Bad Guy: Korean Movie Review

Bad Guy Movie

My Score: 7.5/10


Director: Ki-duk Kim

Cast: Jo Jae-Hyeon Seo Won

Genre: Gritty/Drama

Summary: A pimp happens to run into an average college girl. He hits on her, but she rejects him and goes to her boyfriend. The pimp forces a kiss on her as revenge, which causes him to be further humiliated when a group of soldiers happen to see what he did and beat him for it. The girl then spits in his face before leaving.

Because of his embarrassment, the pimp sets her up. He plants a wallet with some cash in it and she picks it up and takes the money. The owner finds her and accuses her of stealing more than what was originally in it… about $10,000, which she doesn’t have and can’t come up with. Afraid the police won’t believe her, she foolishly borrows money from loan sharks; since she can’t pay, she’s forced into prostitution under the pimp she offended earlier until she pays back the money.

Review: Though it’s been years since I’ve seen this movie, it’s hard to forget anything that happened in it… it just leaves that kind of impact to someone who doesn’t watch a lot of gangster movies.

It’s gritty and harsh. There is sex/rape and violence. It’s definitely an adult movie.

This movie is basically just the story of how some prostitutes come to be. But even with the terrible, raw scenes, it’s a movie worth watching if you can handle it. It feels real and it really leaves an impression on the viewer, (haha, though, I can’t speak for those who are gangster movie experts).

I read some reviews saying this movie was just a weird movie about love, but I disagree. Maybe… maybe the pimp loves the girl in his twisted way, but I’m pretty sure the girl just ends up with Stockholm Syndrome.

The ending may leave the naive confused, but it’s very realistic… as people in that life find it very hard to get out once they’re in.

My Score: 7.5/10


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