LeeU, Formerly Of F.Cuz, Joins Block B’s Agency

When LeeU left F.Cuz I was pretty sad because he was my bias. However, today, I just found out that he signed with Brand New Stardom, which is home to my 2nd favorite group, Block B.

As of yet, they aren’t sure whether they’ll put him in a group or have him go solo.
I don’t know how I feel about this little bit of news, since it has been previously reported that the reason he left F.Cuz was to pursue a solo career. If he gets put in a group at Brand New Stardom, then what would have been the real reason for him leaving? The fact that his old company didn’t promote F.Cuz well enough or something? Hmmm. Well, if that happens to the the case, I guess I can’t really blame him for that, but it would be disappointing as an F.Cuz fan. I would like to imagine that they were all close friends.

Anyway, I’ll be excited to see him in the Kpop scene again. I hope it’s soon!


One thought on “LeeU, Formerly Of F.Cuz, Joins Block B’s Agency

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