Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Two

In the last episode, Eun-oh, Lee Jun-ki’s character, is looking for his mom.

While doing so, he finds that he can see ghosts. Arang is a ghost girl who keeps bothering him, can’t remember anything about her human life and just wants Eun-oh to find out her name for her.

Eun-oh really lacks compassion and is not interested in helping any ghosts.

Thinking it would be impossible, he tells her he’ll only help her if he becomes a magistrate.
Since every magistrate in the village dies from fright when Arang goes to them for help, the City Hall isn’t picky. They end up kidnapping Eun-oh and make him the magistrate.

We left off when the grim reaper was after Arang. Eun-oh didn’t care until he noticed a decoration in her hair.
When he saw that, he got on a horse, chased after them, and lifted Arang up with him to escape the reaper.

Episode Summary:

The episode begins just as suspenseful as we left off.

Eun-oh grabs Arang and they ride away from the Reaper General. However, the general is really fast and starts to catch up.

Arang reaches under her jeogori again and grabs some petals. She throws them at the general, slowing him down.
After one slices his cheek, he just gives up and watches them ride away.

When they get far enough away, Eun-oh stops the horse, jumps down, and tells Arang to get down too. She ignores him, so he grabs her and pulls her down and grabs the decoration from her hair.

He examines it, remembering when he gave one exactly like it to his mother.

Turning to Arang, he asks her where she got it. She just stands there, zoning out. When he yells, she finally snaps out of it and realizes he took it out of her hair.

She takes it back and says she had it on her when she died.
Eun-oh wonders if this means she met his mother… but since she has no memory, it can’t help him.

Arang puts the decoration back and thanks Eun-oh for helping her get away from the general.
She says she’ll repay him when she can, and turns to leave.

Eun-oh blurts out that he’ll help her find out her past name. He wants her to regain her memory so he can find his mom.

Arang gets really excited and happy.

Eun-oh gets on the horse and beckons for her to follow.

“You have such a warm heart!”

“No. Just… no.”

Arang exclaims, “You’re braver than the others and you have a really warm heart! I’m a great judge of character!”
Eun-oh gives her a look.

As they ride together she asks if she’s right. He tells her that she’s right that he’s braver than others, but not about how he has a warm heart.

She won’t believe that though.

He asks her why she stuck around to suffer instead of moving on to the afterlife.
She tells him not to judge since he hasn’t experienced death.

Talking, we find that she died three years ago, (really? how long has his mom been missing…?), and she really needs to find who she was as a human.
Eun-oh says he heard the others call her Arang, but he is just going to call her “Memory Loss” instead. She says that’s fine because it’s not like they have a relationship where names matter.

The general is in the heavenly gardens watching the women tend the flowers.

Suddenly, the Jade Emperor speaks and snaps him out of his daze.
The general was thinking about his sister while he watched the women in the garden. The emperor tells him to sever ties with his previous life since he has now become one of Heaven’s subjects. Hearing this, the general looks rather sad, though I’m sure he already knew it.

The emperor asks about Arang, (though he always refers to her as “the one who ran away”).

As the general apologizes, the Underworld King walks up to them. He scoffs at the general’s inability to capture Arang. He wonders how the red rope could have even been untied when she was first taken after death.

Jade Emperor kind of shrugs and tells them that she’ll eventually come willingly since he planted seeds of fate. He touches a flower and it turns white with the rest of the garden. “Fate is something like this,” emperor says.

“Round and round it spins, and then… you end up where you started.” He touches the garden again and it turns back to color.

After the other two have left, the emperor goes and talks to that weird flower sheep again. He wonders why his mind is disturbed.

It’s raining in the village and Eun-oh’s servant is waiting for him.
Eun-oh meets him and tells him he’s going to act like the magistrate, though not for long.

Hearing this, his servant gets angry and storms to the City Hall men.

The City Hall men are hanging out together wondering why Eun-oh didn’t die. They wonder if it wasn’t a ghost that killed the others after all, but are happy anyway, since now they won’t get in  trouble with the king. However, because Eun-oh ran off after Arang, they assume he deserted and are about to write to the king about his treasonous ways.

At that moment, Eun-oh’s servant comes in and is about to beat them. Eun-oh himself steps through the gate to stop him.

