Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Nine

It seems that their feelings for each other are growing… especially Eun-oh’s!

Arang is mad at Eun-oh. She thinks he only cares about her because he wants to find his mom.

The demon-woman wants Joo-wal to become Arang’s lover so he can get close enough to find out what she wants most.
She plans on taking over Arang’s body since it won’t die.

Eun-oh seems jealous of Joo-wal being friendly with Arang, but is in denial.

Episode 9 Summary:

Eun-oh has called Lord Choi to his office because he helped obstruct the evidence for the bone tomb case.
Lord Choi tries subtly offering bribes or backing to Eun-oh but is rejected right away.

Then Lord Choi asks Eun-oh what favor he called him here for.
Eun-oh tells the lord that he knows he was called for a summons, not for a favor.

Lord Choi asks if this is about the bone tomb and asks Eun-oh why he dug up such a horrible thing in the first place.

Eun-oh says there’s never been a murder case like this before and asks the lord why he buried it.
Lord Choi laughs and says, “murder tomb?” He says Eun-oh is making up rumors and that he should find something better for his time.

He claims the villagers always knew about that tomb.
He says it’s a group tomb for a village massacre during a war that happened many years ago.

Lord Choi then makes Eun-oh the bad guy saying the villagers spent a long time trying to forget what happened, which is why they never talked of it, and that Eun-oh is hurting them by unearthing it.
The lord says he can’t just sit back and watch Eun-oh hurting his people… so that’s why he buried it again.

Eun-oh doesn’t believe a word he’s saying.

Lord Choi points to the City Men and tells Eun-oh to just ask them if he doesn’t believe.
Of course, those cowardly guys agree with the lord.
The lord goes on to say he hopes the town will always have peace, now and in the future, (a warning/threat).

Eun-oh asks who the peace is for and recites proverbs to the lord; When a tiger is away, the fox acts like the tiger. Eun-oh says he can see the fox’s wish right now and can’t ignore it.
Then he recites another proverb, asking the lord if he’s trying to cover the sky with his hands.

Lord Choi gets angry.

Joo-wal walks up and watches.

Then Lord Choi laughs at Eun-oh and recites another proverb saying that the fox is acting haughty because he’s borrowing authority from the tiger.
He then points out what he learned the other day… that Eun-oh an illegitimate son and that his mother is a servant.

Everybody is there now, even Arang.
Eun-oh clenches his fist at his side.

Then Lord Choi takes it even further, saying his servant mother was even the daughter of a traitor.

Eun-oh is upset.

The lord wonders how someone like Eun-oh became a magistrate.

Eun-oh looks over and notices Arang listening to all this.

Then Lord Choi says he’s not going to respect Eun-oh because of his family background.
He says that Eun-oh is the one trying to cover up the sky with his lowly hands.

Arang tells Joo-wal that they should leave.

Walking together, Joo-wal tells Arang he doesn’t know why his father was at the magistrate office.

Then he changes the subject, saying he wants to take Arang all over town to see the area.
He tells her myrtle flowers look pretty and he wants to take her to see them.
But Arang seems preoccupied by something.
Soon she stops walking.

She suddenly says that all people are the same and asks Joo-wal if he knows what that means.
She tells him that when people die, they’re all treated the same way.

Then she turns and heads back.

Lord Choi is asking Eun-oh if he’s going to leave town quietly now.
He says he won’t force Eun-oh to leave, but now the City officials are probably not going to listen to him or treat him well knowing his true status.

The lord goes to leave, but then turns. He tells Eun-oh that it would be best for Eun-oh’s father if he left this position.
He says lowly people like Eun-oh wouldn’t understand because of their greed.

Eun-oh can’t take it anymore and stands up.

But Arang enters just in time, calling out to Lord Choi as “old man”.

She argues with the lord, saying she knows the Jade Emperor well and that he doesn’t agree with childish thoughts like born status.
As she goes on, the lord gets angry and starts stuttering in rage.

Arang snickers at him and says usually people who stutter are trying to come up with some unreasonable excuse.

Lord Choi says he’ll tear her to pieces, and Arang tells him to go ahead… only his hands will get hurt.

