Soumatou Kabushikigaisha: Episode 4 Recap

The last episode was a bit more paranormal than the previous ones… and a bit more unrealistic.
Let’s see what this week will be like!

In the intro, somebody is touching a baby lovingly.

A young woman is looking at a sign for a fashion college unhappily.
Her name is Seno Mai and she’s 20 years old.

As she walks down the street, a homeless man watches as she bumps into a man with a bag. As a result, the guy drops his bag and he slowly takes out the bottle he was carrying.
The bottle apparently broke when it fell.

Mai apologizes, but the guy doesn’t want to let her off easily. He tells her that the bottle of wine was really expensive.

She tells him that she’ll pay him back, but worries when he tells her it cost $3,800. Mai can’t pay back that much. The guy gets a kind of sleazy look on his face when he asks her how much she can pay.

Suddenly, the homeless man speaks up. He politely accuses the sleazy guy of doing that earlier as well and says he knows because he’s always sitting there and sees what’s going on.

Of course the sleazy guy says “So what?” The homeless man replies, “Isn’t that a scam?” and kindly tells Mai to go with him to the police station.
The sleazy guy gets flustered and tells them he’ll overlook it since he wasn’t watching where he was going either, and walks quickly away.

The homeless guy starts leaving as well, but Mai stops him, telling him she’ll treat him since he was kind to her. She says her parents always tell her to thank the people that help her out.

As he drinks the beer she gave him, he smiles and says he somehow feels guilty for it. She tells him it’s fine since she would’ve gotten scammed if he hadn’t helped.
She introduces herself and he tells her that people call him Roku-san.

Mai starts talking about how she came to Tokyo half a year ago because she wanted to be a designer. She’s working part-time at a bar to earn money to be able to go to college.

She happily shows him some drawings of her designs but says none of the companies she goes to thinks they’re good enough.
Roku-san asks why she wanted to be a designer. She said it was because when she was a kid, she dreamt of it. Therefore, she thought it was natural that she should be one. Mai says she really wants to be one now, though.

Roku-san looks like he’s in thought. He says thoughtfully, “So that’s why you left your parents to come here….”
Mai tells him that her mom died giving birth to her and she doesn’t know where her father is. He seems surprised to learn that she grew up with foster parents.

He asks her if she remembers her dad and she says no… she was still a baby when he left. Roku-san wonders if she wants to meet him and she asks why he wants to know. He laughs it off a bit nervously, saying he just was curious.

Mai gets up and leaves for work.
Roku-san stays and there’s a close-up of a bracelet he’s wearing, (just like the one the person was wearing in the intro scene with the baby. By now I’m pretty sure everybody thinks he’s her lost father, lol).

Mai walks to work smiling, saying she has a good feeling.
She notices a sign on a door; Revolving Lantern Corporation.

Like the others before her, she’s compelled to enter the building. And like the others before, her memories are copied.

She steps out of the elevator and meets Kaminuma.

I think Mai questions things a bit more than the people in the last few episodes did. She wonders how Kaminuma knows her name and wonders about her life being on the discs.

Kaminuma puts the disc in and leaves the room.

She’s a baby in a crib. The setting is in a design studio and she’s crying. The man who is working at a desk gets up and gives her candy to calm her down, saying “Daddy’s still in the middle of work.”

Mai smiles as she watches the screen, saying “This is my dad?”

Another man enters the room and addresses the candy-giver as Masahiko.
Mai watches as the men put a dress sample on a mannequin.
She recognizes the second man as Roku-san.

The screen goes dark and she wonders if her baby self fell asleep.

She fast-forwards the DVD, trying to find something more interesting.

Suddenly she sees something terrible.

Roku-san is hovered over Masahiko and it looks like he’s choking him. There’s blood on the floor and her baby self is crying.
Masahiko stops struggling and Roku-san slowly removes his hands.

He looks up at the crying baby Mai and slowly walks towards her. It seems like he’s going to choke her as well, but then he turns around and stumbles out of the room.

Mai stops the film and thinks. “Roku-san killed my dad? …And me…?”

(Well, it seems he either killed her dad or IS her dad….)

She remembers when she met him that day and he asked if she remembered her dad.
Mai walks out of the building in a daze.

In the next scene, she’s showing her designs to another company. The guy looks them over and says it’s a no.

She seems pre-occupied with what she saw at the Turning Lantern Corporation.
Mai walks to the fashion college and sadly watches the happy students.

But then she sees Roku-san coming out of the college. She runs to hide.
He’s pulling  his homeless-person cart along with him down the street. She follows.

Nobody would ever see you there, Mai. :|

Roku-san is sitting with a guy and talking. The guy says, “we can introduce you to that kind of organization, but are you sure? It’ll be easy to do, but… the heart… it hurts.”
Roku looks up and almost sees Mai. She starts and creeps away.
Roku stands and notices her running away.

At the bar where she works, Mai seems kind of out of it.
She turns around and sees Roku watching her creepily, partially hidden.

Her co-worker calls to her. When Mai looks back, nobody is there.

After work, her co-worker asks her if she’s worried about something.
Mai pauses and says, “I… might get killed.”
Her friend thinks she’s being weird. Mai tells her that she saw the murder at the Revolving Lantern Corporation. Her friend doesn’t even know what that place is.

