Runway Cop: Korean Movie Review

Runway Cop

Korean Movie

My Score: 8/10


Director: Shin Tae-Ra

Cast: Kang Ji-Hwan Sung Yu-Ri

Genre: Comedy/Action

Summary: A cop must go undercover as a model to solve a case.
Even though he’s fat and grubby, he gets the job because he’s the only one who meets the height requirement in the police station.

Review: Haha, wow Kang Ji-Hwan! This guy was the lead romantic interest in the drama Lie To Me… but you can hardly recognize him at the beginning of this movie!

He’s totally out of shape and dirty here. It’s been said that he also put on 22 lbs for this role…! (But I was assuming they used a fat suit, haha.) He did a good job with it though. I always love it when good-looking actors aren’t afraid to get ugly for their roles.

This movie was pretty entertaining. There’s not really much too it besides that. It’s just light and funny.
It does have a little bit of romance, but for the most part, it’s just a comedy.

Warning: There is some slight sexual humor. Nothing too naughty, but I thought I should warn anyway since some people are sensitive to that.


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