Pasta Korean Drama Review


My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Gong Hyo Jin Lee Sun Gyun  Lee Ha Nui Alex

Episodes: 20

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama/Food

Summary: A girl named Seo Yoo Kyung has a dream to become a chef. She’s been working as just a kitchen assistant for 3 years. On the day she’s finally promoted to cook, (the lowest level cook, but still allowed to hold a frying pan), a new head chef is hired at the restaurant where she works. This new chef is against love and women in the kitchen and as a result, finds a way to fire all the women cooks.

Seo Yoo Kyung can’t let go of her dream just like that, however, and so fights to stay, somehow falling in love with the new chef along the way.

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Review: If you like the Food Network channel and romance, then you should really give this series a try.

 This drama was hard to watch until about episode 5… however, it was really interesting as well so it wasn’t hard to keep watching. What made it difficult to watch was the male lead’s character… he came off as really sexist, arrogant, mean, and loud. He was just a really hateful character. In one of those early episodes there was a time when Seo Yoo Kyung got locked in the freezer all night and the way she was treated just made me really angry.

I’m glad I stuck with it though, because it got better instead of worse. Episode 12 was really adorable. It made all the bad things that had happened in the drama worth it.

The story was good and pretty original, and I liked seeing the restaurant setting. The romance sub-plot was okay… kind of stereotypical in that two higher-up guys are in love with the same girl. The dramatic parts weren’t over-done, and actually, I don’t think there were any big serious crying scenes done by either of the leads. So if you don’t like weepy guys, you’ll probably like this drama.

I feel the characters got a lot of love from the creators of this drama. Even though there were so many, they all had their own personalities. There was an episode where each of the cooks had to create a dish. There were… what, eight cooks? That many cooks, but each dish was unique to each of their personalities, which impressed me.

The actors really brought the characters to life as well. The main lead, Lee Sun Gyun, is well known as the 2nd male lead in the popular drama Coffee Prince. When his character was not busy being a total jerk, Lee Sun Gyun really shined. His expressions and attitude were just so charming. Gong Hyo Jin, who played the female lead, had the right kind of stubborn innocence to her. Her character complimented the main lead perfectly. The male lead character was very obviously the S (sadistic) type, but her character was M (masochistic) so it didn’t feel like abuse the majority of the time. Also, it was cute how she seemed to enjoy his reaction when she helped him puff up his ego, because, while he may have seemed confident, he actually wasn’t quite as much as he seemed… which is how most arrogant people are. They just put up a front, and Gong Hyo Jin’s character helped me see that.

However, the down side to all that, was how their relationship was dripping with a class system which was hard on my American mind. It was a bit hard to get used to, and if I didn’t know about the senior-respect thing in Korea, I probably would’ve been really sickened by it. Because the guy was: 1) Older than her and 2)Her senior at her work place, she was considered lower than him and so had to act with respect and compliance no matter how he treated her. By the end of the series, it wasn’t so bad, (maybe because they were dating and so she could have her own way a bit more).

Everything was resolved and loose ends were tied up by the last episode. I found myself wanting more, though. I wanted to know how the rest of the characters’ lives were going to go. I guess I’ll have to rely on fanfiction for that, haha, (the problem will be finding any… so if you know of any, please let me know!).

My Score: 8/10


2 thoughts on “Pasta Korean Drama Review

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  2. I’ve seen Pasta, and it is now one of my favorite dramas. Gong Hyo Jin is awesome! It’s just a great Korean drama that makes you feel good whenever you watch it. Thanks for writing this, I’m now considering watching it again, haha.

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