Mai explains how you can see your life on DVDs there and her friend comments that it was probably just a dream.

Walking home in the dark, Roku approaches her. “Don’t come any closer!” she exclaims to him, looking scared.

He takes something out of a pocket. She flinches, but it looks like money.
Mai tells him that she knows he killed her father. She says that he’s probably following her because he wants to kill her as well.

Roku just stares at her, then shoves the money into her hands. “Just be quiet and take it,” he says and he walks away.

Mai looks in the money envelope… she seems surprised at the amount.

Back at the Revolving Lantern Corporation she asks to see his DVD set.

Mai puts Roku’s  most recent DVD, the 50th one, into the player. She watches as he enters the fashion college and takes a informational folder off of a counter.
He reads about the costs for the college and sees the first year is about $19,000. Two years is around 38,000.

Mai fast-forwards to when she saw him talking to that guy earlier.
The guy says, “You sure?” Roku replies, “I need the money.” The guy tells him, “If it’s a heart, 100 each.” “Can’t you do something more?” Roku asks him. “If it’s something other than a heart, 300,” he responds.

Mai pauses the video and looks shocked and confused. She wonders what it means. “He wasn’t observing me to kill me…?” she wonders. “Why would he go that far for me?”

(Hmmm, maybe because he’s your dad? :[ lol Or you know, you saw him murdering your dad, so guilt?)

She looks at the money again.
“What happened between him and my dad?” She goes for his 31st DVD.

She finds that Masahiko stole Roku’s designs. He gave them away as his own for publicity. Roku gets really mad and Masahiko claims that Roku’s just  angry because he didn’t make any money off of it and tells him that he’ll give him some when he can.

Even Mai realizes how mean the comment was as she watches.

Roku grows increasingly angry as Masahiko refuses to apologize and just gets angry as well. Masahiko is upset because their business isn’t doing well.
They tumble and Masahiko shoves or pulls away from Roku, but in the process, he falls down and injures his head.

Roku runs up in a panic and lifts him up, telling him to wake up. He jostles him, but when he sees no response, he slowly lowers him.
She sees as Roku walks over to her crying baby self with his hands stretched out as if to pick her up. Her baby self is reaching out as well while she cries.
He turns and walks out the door after saying sorry to her.

Mai looks emotional. She feels bad as she realizes it was an accident and that Roku really wasn’t bad.
She cries as she listens to him sniffling, worrying about cops, and sees as he tries to commit suicide from guilt.

Feeling bad about how she treated him, she wonders what she should do. She rushes out the door and Kaminuma thanks her for her patronage, (a sign that Mai won’t be back to view again. Usually she tells customers that she’ll be waiting for their return.)

Mai runs to the spot where Roku usually is.

Roku is just getting there. He sits down and takes a paper out of his pocket. He stares at it with a kind of happy look on his face, but he doesn’t seem well….

It’s a photo that shows him with Mai. Masahiko is in the background. Roku talks to the photo-Mai, telling her how she’s really grown up. He apologizes and says it was his fault, and then he passes out, (probably dies?).

Mai arrives at the spot, and doesn’t realize that Roku is just on the other side of the bushes. She cries out, wondering where he is and feeling sad that she couldn’t find him. (She is so slow, lol).

She takes out the money and looks at it.

A few years later, Mai is putting the money in the envelope into a drawer.
She’s now a successful designer with her own shop.
She thinks to herself that she’ll be waiting for Roku-san to appear again.

Back at the Turning Lantern Corporation, we hear Roku-san telling the sleeping baby Mai that when she’s older, she’ll become a designer. Then says, “But you’re really pretty, so maybe a model instead?” However, he finally settles on her being a designer and tells her that they’ll work together when that happens.

Impressions After Watching:

Omg, crying T_T

It’s probably because I’m a parent myself, but things like that always get to me….

Unlike the other episodes, this one was so nice! Even though some things were a little predictable, like how the whole “murder” was really an accident, it was still enjoyable for me.

It never said out-right that Roku really was her dad, but I strongly got that impression. How he could just feel it was her when they met and talked about design… when he asked if she wanted to see her dad. If her dad was the guy who died, he would’ve left it at asking if she missed him, not if she wanted to see him. The way the photo had him next to her and the way she was reaching out for him before he had to abandon her.

However, I just can’t be certain, especially since his last name was different from hers. She said she was in the foster care system, so her name couldn’t have been changed, right?
But even if the other guy was her dad, I think the evidence shows that Roku was just as good as a second dad to her.

However, there was one thing I didn’t like. Like… they didn’t explain well enough how Roku got that money.  “A heart is 100”? I felt like he had to kill people and take their organs, haha…. Well since it looked like he died in the end, I think maybe he was doing something with his own organs? I don’t know because that part was pretty confusing!

Mai was so slow. It was realistic to her personality though. She seemed like the bubbly care-free type that doesn’t really think too deeply about things.  Not that that’s bad, though. She was pretty cute and sweet!

I just loved the end. It was just unexpected to see something good happen at the end of an episode in this series… haha.
If it had been a different series, it wouldn’t have been as good.

Episode Fanart:

[coming soon]


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