Prosecutor Princess Korean Drama

Prosecutor Princess

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors:  Kim So Yeon Park Shi Hoo Han Jung Soo Choi Song Hyun

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Summary: Ma Hye Ri has just graduated and is starting her new job as a prosecutor. However, the job wasn’t quite what she expected and she has a hard time admitting that she has a lot to learn.

She meets a mysterious man named Seo In Woo who claims to like her and she falls in love with her colleague Yoon Se Joon.

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Review: At first I didn’t find this drama to be anything real special. It wasn’t boring, but I didn’t think it would be anything more than a copy of Legally Blonde. Then at the end of episode 3, the love triangle started getting serious and I was hooked. After that started, there were more legal cases that caught my interest as well as Seo In Woo’s past… which was really mysterious and kept me trying to figure things out.

I loved the characters in this drama and the character development was great. At first, the girl was really irritatingly self-oriented and snobby; a rich know-it-all. However, I couldn’t really hate her since she had good points too. For example, she wasn’t selfish in a mean way, she was just oblivious to other people. She was also honest and really good at memorizing things and the way she could talk her way out of things amused me quite a bit. She became really mature by the end of the show. The actress was pretty good, but I did not like how she cried… it felt unrealistic and somewhat annoying.

Yoon Se Joon, the girl’s crush, was sweet in his own way as well. He had a 7-year-old daughter and was a widower. It was cute to see him get back into the dating game.

Seo In Woo was really cool, but at first it seemed like he had no flaws, (besides his creepy stalking habits)… which would’ve been a flaw in itself. However as time went on and we got to know him better, it turned out he wasn’t perfect, which made him even more attractive. His expressions were really good for the most part. I just wish they would’ve had more scenes where he would argue with Ma Hye Ri since they were both so quick and smart at talking back.

Jin Jung Sun was a female co-worker who also had a crush on Yoon Se Joon. I found her really adorable, though at first she was a bit annoying with her ridged ways. When we got to know her more, we found that she was easily flustered and cute.

The storyline was really intricate and everything fell together perfectly. A few things happened that I wasn’t expecting at all, and it was pretty difficult for me to confidently predict anything that was going to happen, (which is rare for me… I usually easily predict things in dramas). The last episode was really adorable and I couldn’t stop smiling.

Only one episode really disappointed me… and it was enough of a disappointment to give this drama a 7.5 instead of an 8.5, (that and the way there was no kiss in the last episode). Episode 13 had a major climatic scene but I didn’t really feel as much as I was expecting to when it finally happened. I don’t know if they just didn’t properly build it up right before it happened or if they tried to keep the audience in the dark about the guy’s true feelings needlessly. The actor had really good facial expressions and nice show of emotions until Episode 13… where he was talking about the death of someone important to him and he didn’t really show any emotion at all towards that. Plus, we didn’t see how it hurt him to hurt her as much as the earlier episodes. That’s fine and realistic since he was trying to hide it from her and he was expecting to feel this way, but it really hurt the climatic build-up.

So, I think this is a good romantic-comedy with quite a bit of mystery, but it’s not really a drama-genre drama. There were a lot of dramatic parts in the show, but it still felt light to me. If you don’t like heavy drama and you like romance, then you’ll probably like this.

My Score: 7.5/10


5 thoughts on “Prosecutor Princess Korean Drama

  1. Ma Hye Ri’s crying, maybe, was supposed to be the way a spoiled, rich girl would cry, knowing (or thinking) she always has a wealthy family to fall back on, so never really feeling completely down and out. I liked her laugh, which was sort of an insecure, tentative “haha.” It was very cute.

    • Maybe… but it just didn’t feel like there was any real emotion behind it. Even if she’s spoiled and rich, she’d still feel emotion to cry like anybody else.
      I think I have to see more of that actress’s work before I can judge if it was intentional or not, haha XD;

  2. I don’t know how to express this, but everything you wrote is just what I thought while I watched this drama. I accidentally drop here for Corner With Love review. You said it wasn’t that good. I can’t straightly believe it,so I went through your other review to checked if you are good in drama review. And seriously, this one, this prosecutor princess review set your level.
    I really really love drama and I have watched a lot of them. So, I’m just like you, I can easily predicted what will come next. And everytime this happened, it just kill my mood. My friends who’s new to drama might laugh like crazy to a scene in a certain drama, but I just sit there making faces.
    Ouh..and I have a little complaint to make, you should give a better score for Prosecutor Princess. I would give them 10/10 if not because of Episode 13. It’s true as you sad. Episode 13 has major climax which everyone have been dying waiting. My heart thumping so much for that very scene, when everything is revealed. When it happened, it was like “BANG”. Then, that’s it.
    So, if I were you, I’ll give them 9/10.
    This drama is great with unexpected scene and no cliche scene. I would love to write more, but I think I’ll just stop here. kekekekekkeke~^^

    BTW,nice to know you =D

    • Haha well thanks for being honest! I’m glad you checked out my other reviews after seeing the one you didn’t really like XD

      Thank you for the comment. Nice to meet you! :D

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