Shotgun Love Korean Movie Review

Shotgun Love Movie

My Score: 6.5/10


Director: Rain Jung

Cast: Lim Chang Jung Kim Gyu-Ri

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Summary: A guy with no real good qualities falls in love with a co-worker who doesn’t care about him at all. However, one night, they go drinking together and when he wakes up he finds himself in a hotel alone. The front desk personnel say a woman came in with him and he assumes they had a one-night stand.

The woman on the other hand has just found herself pregnant by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend wants her to get an abortion, but because of a medical condition, this might be the only child she can have.

Review: It was okay. the guy’s role was too type-cast from the Sex is Zero movie. It could’ve almost been a sequel of sorts, or a more mature version of the same story; the guy was supposed to be stupid or slow. The only good quality he had was that he had true love towards the woman. The woman he was in love with was really good-looking and he has a misunderstanding with… and there’s a pregnancy. Exactly like Sex is Zero. Only, this movie was more mature with only one gross scene, which wasn’t even really that bad… just a clogged toilet.

I think it was cute how the main character really liked the woman… and I liked how she actually started falling for him, but the whole storyline was just a little too predictable for me. The only thing that really kept my attention throughout this movie were the supporting characters. They were quirky and different so it was amusing to watch them. I think the whole situation between the main guy and his best friend was more interesting than the real storyline.

Oh, and I kind of had trouble accepting a critical scene where the pregnant girl is in great danger after just being shoved down… I ended up chalking it up to her supposed pre-existing health problems, though I still found it hard to believe.


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