He’s about to hit her, but Eun-oh holds his hand back.
At the same time, Joo-wal rushes over and pulls Arang back.

Lord Choi sees Joo-wal and asks why he’s there.

Eun-oh won’t let go of the lord’s arm and stares down Joo-wal.

Joo-wal tells Eun-oh to let go of Lord Choi and he’ll take him home.
Eun-oh does so, and the lord is about to go after him, but Joo-wal shouts out to the lord to go home with him.

Joo-wal tells Arang he’ll come back later. Arang looks to Eun-oh and sees he’s angry.
Then, the lord glares at Arang and storms out. Joo-wal follows.

Outside the gate, Lord Choi scolds Joo-wal, but Joo-wal completely ignores him and walks away.

Inside, Eun-oh has calmed down and looks at Arang. It seems he’s thankful towards her, but can’t say it.

After standing there for awhile, he decides to fix his any apparent awkwardness by picking on her.
He tells her that accidents always happen when she moves.
He asks how she could act so fearless.

She says unlike some people, she can’t just stand by and watch someone getting mistreated.
Eun-oh doesn’t look happy, (he’s probably embarrassed or thinks she’s pitying him).

They argue for a bit and then Eun-oh asks her where she was going with “that man”, (Joo-wal).

She tells him she doesn’t know. Because of Eun-oh, she couldn’t go find out.
Like a threat, she asks if she should go find out right now.

Eun-oh tells her she shouldn’t. He mentions Confucian code of conduct about how male and females over the age of 7 shouldn’t be alone together.
Arang makes a face.

Then she mentions his class and asks him why he hides so many things. She tells him to live easily without hiding it.
Eun-oh seems to either take it as an insult, or doesn’t want to be reminded, and walks away.

Arang calls to him that he shouldn’t be upset about it. She says there are intelligent people even among illegitimate sons, (I don’t think you’re helping, Arang… lol).

Eun-oh goes in his room, slamming his doors.
Arang kind of grins and calls out that he looks great in his magistrate clothes.

But then she kind of sighs and looks kind of serious. She walks away.

In his room, Eun-oh sits down and looks depressed.

Lord Choi is talking with the demon-woman.
He asks if she knows Joo-wal has been going around with Arang.
When she doesn’t reply, he assumes she doesn’t approve.

He continues to blame Joo-wal, but then the woman tells him she understands and commands him to leave.
When he tries to speak again, she yells at him angrily.

She says she’ll take care of it, looking angry.
Lord Choi seems content.

Joo-wal comes back to his house, rejecting dinner and going to his room.
He thinks about what Arang said about all people being the same.

While in his office, his adviser comes to Lord Choi and tells him that the townspeople have been hanging around the magistrate office lately and wonders if he should find out why.
Lord Choi says before he does that, there’s something else for him to take care of first.
He tells him to gather a group of strong people to scare someone.

Meanwhile, Eun-oh’s servant is going to the shaman’s house because she hasn’t set up shop that day.
He tells himself it’s because he needs advice about Eun-oh’s situation.

The shaman is setting up her offering of kimchi for her “strong General spirit” like usual, and remembers when the servant wiped her lips the other day.
She’s too embarrassed to go to market that day because of him.

Suddenly, she sees him there and screams, startled. This startles him as well.
She stands and asks him why he’s there.

Eun-oh is still depressed in his room.

Arang is outside… suddenly she says he’s really bothering her and she goes and looks at his door.

She worries because he hasn’t even opened his doors for lunch.
She sneaks over to his door.
When she listens, she can’t hear anything, so she wets her finger and pokes a hole in his door.
Looking inside, she sees him sitting at his desk with his eyes closed.

She sighs and thinks he must have a lot of thoughts.

Eun-oh has seemed to have fallen asleep in that position.

His servant has brought the shaman to the magistrate office.
She asks if he’s sure the girl is a ghost or gumiho.
He tells her he’s not sure, but he knows she’s not human. He asks the shaman if she will be able to tell right away and she says yes.

Then the shaman shyly asks why he’s using honorifics with her now since they last saw each other.
He seems shy as well, and just avoids the question to call out for Arang.

The shaman points out that her shoes are gone so she must be out.
The servant goes to find her.

