Korean Hip-Hop/Rap Recommendations: Part Two

Here’s the second part of the recommendations. You can find the first part here!

Like I said before, this is a variety of Korean hiphop/rap artists to help you get started if you’re a fan of Kpop idol rappers like GD&TOP and are new to the Khiphop genre.

I extended the length of this list since it was kind of difficult to decide which to add, haha.

  1. Pinodyne – 누구를 위하여 종은 울리나
  2. Dok2 – 이한놈 (ft. Simon Dominic, Beatbox DG & DJ Qna)
  3. Noise Mob – I Don’t Like It
  4. Fame-J – Victory
  5. Blacknut & 노창 – Smoke n Drink
  6. Infinite Flow – Soul Trip
  7. Infinite Flow – Be Free ft. Verbal Jint & sean2slow
  8. New Champ – New 신형  (Ft.진석)
  9. Simon D – 지리멸렬 Cryin’ (Ft. Beatbox DG)
  10. Cho PD – And The winner is… (ft. ZICO of Block B, Outsider)
  11. Pe2ny – One Light (Ft. Double K, 넋업샨, Minos)
  12. Pe2ny – Sunshine Of My Life
  13. Loptimist – Amnesia (Ft. Simon Dominic, Lady Jane)
  14. Verbal Jint  – 내리막 (ft. Tablo and Mithra Jin)
  15. Master Plan – 나랑 사귀자 (ft. Verbal Jint, Defconn)
  16. Lil Boi – I Wonder (Ft. San-E)
  17. Paloalto – Would You Be My (Ft. Beenzino)
  19. SCOTCH VIP – Finale 2011
  20. Defconn – 독고다이
  21. New Block Babyz – NEW BLOCK
  22. Geeks – Move That (ft. Ugly Duck, Take One)
  23. Crucial Star – Phone Number (ft. The Quiett & Kebee)
  24. QWALA – Windstorm
  25. Hot Clip – 이쁜여자
  26. Jazzyfact – Always Awake
  27. Dynamic Duo – 수면장애 (Sleep Disorder)

Click Here for the playlist!

I might make more playlists like this later on~



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