Bestseller Korean Movie Review

Bestseller Movie

My Score: 7/10


Director: Lee Jeong-Ho

Cast: Uhm Jung-Hwa Park Sa-Rang 

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Summary: A writer moves to a small town with her young daughter after she’s involved in a plagiarism scandal. She begins to write another story based on a murder story her daughter tells her. It seems a ghost in the house is playing with her daughter, which is where the story is coming from.

Review:  I found the plot to be pretty predictable, but still good at hiding the mystery so I kept watching. They didn’t let a lot of details about the murder out so i had to keep watching to find out exactly what happened, though I pretty much knew who did it right away. I also wasn’t sure a few times whether the writer was really crazy or not, though they didn’t hide that as well as they could have.

The action scenes were well done and really kept my attention. I couldn’t tell what was going to happen during those. The rest of the film felt a bit slow at times… I think it just got too long. Because there is a sort of noticeable split in the movie at the middle, it almost felt like watching two movies in a row to me, not to mention that this movie is about 2 hours long.

I wish they would’ve put a bit more horror into it. It was kind of a supernatural film and so it would’ve been nice to actually see the ghost more, especially through the eyes of the murderers. It is more of a crime thriller movie than a horror one.

My Score: 7/10


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