June 2, 2014: New Korean Music

A handful of Kpop comebacks, including Taeyang, BAP, U-Kiss, N-Sonic… and Kyung from Block B featured in an awesome song by Kim Yeon Woo. On the indie front, we have Fromm, Lucia, RURURU, and a massive upload from Jung Key. There was also a good amount of rap this week! Yay! P-TYPE came back; so…

i11evn korean rapper 5

Artist Spotlight: i11evn

The artist this time is… i11evn i11evn started rapping at a later stage in life than others, discovering his abilities while in the military at about 21-years-old. He’s self-proclaimed “picky” about his tracks, and it appears that while he wants to rap, he doesn’t want the restrictions that can come with being labeled as something…


New Kpop MVs: 5, April 2013

I’ve been posting new MV’s, (when I can), onto the Facebook and Twitter pages, but since I started college, it’s been difficult. Not to mention that sometimes it probably ends up spamming people when I try to catch up. Therefore, I’m going to post the new MV’s in one post… hopefully once a week! Let’s…

zico hnng

Kingka of October: Zico

Zico 우지호 Birthday: September 14, 1992 Zodiac: Virgo Rapper Seen In: Kpop group Block B. For more info on him, click here. Trivia: His older brother is also in a Kpop group called Co-Ed.