The shaman worries about how she feels all hot and wonders why.

Suddenly, Arang sees the shaman and seems surprised to see her.

The shaman remembers the servant talking about some girl he wants to get rid of and she assumes it’s her.
Arang wonders if the shaman remembers her and is confused.

The shaman is asking why she’s still following “him”. She means the servant, but Arang assumes she means Eun-oh.

The shaman goes on, saying she should leave him alone and says her good looks won’t work on him.
She then says that “he” went to her, asking to get rid of her.
Arang looks very confused.

Suddenly the city men see the shaman and start cursing at her, remembering her from another time.
She runs away screaming, and they chase her.

The servant hears and comes running.

He catches the men right before they grab her.
As she runs, she looks back and sees he caught them. She smiles as she keeps running.
The servant sees and gets a goofy look on his face.

In heaven, the Jade Emperor complains about how the Underworld King is just frowning while they play their game. The Emperor says it’s no fun this way.

“Suppose that you lost your Heavenly Maiden…” the King responds.
“Frown! Frown all you want!” the Emperor exclaims.

The King says that “they all” think they’re soft now because of “someone”.
The Emperor looks a bit guilty.

Then the King asks when he’s going to tell the General about something. He wonders how long he’ll leave the General like that.
The Emperor doesn’t respond.
(Hmmm… does this have something to do with the General’s past sister?)

Back on earth, the demon-woman is entering her underground lair.

She takes out two more swords like the last ones, (how many does she have? D:)

At night, Arang goes to spy on Eun-oh again.

However, just as she’s going to listen, he opens the door, scaring both of them.

He asks why she’s snooping around and she says she just had nothing better to do.

She follows him a bit, pretending not to care and then repeats what Joo-wal told her earlier about the myrtle flowers being pretty in a certain area of town.
She asks if he wants to go see them. He says why would they go see them at this time of night.
Arang says it’s to refresh himself.

She cutely looks at him, to convince him to go.
He laughs and agrees.

As they go to leave, he suddenly stops and looks at her dirty clothes.

They walk together, Arang in clean clothes.

Suddenly she asks him if he asked the shaman to remove her.
Of course, he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Then he asks why she suddenly wanted to see the flowers.
She tells him Joo-wal was going to take her here and she became curious to see them.

Then she runs off, looking at a pretty tree.
Eun-oh follows.

“I really like flowers. They’re my favorite. When I die, I’m going to be reborn as a flower,” she tells him.
Then she changes her mind and says she’ll become a butterfly instead.
Eun-oh smiles.

Arang says Joo-wal has classy taste for recommending this.
Eun-oh says she told him she wandered in this area for 3 years as a ghost and wonders how she didn’t see them before.

Arang says she saw them a lot… so much that she got tired of them.
Eun-oh asks if she’s joking.
Arang says it’s the first time seeing these flowers with him. She says even the same scenery looks different now.

Eun-oh gets flustered at this.

Arang steps closer to him and he steps back.
It seems like she’s going to kiss him, but then she tells him to at least give her peaches.

(Haha, this scene is such a gender-role-reversal from usual dramas… I love it~)

She complains that she didn’t eat all day since he didn’t eat either.
He asks if that’s the real reason she was snooping around his room today.
She says it is.

He coughs because of his apparent misunderstanding.

Arang pouts because he has no food on him.
Eun-oh says he would’ve brought them if she had told him before.
She mentions him fooling her and he asks who fooled whom… since she pretended to want to see flowers when she actually wanted peaches. She tells him she wanted both.

Then she asks him why he wants to find his mom so much.
She says she has no memory of her parents, so it’s hard for her to understand his feelings.

Eun-oh tells her that his mother disappeared because of him.
He says she grew up as the daughter of a traitor, so she used all her time cursing the man that gave her that title.
Since she couldn’t find the guy and  ignored Eun-oh in her obsession.
She was like that ever since he can remember.

Eun-oh says he hated the world instead of his mom. He pitied his mom.

Then he tells Arang that at one moment he really hated his mom.
He says it was just once and he couldn’t control his mind.
But during that time, he realized that he had hated his mom for awhile.

