Artist of the Week: U-Kiss

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This week’s artist is…


Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star, aka U-KISS, debuted in 2008 in Japan.

One of their highlights is their multi-language talents. Collectively, they can communicate in Korean, English, and Mandarin. Many of them have been involved with variety shows.

U-Kiss was supposed to debut in the United States and they even recorded a bunch of songs for it. However in 2011, two of the members, Kibum and Alexander, left the group which canceled those plans.

It’s not entirely clear as to why Kibum and Xander left, but it’s implied that the company didn’t think they were good enough to be in the group anymore. Kibum wrote a tweet about it saying it was a one-sided decision on the company’s part. He went on to create a company with his brother (who was Kim Hyung Jun, a member of SS501). The company is for his original characters PiroPiro and SiroSiro. It’s also been said that he was going to debut in Japan under the stage name “Allen”, but I haven’t heard much info about that or whether it’s true.

Alexander supposedly left to “pursue his studies”, but he said himself that it wasn’t true. Then he went solo in Korea.

AJ and Hoon replaced them. AJ was the maknae of the group Paran… but was pretty much abandoned by his hyungs who left for either for their mandatory military service, or for solo careers. Hoon is (was?) a theater major at Dong Guk University.

Even though fans were really disappointed, the majority of them made up their minds to continue to support U-Kiss and the new members since they had nothing to do with the company’s decisions.

U-Kiss has been doing well in Japan. They’ve had sold-out concerts and have been chosen to sing the theme song for the anime Stormy Night. 


Leader/Main Vocal
March 11, 1989

Sub-Vocal/Main Dancer
January 17, 1991

March 13, 1991

June 4, 1991

Lead Vocal
August 16, 1991

Lead Vocal
November 25, 1991

June 29, 1994

Former Members:

July 29, 1988

December 29, 1990


In Man Man Ha Ni, there’s a line that says in English, “You make me pissed off!”, which was unexpected to English-speaking Kpop fans and so became popular for a short time.

U-Kiss started a stir among fans for the line “오빠는 니가 너무 밉다” (Oppa-neun niga neomu mibda) or “Oppa really hates you” in their song Shut-Up. Another stir was caused when the music video for that song was flagged as mature by the YouTube community as soon as it was uploaded, just because the boys appeared shirtless with a woman. A “clean” version was created later so minors could still view it on YouTube. (FYI; in this song they say “girl you’re pissing me off” again in English).

Kpop fans also enjoyed the line “Don’t deny our r2π” from their song 0330. Since r2π is the area of a circle, and the circle can be a symbol for eternity, that line is saying “Don’t deny our eternal love” or something like that. The title, 0330 represents how the boys said this song is best when you listen to it at 3:30 AM, and also is the date the album was released. (There are also other various interpretations of these things, which is what made it so popular).



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