Seungri’s “Sex Scandal”

Okay, so Allkpop released an article today that got a lot of attention.

A Japanese tabloid called “Friday” released some photos of Big Bang member Seungri, (or someone that looks like him), sleeping shirtless in a bed. Along these was an alleged statement from a girl saying Seungri slept with her. Here’s the translation:

Currently residing in Japan, Seungri’s bed scandal was revealed… A woman who slept with him shared, ‘Seungri has the habit of choking [the other individual involved] during sexual intercourse,’‘” the magazine stated, and also added that the woman allegedly claimed that “he ejaculated on her stomach and didn’t help wipe it off, and rather just threw [her] a towel. In addition, he didn’t even kiss [her] once.” [source]

Most English-speaking Kpop fans, especially VIPs (Big Bang’s fanclub), are actually just laughing about it.
Hardly anybody is taking it seriously.

Most are saying that it sounds like a fanfiction and that even if it happens to be true, Seungri is of legal age so it’s nothing surprising. It seems the majority didn’t really consider him to be a virgin before this even happened anyway, (haha).
As for the “choking” part, it feels so unexpected that most fans are just amused by the allegation.
The general conclusion appears to be, if it really is true, the girl was just upset that Seungri didn’t treat her the way she was imagining he would and retaliated by embellishing the story and selling it for revenge.

However, it is very possible that this story was all made up.
About a month ago,  it was reported that Seungri and Daesung’s bags were stolen from their van while in Japan. It wouldn’t be surprising if these photos came from their own phones if those were among the items taken… if the guy in the photos are actually Seungri at all. [source]

Some people were worrying about YG’s stock falling because of this, but I think I side with rapper Vasco’s opinion, which he posted on Twitter. He says something like this isn’t going to touch YG or Big Bang because both are doing so well right now.
Basically, if they didn’t go under because of the more serious scandals involving G-Dragon and Daesung, then something like this won’t leave a scratch.

Right now most English-speaking fans are just curious about whether Seungri will address this or not in his online diary. I get the impression that most are hoping he’ll bring it up and laugh about it with them.

And now I will leave you all with Seungri’s sexy MV, to remind you that he is a grown man:


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