He looks at Arang.
Then Arang asks him, if someone he hates disappears, then isn’t it good?

Eun-oh wonders why he even told Arang something like this since he knows how she is.

As they turn the corner, they notice a group of thugs waiting for them.
They say there’s a rumor that he has a lot of money and they want it.

Eun-oh snickers and then tosses them a single coin.
Arang looks at them with contempt as well and the two of them head for their house.

But of course the thugs don’t leave it at that and one of them rushes at Eun-oh from behind. Eun-oh shoves Arang out of the way and fights them off.
Surprised that Eun-oh can actually fight back, they wait as Eun-oh removes his hat and gets Arang out of the way.

He’s irritated that they actually have the nerve to attack the magistrate.

Lord Choi’s henchman watches from the shadows, smiling.

Then Lee JunKi does his awesome Tae Kwon Do black belt moves! (Okay, I’m just assuming that… but it’s what appears in my mind whenever he does a fight scene since he’s a 3rd degree black belt LOL)


Eun-oh fights them like a boss!

And… while he fights some rather out-of-place rapping starts and then it shows the General watching and kind of nodding.

(LOL. Okay, MC Sniper’s rapping sounded cool, (the song is called “Mask Dance” btw), but it didn’t really fit the time-period so… it didn’t work for me here lol. And then the General made it seem like a rap parody T_T I love JunKi’s fight scenes and I love MC Sniper but this… *sigh* Maybe it will work in other scenes? Maybe I’ll get used to it? It was just so unexpected for me lol)

Anyway, one of the thugs throws a knife at Eun-oh but he blocks it with his fan. When he does so, the knife is hit and gets propelled into another thug, dropping him. Arang gasps. The henchman’s mouth drops in surprise.

But the other thugs don’t stop and Eun-oh continues to fight them.

The spirit of the dead thug gets up and Arang says that soon he’ll be taken to the underworld… and that it’ll be thrilling for him.
She looks around, wondering where the reapers are.

Suddenly, the demon-reapers come and take him away.
Eun-oh looks surprised as he sees this and Arang comments that they don’t look like reapers should.

She follows them.
The General watches and looks like he wonders if he should warn Arang or not.
He just follows her.

Eun-oh is still preoccupied.

Arang follows and calls to them. The General looks worried, but doesn’t stop her.
They stop when the realize she’s talking to them.

She asks them what they are.
She says she knows about how things are done since she used to be a ghost. She tells them they shouldn’t lure spirits away like that.
The demon-reapers just stare at her. Arang asks the thug spirit if he wants to be a wandering ghost and he says no.

Suddenly, one of the demon-reapers throws her aside.

Meanwhile, Eun-oh defeats the last of the thugs with some cool moves.
They all run away.

Then Eun-oh notices that Arang is missing.
He calls her by her name, “Arang”, worried. Then he takes off running to find her.

One of the demon-reapers is about to slice Arang. She tells him it won’t work even if he does, but she seems scared at the reapers abnormal behavior.

Right when he’s about to bring his sword down, the General comes and saves her.
Eun-oh walks into the scene, seeing the General trying to protect Arang. He joins in to help, scolding Arang for moving from her designated spot.

The General slices one demon-reaper and it disappears. Then he watches as Eun-oh opens his fan and slices the other with it. That demon-reaper disappears as well and the General looks surprised at Eun-oh’s weapon.

Arang runs up to the General and frantically asks what they were.
He glares at her and says the plan went wrong because she interfered. Then he leaves.

Eun-oh rushes over the Arang and grabs her arm.
He yells at her, telling her she shouldn’t move if he tells her not to move. She says he just told her to go over there, not to stay put.
He looks upset and says he’s telling her not to make him look for her like that… and to not make him concerned about her.

In her lair, the demon-woman suddenly hears something break.
She goes over to her jars and finds two of them broken since the demon-reapers have been disposed of.

Upset, she wonders why the General is ruining her plans.
Then she looks over to a strange mirror-like thing.

In his office, Lord Choi throws a brick at his henchman, (I’m calling him that instead of “adviser” now lol).