Back alone together, the City Hall men wonder what to do about Eun-oh. They never expected him to live and take over the magistrate job. They feel they should leave him alone since it makes the king happy, but at the same time, they feel he’ll be a burden to the evil Lord Choi who wants to act like king of the village.

The decide to wait and see if Eun-oh will be a good “straw man”… someone who pretends to do the job while the real power does what they want in the shadows.
They don’t know if his personality is right for that, but they will wait and see. They hope he will be able to tolerate injustice to others.

Their next worry is how to tell Lord Choi that there’s a magistrate now.

One of them goes to tell the lord.
Lord Choi wonders why they acted alone on such a big decision, but the city official tells him that there was a royal order so they had to act right away.

The adviser says a straw man is a good idea, but it’s not too good that Eun-oh is the son of Lord Kim Eung-Boo. Eun-oh’s father is the reason Lord Choi was demoted and sent back to this town, (what a coincidence!).

In the office, Eun-oh is drawing Arang.

The result… is not so good.
Arang points at it with shock, asking if she really looks like that.

Eun-oh looks away and admits that she doesn’t look like his drawing. He crumples it.

But he won’t give up.
Soon he brings in a professional and tries to coach him into accurately drawing Arang. It’s difficult though, since the other man can’t see her.

The city official tells Lord Choi about how Eun-oh is obsessed with drawing some random girl, but that they don’t know who she is. Lord Choi gets annoyed and tells them to watch Eun-oh better.

Arang is still with Eun-oh, examining one of the more successful pictures.

Eun-oh sits and rips it up. He says there’s no point in posting it up when there’s nobody around to even recognize her.
He asks where she died.

She gets frustrated telling him that she has no memories. When she woke up, she was already on the road to the afterlife.

Arang says there’s only two things she knows; one, that she’s been a memory-less ghost wandering for three years, and two, her side hurts like she was stabbed there.

Eun-oh gets mad that she didn’t tell him sooner and Arang gets mad because he didn’t want to know earlier.

Eun-oh goes to the city officials and asks them for autopsy reports on murder cases.
He tells them to bring any murder reports from women in the last three years. When they ask, he tells them they don’t need to know why.

They do as he says, but there’s not much to go on because there was no magistrate for three years.

After reading the reports well into the night, he finds no suspicious cases.

Arang appears to ask. They determine that her body must not have been found.
He kind of laughs about how it’s rotting to tease her, making Arang angry at the inappropriate joke.
She storms out of the room.

Eun-oh walks out after she left and goes for a walk.

Arang is on the bridge, ranting to herself. She thinks he was right when he told her he had no inner warmth.

Eun-oh walks the grounds, wondering whether Arang knew his mom and all that.
He sees a light coming from a building, but it’s locked.

Bewildered, he jumps the fence, (in a fancy way).
He goes around to the other door, and slowly opens it. He steps inside.

From the look of things, it seems a person just ran away. The candles are still burning, but not low.
Eun-oh notices a piece of embroidery.

Arang notices a group of ghosts. She asks them what’s going on, but they push her away and ignore her. Finally she gets one to tell her… an ancestral rite is happening.

She remembers when she had first escaped and was suffering from hunger when another ghost came and gave her some food.

He asks what her name is and is shocked when she tells him she doesn’t know.
He tells her that around these parts there’s a virgin girl called Arang, so that’s what she’ll be known as from now on.

He wonders if she has anyone to offer ancestral rites for her… he tells her no matter what, she’ll always be hungry.
Since she’s a wandering ghost, she will have to eat as much as she can at Gosure, the wandering ghost offerings.

Back to the present, Arang brightens at the thought of Gosure being held soon.

While Eun-oh is snooping around the room he found, an older woman yells at him. She tells him that it’s rude to enter someone’s house without permission.

Embarrassed, but not wanting to show it, Eun-oh flusters until he announces that he’s the magistrate.
The woman calms down and tells him that she’s the seamstress of this office.

Eun-oh asks whose room that is. The seamstress gets a bit quiet and tells him it belonged to the daughter of the original magistrate.
She says she doesn’t know when the girl will come back so she preserves it as it was when she disappeared. She tells him that the room was the girl’s whole world.

Suddenly realizing something, Eun-oh asks the women when the girl disappeared. She tells him the anniversary will be next month and that it’s been three years.

