Sprout: Recap Six

Miku tries to get Souhei’s attention with the excuse of somebody’s birthday party…

In the last episode, Miku got sick and Souhei picked her up and carried her in the house. He then went to his room and kept thinking about Miku. “What’s wrong with me?” He thought to himself.

Ozawa has a feeling that Souhei likes Miku.
It would really suck if your boyfriend was living with another girl…. What could she possibly do about it, though?
She sees Hayato on the street and, feeling upset, she runs up to him for comfort.

Episode Summary:

So, Hayato’s best friend’s girlfriend is suddenly hugging him. Awkward….

He stands there, wondering what’s going on and probably how he should react.

Meanwhile, Souhei goes to Miku’s room and hesitates before deciding not to knock on her door. He walks away.

Back to Hayato and Ozawa, she finally pulls away. Looking up at him, she apologizes for her impulsive action.
She tells him to get a “strong hold” on Miku.

They don’t realize it, but two of Souhei’s friends saw what happened. One of them doesn’t want Souhei to know.

Still in bed, Miku thinks about how Souhei’s love isn’t directed towards her, though she loves him.

He’s on the balcony and looks towards her room, kind of sighing.

In class, Miku is moping and looking depressed and spacey.
Souhei’s friend is being spacey as well, thinking about Ozawa hugging Hayato the other day.

Souhei looks through the open window to Miku’s class and calls to her.
She looks kind of surprised and looks away. He seems kind of disappointed or confused about her reaction.

So he looks to his friends, smiles, and makes a sign to his wrist signaling a watch. They make apologetic gestures and point to the teacher.

As Souhei walks away, Miku stares after him in kind of a dreamy way, however, she then notices the possessive soccer manager girl from before glaring at her. Miku looks away.
(Man, Souhei attracts all the crazy girls, doesn’t he? lol)

The manager runs after Souhei and asks him who his true love is; his girlfriend, or Miku.

He asks why she mentioned Miku and she replies that Miku likes him.
Souhei doesn’t have much of a reaction, so maybe he knows.

She goes on to say that she thinks neither of them suit Souhei.
She’s about to confess to him when she’s called away by a teacher.

Souhei stands alone in thought.

Alone, by the drinking fountain, he remembers the moment between him and Miku when she was sick and he picked her up.
He shakes his head and washes his face.

While cleaner soccer balls, his girlfriend Ozawa comes up and tells him that she’s going to watch him play even though it’s hot out.”
He invites her out after practice and she’s happy.

Miku and Souhei’s two friends join them.

Ozawa and Souhei start planning their date in front of them and Miku makes those annoyed expressions.
Souhei’s friend is eyeing Ozawa, but then the other friend pulls him away from the group.

Miku tells them she’s leaving and they say goodbye.
But on top of the stairs, Miku watches them and thinks, “I thought I’d be the closest to him during summer break, but as I thought, next to Souhei is…”

Ozawa looks up at her and Miku gives a quick smile and waves. She runs away.

Ozawa turns to Souhei.
She asks him if he thinks things will go well between Miku and Hayato. She says she likes them both so she wants them to be happy, (that’s not the only reason though, right? But I don’t blame her.)

“You’re right,” Souhei replies, staring after Miku. Ozawa watches him, looking kind of worried for a second.

While walking home, Miku notices Kou, Hayato’s little brother. He says it’s his birthday… he’s turning 15 today.
Miku looks like she has an idea.

In the next scene, Hayato and Kou are at Miku’s house.
Hayato is scolding him for being shameless for intruding on her parents.

Miku’s mom comes up to them and welcomes them.
She says since Hayato is helping Miku study and he’s Souhei’s best friend, it’s no problem. She says he’s like family too.

This makes Hayato happy, of course.
He starts playfully wrestling his younger brother. He stops when Miku walks in, but she’s amused and happy to see Hayato in high spirits.

While Kou helps Miku’s dad weed the garden, Hayato and Miku talk on the porch.
Hayato tells her that her house is calming and relaxing.
She smiles and tells him Souhei said the same thing before. Hayato says, “Did he?” and slowly looks away.

Souhei is just about to leave with Ozawa for their date to the hamburger restaurant, when he gets a message.
It’s from Miku and she’s telling him that they’re celebrating Kou’s birthday at her house. She asks him what he’s doing, (yeah… she heard him asking Ozawa on a date earlier…).

Souhei looks at Ozawa and tells her the text is from Miku, but before she can look too startled, he goes on to say that they’re celebrating Kou’s birthday.

But then he tells her that the party is “at our house”. ”
Ozawa looks upset and says, “”our” house…?”

Hayato apologizes and tells her to cancel the hamburger date and go to Kou’s party instead.

Ozawa looks like she’s going to cry. Souhei is clueless.
She tells him she’s leaving and she starts walking away.

