Ouran High School Host Club Japanese Drama Review

Ouran High School Host Club

My Score: 6.5/10 


Lead Actors: Kawaguchi Haruna Yamamoto Yusuke Daito Shunsuke Nakamura Masaya Chiba Yudai Takagi Shinpei  Takagi Manpei Ryusei Ryo

Episodes: 11 (half-hour episodes)

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Summary: Haruhi gets into a rich school through a scholarship. She breaks a very expensive vase and has to dress up as a guy and join the school’s “Host Club” to pay off the debt.

Review: This drama is based off a manga and anime; it has elements from both versions. Like in most cases the origin of the story is better than the remakes. For this story, the original is the manga, so i won’t even go there (since it was just so good)… but even compared to the anime version, this version is very shallow.

If you haven’t read the manga or seen the anime, you will most likely really enjoy this drama. If you have read and seen the previous versions and are really depressed that they’re over, then you still might like this drama.

In my case, the anime and manga were just so good, and this didn’t even come close to those, that it was very hard for me to keep my attention on this drama and finish it. Even so, it wasn’t terrible and I did laugh a few times. It was fun seeing Host Club with a more realistic perspective. A few new things were added or switched around, and not every episode was included. This drama might not even had half the episodes the anime did, which could be a good or bad thing depending on the person watching. 

Not all the characters matched my original impressions of the characters, which might have inhibited my enjoyment… but it might not bother others. (Mori was one of the most accurately matched, Tamaki the least,  in my opinion.)

Nekozawa fans will be happy to know that he appears in every episode. I found this good, since it made things more interesting in the drama. It was fun to see more of the Black Magic Club as well.

Things I Didn’t Like: I would’ve liked to see more fight scenes with Honey, because the one they did have was pretty cool.

The end, though cute and funny, was still the most cliche and simple version of the three. Both the manga and anime had epic chill-inducing endings, while this one was just sweet. It would’ve been nice if they hadn’t taken an easy way out, since the anime and manga were fairly creative and beautiful.

My Score: 6.5/10 (probably higher if I hadn’t seen the previous versions)


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