Eun-oh knows right away that it must be Arang’s room, (oh it’s nice when a character is smart and realizes something right when the audience does!).

Meanwhile, the ghosts are getting ready for Gosure. The one who reaches it first will get to eat it, so they’re all standing together, waiting to race towards it.

Finally, the woman comes out and places it near the door.
When she closes the door, the ghosts all bolt towards it.

Arang gets pulled back and thrown to the ground. The ghost family plays catch with it, trying to get it away from the others. There’s just a big scuffle.

Finally, one of them gets it and leaves with their group. The remaining ghosts blame Arang for not being able to get it themselves.
Feeling alone, Arang criticizes them for grouping together, saying they should have pride.

Eun-oh is waiting for her, pacing the grounds.

Finally he sees her standing alone, upset. He goes over and pulls her to the room.

As she stands in the room, he tells her that her name was Lee Suh Rim.

She doesn’t really seem to remember anything while wandering around, but when she sees a piece of embroidery on display that matches a piece on her skirt, she seems happy to make a connection.

Asking the city officials about Lee Suh Rim, they tell Eun-oh that she didn’t disappear.
They tell him she ran away with an errand boy.

Arang stands to the side, glaring.

They tell Eun-oh that she was mild-mannered and quiet. Nobody knew what her face looked like because she always wore a veil when she stepped out of her room.

They say after she “ran away” her dad, the magistrate, stopped doing his job and went crazy looking for her. Finally he died. She had no other family. The city officials also tell him that she was engaged to somebody before she supposedly ran away with the lower class errand boy.

Outside, Eun-oh tells her that he knew she’d be like that. He tells her that it’s okay to fall in love with a lower rank person – there are worse things in the world – and that she should be happy now that she knows.

But Arang is crouched down and pouting.
Even though she still doesn’t remember anything, she feels sorry for her dad.

Standing up, she decides that she must see the guy she was engaged to. She wants Eun-oh to ask that guy what kind of person she was.

Eun-oh doesn’t want to and gets really flustered and irritable.
Arang tells him that he doesn’t have to. Since she knows her name now, she tells him that he doesn’t have to meet her anymore. She starts walking away.

As she does, he sees the decoration in her hair again and calls out to her. He tells her that he will go ask her fiance.
She wonders if it will be bad… maybe people will find out he can see ghosts. He tells her not to worry.

Arang is so happy again, yet he looks like he’s crying inside from the trouble.

The next day they find the guy she was engaged to was Lord Choi’s only son.

Arang is surprised seeing his house. Eun-oh wonders why she left a rich guy for some low-class errand boy.

Going around the gate, Eun-oh finally spots Choi Joo-wal. He points the guy out to Arang and she excitedly moves to see him.

However, when she does, her heart starts feeling strange and she gets short of breath. When Joo-wal turns to see Eun-oh, Arang spins around like she’s afraid he’ll see her.

Eun-oh tells her to go with him and talk to Joo-wal. Arang refuses. She tells him her heart goes crazy and it’s hard to breath. Eun-oh doesn’t believe her and pulls her with him.
She stops him and says next time she’ll go. Eun-oh is irritated.

He runs over to call for Joo-wal, but Arang jumps on him and covers his mouth. To a passerby it would look very strange… he flails about.

Alone, Arang is stealing Eun-oh’s alcohol and gets drunk.

The woman who brings more thinks Eun-oh is crazy or drunk as he pulls Arang’s hand away from the new jug of rice wine, because of course, the servant woman doesn’t see Arang.

Arang tells Eun-oh again that her heart was thumping like crazy. He doesn’t believe it, but says if it really was, what would that mean?
She tells him that she must have been deeply in love with Joo-wal.
She’s too embarrassed to go see him without preparing herself properly first. Eun-oh is horribly frustrated. He’s probably thinking that  Joo-wal can’t even see Arang so why is she wasting time?

Arang whines, saying that nobody will give her new clothes to look nice in. She tells herself that she must go to heaven since there’s nothing she can do.
Hearing this, Eun-oh sighs and asks for the shaman.

The City Hall men discuss Eun-oh.
Why is he going after a murder case, they wonder. Why is he asking about the daughter of the former magistrate?

Eun-oh carries the drunken Arang to the shaman’s house. He complains that she’s really heavy now, though she was super light when he pulled her onto his horse.

