Kurosagi: Japanese Drama Review


Japanese Drama

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors: Yamashita Tomohisa Horikita Maki Ichikawa Yui

Episodes: 11

Genre: Crime/Romance/Action

Summary: A boy’s family is destroyed by a con artist. He decides to keep living, but the only way he can is to get revenge by swindling other swindlers.
Eventually he meets a girl who tries to change him.

Review:  A lot better than I was expecting, haha.

According to this drama, there are three different kinds of swindlers:
Shirosagi – Con people out of money
Akasagi – Deceive people with feelings.
Kurosagi – Uses the other swindlers.

Yamapi does well again with his charming random poses and sound effects (bang!). He looks serious most of the time, but then suddenly does a strange action. If you liked him in Nobuta wo Produce, you’ll like him here too… and if you’re just a Yamapi fan in general, then you shouldn’t miss this drama! It’s really fun to see Yamapi play different roles and wear the different disguises.

Maki’s role was pretty irritating in the beginning, but then, I’m really not a fan of the righteous go-by-the-rules type. Luckily she got better as time went on and she learned more about Kurosagi, but then her friend got more annoying than Maki ever was.
Anyway, Maki’s acting was pretty good here… and way different from her Nobuta role.

Anyway, the stories were really interesting. Even though each episode followed the formula that Kurosagi just never loses, you couldn’t help but wonder how long it would stay that way; how it all would have to end.
I thought the soundtrack was really fitting as well, and the beginning theme was fun to watch.

BTW, there is a movie with the same cast as well. I’ll be reviewing that too soon~


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