My P.S. Partner: Korean Movie Review

my ps partner korean movie

My PS Partner/Whatcha Wearin’?

Korean Film (2012) Director: Byun Sung-Hyun
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama My Score: 8/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: A woman calls her long-term boyfriend to initiate phone sex… not realizing she dialed the wrong number! This leads to that, and when their love interests break their hearts, they turn to each other to vent about it, leading to a strong connection between the two strangers.
Cast: Ji SungKim A-JoongShin So-YulKang Kyeong-JunKim Sung-Oh, and Moon Ji-Yoon

Warnings: Throw-up Scene/Nudity/Sexual dialogue/Masturbation/Sex



my ps partner korean movie

Ah, this is a movie about sex, and so, as you can see by the “warnings,” it’s full of sexual themes haha.
The movie’s theme is set up right away with sexual bantering in the beginning. There’s a full-nudity sex scene soon after that with a phone sex/masturbation scene following… all this within the first 5 minutes of the film. Even the female lead’s occupation is more on the sexier side; lingerie designer.

Of course, the whole movie isn’t one sexual scene after another. There’s some really nice romance and “normal” comedy as well. Comparing this movie to other raunchier sex films such as the infamous “Sex Is Zero,” I’m pretty convinced that “My P.S. Partner” was made with women in mind. That is, the creators of this film were hoping both men and women would enjoy it.

Though the humor was more on the crass side in the very beginning, it started feeling more playfully sexy as the main character coupling began to emerge.

my ps partner korean movie 5

I think this was cast pretty well.
Ji Sung (seen in Protect the Boss), was perfect as an obsessed romantic with an immature side. Despite any faults he might have, he’s still well-established as a overall decent guy. His pervy side is shown, since that’s what the film is all about, but he’s also the expected “good guy” for a romance, while keeping the feeling that he’s an average guy. In other words, the character is well-rounded. I’d also like to point out a scene where his love interest says no when they’re making out. It was apparent they got together expecting sex, but the guy doesn’t even complain or push it at all; he stops and inquires about her feelings. I’m not saying this isn’t typical behavior for a guy, but it’s nice to see happening in media of any kind.

my ps partner korean movie 4

I don’t know much about actress Kim A-Joong, but she carried the role well enough. Of course, they still make her keep her “innocent” vibe throughout the film… which actually is a pretty amazing feat given that she even has a masturbation scene of her own in a bathtub and initiates the whole thing with her steamy phonecall. I think it’s because her innocence was established at the beginning. Though she made the phonecall, it’s shown that she was just naively following a magazine’s advice, and while she was making the call, she wasn’t even doing anything sexual besides speaking the dialogue. It’s also justfied because she’s about 30 years old and had been dating her boyfriend for 5 years, and therefore, practically engaged.
That “essential innocence” factor aside, her “perfect woman” vibe was a bit unneccessary. For example, when the male lead calls her and starts being a total jerk, she ends up just automatically understanding him and his situation without him even having to tell her. (At least she got angry at first, I guess…)
These irritations are pretty easy to  ignore though. I never found her character annoying or anything.

my ps partner korean movie 2

I think the movie itself was great at showing the way someone feels after a break-up. The flashbacks scenes of the past lover, as well as intimate memories that make letting go difficult… just the overall pain of it.

It probably goes without saying that a situation like this, at least in the beginning of the movie, is dangerous in real life. I mean, who’s to say they don’t just like each other because they’re lonely, or because of their heartbreak and sexual frustration? It’d probably actually end with the two of them being a rebound for each other instead of a lasting relationship. But of course, this is movie-land, and taking that into consideration, I think the writer did a good job with everything. I think it helps that the lead characters also spent a lot of time just talking and not having physical contact for a good amount of time before meeting.

Though the theme seems to be about true love through sexual attraction, it’s probably more about being with someone you can be honest and open with. In the woman’s case, she was just settling with her guy because she was looking at the “goal” of marriage. For the guy, he was fixated on someone who was wrong for him, maybe because she was his first love. In either case, it doesn’t seem like communication was a strong point.

One of the highlights of this movie, though, is the original spin they put on the cliche near the end. I don’t want to mention any spoilers though, haha. All I’ll say is this has an awesome soundtrack!

my ps partner korean movie 6



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