He pauses and looks at her, but then suddenly drops her.
Irritated and back hurting, he wants to just leave her there since nobody will see anyway. But, he helps her onto his back again.

But… then he drops her again when he sees a man walking towards him. The guy looks at him like he’s crazy. When he passes by, Eun-oh picks up Arang again.

Meanwhile, Joo-wal is at the gisaeng’s house.

After scanning the group of girls, he looks at his ring again like he did on the bridge before, and then suddenly stands up. The head gisaeng asks him if none are to his liking.

He walks quickly out the door.
What am I doing here? If I thought I could find her in this kind of place, I must have lost my mind… he thinks to himself.

But as he leaves, a young gisaeng won’t leave him alone. Even when he shakes her off, she won’t take the hint and bothers and blocks him. She tries to seduce him as well.

Suddenly, Joo-wal gets a crazy look in his eye and swings her around. He holds a knife to her throat for awhile then tells her not to do anything unnecessary. He backs off and walks away after telling her she better not tell anybody about what just happened.

Arang and Eun-oh finally reach the shaman’s house.
Arang jumps off his back and said she was awake a long time ago. Eun-oh is pretty upset.

The shaman gets up to greet Eun-oh. Arang speaks beside him, but the shaman can’t see her. She starts talking to Arang, not realizing how it would look to someone who can’t see ghosts.
She makes an excuse to Eun-oh about how it’s a good night to talk to gods. Still unable to find where exactly Arang is, she talks to an empty space until Eun-oh points out the spot Arang is standing.

The shaman is shocked to find someone who can see ghosts.

They go in the house and Eun-oh gives the shaman money to buy Arang new clothes and accessories.
But they need Arang’s measurements and Eun-oh is the only one who can see her to get them.

The shaman wants to cause some trouble for Arang and tells Eun-oh to measure her chest first. Arang is too embarrassed and measures it herself. But she doesn’t want Eun-oh to know the measurements so she runs up to the shaman and whispers them to her.

Still wanting to trouble Arang, the shaman announces loudly, “33 inches!”
Eun-oh starts laughing to himself until he sees Arang giving him death glares.

He measures the rest of her without incident… though since they have to get so close to each other to do it, it kind of creates a certain atmosphere.
The mood is ruined with the shaman announces that it’s done.

She tells Arang that she has a really nice figure, but wonders about her bad temper.

Arang and Eun-oh can’t look each other in the eye. Eun-oh grumbles about how Arang didn’t even thank him for helping her.

As he turns to leave, the shaman stops him. She begs him to tell her how to see ghosts too.
He just glares at her and warns her to never tell anybody that he can see them. She says she won’t.

Outside, Eun-oh pats his chest.
“What’s wrong?” he says to himself. “Am I crazy?” He shakes himself and walks back home.
But Arang was watching.

She thinks about her human name, but feels it’s awkward.

On the bridge home, Eun-oh sees Joo-wal storming towards him.
They pass by and Eun-oh wonders why she liked a guy like Joo-wal.

Lord Choi’s adviser tells the lord about his son visiting the gisaengs. He feels it’s strange since he’s never looked at them before. His father thinks his son is just feeling impatient and asks how many days until the full moon day.

Joo-wal  is outside looking at the moon.

Eun-oh awakens in the night to Arang laying next to him, watching him.
He asks what’s up. She tells him that everyone has their own grudges in different levels. She asks him if he knows what her grudge is.
“What? Surviving with one outfit for three years?” he asks.

“No,” she shakes her head. “Not being able to have a first kiss before turning into a maiden ghost,” she replies.
Eun-oh is shocked.

Arang moves towards him likes she’s going to kiss him…!

Opinion After Watching:

Wow, this drama seems to be moving things along nicely!
I mean, it’s just the 2nd episode and you can already tell that Eun-oh is developing feelings for Arang! Just the way he got flustered while helping measure her!

I’m really curious about how things are going to go… in the next preview it looks like they find her body soon as well. What exactly is going to happen in all these remaining episodes…? There’s 20 right? Wow!

I hope it stays this interesting :D I’m loving both characters so far, which is really good.
I hope it doesn’t somehow get boring like Lie to Me did with my other favorite actress >3<;;;


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