Up in heaven, Underworld King is judging spirits, saying they’re going to hell for stepping on others to build themselves up and for living a life they know was wrong. “Your sin was intending to cause confusion by saying the wrong thing is the right thing and pretending to say some truth”, he says, (foreshadowing Lord Choi’s fate, or maybe just showing he’s in a bad mood? IDK).

At home, Arang and Eun-oh part rather awkwardly for their rooms.

In her room, Arang thinks about what Eun-oh said about not wanting to be concerned about her and wonders what he meant.
She puts her hands to her cheeks and says, “Really, it’s not anything important…but uselessly, he looks like a man….”
Flustered, she hides in her bed.

In heaven, the General goes to the Jade Emperor, who asks him to hurry and give any runaway souls to the Underworld King so he’s less angry.
The General understands, and leaves.

Jade Emperor watches the General as he goes, kind of thoughtfully.

The King walks over to the Emperor and tells him he’s right here.
He tells the Emperor that the General wasn’t actually out capturing the runaway souls like he was supposed to be doing. He asks where he really was.
The Emperor says it looks like he was following the evil spirits instead, trying to find out his past identity.

The King wonders at how the General just does things of his own will like that. He asks if the General found his identity yet.
The Emperor says it must just be some instinctive anxiety for the General.
He asks the King to check.

The King says the Emperor can see all, so why is he concerned.
The Emperor says he just can’t see the human heart, and that’s the most crucial thing.

He says the human heart has so many layers that he gets lost.
The King replies that it’s easy if he’s in charge of judgment. “There are only two hearts, the good and bad. Well, there is the odd heart as well. The weird person.” The Emperor smiles.
But then the King says among the weird people there are also weird good hearts and weird bad hearts.

He tells the Emperor to think simply about it and then asks if the General is a good guy or a bad one.
The Emperor pauses and then takes a breath, but the King stops him and says he just misunderstood.
Since the General isn’t human, they don’t have to think about it at all.

The Emperor smiles.

On earth, Arang steps out of her room to see Eun-oh waiting, not fully dressed and looking like he got no sleep.
He tells her he’s been thinking about it. She seems confused.

Eun-oh says he’s talking about the words he said last night.
She says she knows why and Eun-oh seems worried.

She tells him it’s because of his mom.
Eun-oh looks relieved and asks how she knew.
“Would there be anything other than that?” Arang replies.

She says he wants her to stay safe so she can find his mom.
Eun-oh agrees and says that really must be why he was so sensitive at that moment, (wait, does he really believe that himself? LOL).
He tells her that in any case, he came up with a way he won’t be so concerned about her.

After getting dressed, he takes her aside to teach her martial arts for self-defense.
She tells him she already learned when she had to survive as a ghost.
He tells her to forget all that because his way is better.

Arang says that instead, she wants to learn fencing. She’s interested in the way he fought with that fan as well.

Eun-oh says, “What will you do if some bastard tries to hug you like-?” and he moves to grab her.
She has him on the ground in four moves and brushes her hands off.
(Butt to the head, knee to the groin, elbow to the back and kick to the side LOL).

She sees what she did and feels bad.

Eun-oh’s servant is spying and is happy she’s doing that. This way, his master’s feelings for her will disappear, right?

Breathless, Eun-oh manages to stand and then says they should try something else.
Arang tells him she already knows… her body can just react when it needs to.
However, he doesn’t agree and makes her turn around.

After preparing himself a bit, he asks what she’ll do if a guy tries to hug her from behind.

At the last second, Arang turns around to face him, saying she already knows.
Eun-oh freezes, but Arang looks clueless.

She asks him if he’s going to grab her. Flustered, Eun-oh announces that it’s enough for today and he walks quickly away.
Confused, Arang follows after him.

Hiding, his servant thinks they’re “doing all kinds of things” and is embarrassed that his master likes Arang.

Outside alone, Arang thinks about how some of it is her fault… because she literally scared the other magistrates to death.
She calls out an apology to them, remembering how she felt when she died. She says she’ll apologize better when she goes to the underworld.

Meanwhile, Lord Choi’s henchman is beating a villager to find out why he was hanging around the magistrate’s office.
The man just says he had something to tell the magistrate. When he won’t give any details, the henchman continues to punch him.

