the score will probably be higher.)


3 thoughts on “Little Big Soldier Chinese Movie Review

  1. ;AA; I saw this movie last month with my dad. I wasn’t really into it in the beginning, but then I did get into it for some reason, and I hated it. T___T The end was so disappointing. DX I’m not usually a fan of these historical movies (especially Chinese ones), but I guess it was an okay movie. I wouldn’t have watched it all the way if it wasn’t for Jackie Chan though. :|

    • Yeah >.< At least it wasn't as bad as the Chinese Mulan movie, but still….
      I wonder why they always have those kinds of endings to their movies. I saw a Chinese comedy once and it still managed to have an end like that lol, in fact, the only Chinese movie I've seen with a perfectly happy ending was a re-make of an American film o_o;

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