VOTE! SBS MTV & Daum Awards!

2012 mtv korean

It’s that time of year again!

Unfortunately I forgot to make a post about this… and voting ends on December 15/16th! So get over there and vote. You can do it every hour.

Here’s a tutorial on how to vote for these Korean MTV Awards:

Get over there and register through your FaceBook or Twitter account by just clicking one of those icons at the top right of the page.

sbs mtv daum login

It’ll make you fill in some more info.
For country, just Google how to write your country’s name in hangul. For the United States it’ll be 미국.
If you get it right, a zip code (or something similar I’m assuming) box will appear.

Fill that in and you’re pretty much set to go.

sbs mtv daum best of the best voting

Then, go over to the yellow bar. There are 3 categories.
Pick who you want to win and vote.

korean mtv awards tutorial

The third category is a fill in by yourself kind of thing.

The questions are:

121st Century Sexy Icon: Who is the artist with the best body?

2Shocking Icon: Who is the artist that raised up the most issues/was most talked about?

3. “Umchin” Icon: Which artist seemed most like a “umchin-ah” or “umchin-ddal” this year?
T/N: “Umchin-ah” and “umchin-ddal” are abbreviated terms for “mom’s friend’s son” or “mom’s friend’s daughter” respectively. It refers to someone who is seemingly perfect and successful in everything, whom mothers compare their own children to.

4Airport Fashion Icon: Which trendy artist turned the airport into a runway this year?

[Translation Source]

Type in the name of who you want to win here… preferably in Hangul, (write 블락비 instead of “Block B”).
The answers all have to be typed exactly the same to show up on the voting results. For example, everyone voting for B1A4 should type in “B1A4” instead of “b1a4” or they’ll both end up as separate categories…!

sbs mtv tutorial

To see the current results, click on this little icon.




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