New Korean Music Videos: 18 April 2013

new korean mvs

I’m putting this out early because I won’t be here this weekend. Here you go! All the newest Korean MV’s of the week!

  • Zico, Uglyduck, and Crush – Feel So Young
  • C-Clown – Shaking Heart
  • Lucia – 그런 계절
  • Kim Bada – Searching
  • Kim Tae Woo – Goodbye
  • Bad Cupid – Never Surrender
  • Psy – Gentleman
  • Gavy NJ – Farewell Cinema
  • 4men – Thank You
  • BTOB – 2nd Confession (Pajama Version)
  • Acoustic Collabo – My Bashful Love
  • Jungukgu – Gag City
  • 현대카드 MUSIC 아티스트 줌인 – EE X EE Miss Amazon
  • Double K – Hot Pants
  • Monni – 술자리
  • The Quiet – Livin’ In The Dream

Zico, Uglyduck, and Crush – Feel So Young
Category: Hip Hop
These three rappers took Gaeko’s new song, “Rhythm Is Life” and gave it their own flair.  The chorus is smoother, but the rap is still powerful in their own styles. The MV is great quality, (as a Zico fangirl, I loved the eye-candy haha, I won’t lie).

C-Clown – Shaking Heart
Category: Kpop
I’m not sure how to describe this image, but it feels different from what’s been put out lately. It’s kind of dark atmosphere, but dandy-style as well. I like the song, but can’t see it getting stuck in my head.

Lucia – 그런 계절
Category: Indie
Simple animation in this MV with a really interesting concept. The song is soothing.

Kim Bada – Searching
Category: Rock
Love the sound of this rock song.

Kim Tae Woo – Goodbye
Category: Ballad
Another contribution to “The Hitman Project.”  There’s an English version out there as well. Lovely song and vocals!

Category: Rock/Indie
A kind of relaxing rock-type song. The MV is kind of artistic.

Bad Cupid – Never Surrender
Category: Rock
Korean rock! The MV isn’t anything too special, but the song is good, though the lyrics are pretty repetitive.

Psy – Gentleman
Category: Kpop
In case you missed it, Psy released what appears to be his sequel to “Gangnam Style”.  (I already discussed it in a previous article, but here you go anyway…)

Gavy NJ – Farewell Cinema
Category: Kpop/Ballad
Sad ballad with a charming old-fashioned beat. There are some nice vocals near the end. The MV is kind of meh…

4men – Thank You
Category: Kpop/Ballad
Cute and happy song. The MV is the same, following a couple on a date, with a grumpy boyfriend and energetic girlfriend.

BTOB – 2nd Confession (Pajama Version)
Category: Kpop
Here’s a fan service, aegyo-filled, dance MV from BTOB for their fans.

Acoustic Collabo – My Bashful Love
Category: Indie
Really sweet-sounding song. The MV is cute too, and makes me wish it was a movie.

Jungukgu – Fashion City
Category: Kpop/Comedy
This is a group of comedians. The MV starts out funny, but kind of loses it’s edge by the end, honestly.

현대카드 MUSIC 아티스트 줌인 – EE X EE Miss Amazon
Category: Indie
This is a super strange MV, haha. The female vocals have a baby/child-like sound.

Double K – Hot Pants
Category: Hip Hop
Club hip-hop. By the title, I’m thinking it’s pretty much about partying, and the MV reflects that.

Monni – 술자리
Category: Indie
MV is just a kind of BTS thing. The song is a pretty acoustic.

The Quiett – Livin’ In The Dream
Category: Hip Hop
Relaxing hip-hop.


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