He really thinks she’s upset because she wanted hamburgers.
She looks more angry than hurt now and tells him that’s not the reason she’s mad and continues walking away. He just stares after her stupidly.

So, Souhei goes to the party without her.

They’re all eating and having a good time except for Souhei, who keeps sneaking glances at his phone to see if Ozawa has left a message.

Kou gets his birthday cake, (he says it’s his first one), and blows the candles out.

Hayato watches him.

He then notices that Miku and Souhei are sitting together across from him at the table. They smile and he manages a grin.

Finally, Souhei gets a text message from Ozawa.
She’s saying sorry for before and also that she wants to see him.

While everyone is deciding how to cut the cake, Souhei gets up and leaves.

Miku follows him outside and asks where he’s going, he responds by saying, “If the others ask where I am, just make up something random.”
But, she correctly guesses that he’s going to Ozawa.

She wonders why he’s going to her even though it’s Kou’s birthday. Souhei tells her he’ll make it up to him later.

Miku asks whether Ozawa knows it’s his birthday and he looks kind of guilty.
“She knows, doesn’t she?” Miku says.
I don’t want to say such a thing, she thinks.

She tells Souhei that this is the reason people call Ozawa annoying.
Souhei looks surprised to hear this from Miku.

It’s just that… I only want to be with you, thinks Miku.

Miku can’t stop herself from bad-mouthing Ozawa to Souhei. She continues telling him about how Ozawa is annoying and how she can’t read the atmosphere.

Souhei suddenly shouts, “That has nothing to do with right now!”
Miku looks a bit shocked.

He continues, saying that he knows what the girls think of Ozawa. Both he and Ozawa know. He says it was like that before they were even dating.

Flashback scene to middle school:

Souhei is walking down the hall when he hears some girls talking badly about Ozawa. “Girls are scary,” he says and makes a disgusted face.

He then notices Ozawa hiding behind a corner within ear-shot.
He looks a bit sorry for her.

So he takes her by the wrist and leads her away. They introduce themselves to each other.

Back to the present, Souhei says after that, he always talked to her.
He tells Miku that when his parents got divorced he was depressed, but Ozawa would cheer him up.

In another flashback scene Souhei is obviously sad, but tries to greet Ozawa cheerfully anyway.
Ozawa notices and asks him if he wants to skip school with her.

They hide from the teacher and then Miku stands up and takes his hand, (hoho, just like Miku’s “fated one” did to her), and then they run together.

Souhei says to Miku that Ozawa didn’t even ask him for the details, she just stayed smiling by his side. He tells her that Ozawa saved him.
This is why, even if the whole world says she’s annoying or hates her, Souhei will be on Ozawa’s side.

Miku’s eyes widen a bit and she thinks, …I can’t reach him.

Souhei runs away to Ozawa.
Miku thinks that her love will never reach him and that she’ll never win against Ozawa.

She sits down outside alone and feeling sorry for herself.

Hayato comes up and apologizes. He said he overheard everything.

He asks her if she wants him to lend her a place to cry.
She doesn’t respond and he says he guesses she doesn’t like it when it’s him.

He tells her to just close her eyes and imagine he’s a stuffed animal costume.

Miku looks at him and sadly smiles.
It’s being conveyed to me, she thinks.

“What am I thinking?” Hayato says and he stands up.

Miku watches his back, kind of smiling. She thinks to herself that Hayato’s feelings are finally being conveyed to her.

Meanwhile, Souhei reaches Ozawa.
He apologizes for being late. She smiles and shakes her head.

Back to Miku and Hayato, Hayato is standing there, back turned to Miku, in case she wants to cry on him.

After a moment, Miku gets up and walks over to him. She hugs his back.

Hayato smiles gently and they stay like that for awhile.

Is it okay if I stay here? Miku wonders.


Opinion After Watching:

Hmmm, it would be nice if Souhei’s feelings towards Ozawa really are as strong as they seemed.
At first I wondered if he dated Ozawa because he just felt sorry to her, but she helped him as well, so it’s not like he really owes her anything.

But then, there’s always the chance that Ozawa herself will end up dumping him for some reason, (jealousy, for example).
Or… Souhei’s friend could tell him about how he saw Ozawa hugging Hayato and that could cause a break up….

It would be nice if Miku would really like Hayato because he seems like such a nice guy!
Plus, it would be fun to have Kou hanging out like a little brother sometimes too, haha.



2 thoughts on “Sprout: Recap Six

  1. I like the last part (when Miku hugged Hayato from the back). hihihi
    Thanks for your recaps on Sprout. I’m just starting to watch this drama so it would be better if I read the recaps first.Sneek peek ><

    • Thanks! :D I’m going to have to finish recapping those last few episodes. At the time, my internet went down and I haven’t gotten around to finishing XD;;;

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