Over My Dead Body: Korean Movie Review

over my dead body korean movie

Over My Dead Body

Korean Film (2012) Director: Woo Sun-Ho
Genre: Heist/Comedy/Action My Score: 7.5/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: To get money to save someone close to them, a pair of new acquaintances try to steal the dead body of their common enemy. However, to their shock, it’s not only the wrong body, but someone who isn’t even dead!That person joins the group. Things get more complicated when government spies get involved as well.
Cast: Lee Beom-SooKim Ok-Vin, and Ryoo Seung-Bum

Warning: Disturbing images in the beginning (medical procedure & traffic casualty). Vomit scene somewhere in the first half.

over my dead body korean movie 3


Over My Dead Body had funny moments without relying on slapstick or overly goofy scenes; I feel it had more dry humor. The movie had a kind of simple feeling to it all, which is probably because of the lack of drama. Yes, there were dramatic and suspenseful moments, but the overall tone was comedic and light, though, it wasn’t “hilarious”. You might not find yourself laughing out loud a lot while watching this, but you will probably be fairly amused.

I like heist movies, and this was a good “amateur heist” movie. Things keep going wrong, but they’re smart enough to deal with it successfully. Like most heist movies, it had twists that kept things interesting. It did have a happy and amusing end, which I really love to see in movies of this genre, haha.

over my dead body korean movie 2


The lead girl is young, tough, and cynical with a punk style. She prefers acting before thinking. The guy is more mature, a leader, and prefers planning things out before acting. The two of them made a great team.

Soon they were accompanied by a deadbeat loser. Even though he didn’t seem trustworthy, they all seemed to form some kind of camaraderie by the end.

On the side, there was the NIS team, which is the National Intelligence Service. They provided humor as a bumbling cop-type group. However, in the midst of it all, was the female undercover agent, who was pretty cool when the time came to take down the bad guys.

The villains were a side group as well. They were there when they really needed to be, but for the most part, they didn’t seem to be a main focus. The main focus was the heist, not escaping from an enemy.

over my dead body korean movie 4


Check it out if you want an interesting action movie with light tones and dry humor, especially if you enjoy heist films like me, haha.


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