The man’s little kid is outside the gate, begging for his father to be saved.
One of the servants/officials/whatever, goes and tells him to leave before he gets in trouble too.
Lord Choi walks over asking what all the noise is and the servant shuts the door quickly.

Suddenly the door opens and the kid runs over and hugs Lord Choi’s legs, begging for his father to be released.
The servant quickly puts him outside and locks the door.

“It’s noisy,” says the lord. He commands that his henchman hurry up with whatever he’s doing to the kid’s father so he’ll go away. “What is he doing that I didn’t even command?” he complains.
As he turns, he notices Joo-wal walking the grounds at a distance. He glares.

Joo-wal is thinking of the time Arang chewed his dad out, saying all people are equal.”
He smiles to himself. Then he looks over to the demon-woman’s house.

Lord Choi is watching him. He wonders why Joo-wal still looks fine… why is the demon-woman just letting him be?
He suddenly realizes that the two of them might have some plan that they’re hiding from him.

The demon-woman is thinking angrily about the General.
Joo-wal comes to see her.
He asks if Arang is really an immortal being. He wonders if she really isn’t human.

The demon-woman gets upset, saying she doesn’t care what Arang is, she only cares that she’s immortal.
Then she asks why Joo-wal is asking so many question lately.

Alone, the demon-woman talks to herself.
“How can that kind of being exist? Heh, it can’t… until those guys make that kind of being.
A being they made to catch me finally?”

She starts laughing crazily.

Arang is alone in her room, talking to herself, looking in a mirror.
“Yeah, that’s right. I’ll have to accept it. I’ll concede a hundred times. Lee Seo Rim who knew how to love, although it was one-sided. That’s fine too. Whatever it was, I just need the color.”
She looks in the mirror.
“For sure, the Magistrate was right. There is no one else but that Young Master (Joo-wal).”

(I was confused at first, but it seems she was consulting her former self to see whether she likes Eun-oh or something?)

She gets up to leave her room.

Outside, Eun-oh sees Joo-wal.

He walks over to the other man and asks why he’s here. Joo-wal says he wanted to meet Arang and won’t say why when Eun-oh asks, saying it’s a private manner.

“Private?” Eun-oh says. “That’s weird. What kind of private matter does the fiance of the previous magistrate’s daughter have with a Damo?”

(Damo refers to a female servant working in the public office [so Viki translators say].)

Then he says Joo-wal is a man trespassing at a woman’s place, so he isn’t courteous.
Joo-wal nods and then snickers at Eun-oh.

Arang appears.

Joo-wal goes to her and asks if she’ll come with him to see the myrtle trees today since they couldn’t before.
Arang looks over to Eun-oh, who does not look happy.
Joo-wal notices her looking to the other man.

Arang tells Joo-wal that he came just in time. She says she was just going to look for him.
Joo-wal looks surprised.

Eun-oh makes a face and walks quickly over to Arang. He grabs her wrist and pulls her away from Joo-wal.
He tells her not to go out.
She reminds him that she said she’ll go when she wants.

Eun-oh reminds her not to make him concerned about her.
He tells her that he doesn’t like it when she’s with Joo-wal. He thinks Joo-wal is suspicious.

Arang says she’s going to go.
She wants to ask Joo-wal something… why he was engaged to her when he didn’t care enough to even know her name or what she looked like.

She wants to know if he’s just pretending not to know Lee Seo Rim, her past self.
Eun-oh lets her go, but looks worried.

After that, his servant runs up and talks about how good Arang and Joo-wal look together.

Annoyed, Eun-oh runs out his gate and is about to follow Arand and Joo-wal when the little kid from before runs up to him.

He hugs Eun-oh’s legs and asks him to save his father and says Lord Choi captured him.

Eun-oh says he doesn’t know what’s going on and commands his servant to help the kid.
Eun-oh goes off to follow Arang again.

His servant steps in front of him and stops him from leaving, asking why a servant like him would go to Lord Choi’s house.
He says nothing he says to the lord will help anything since his status is so low.

Eun-oh goes to leave again anyway, but then stops and turns, looking like he’s having second thoughts and seems annoyed with himself.


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