Love Contract Taiwanese Drama

Love Contract

My Score: 7/10


Lead Actors: Ariel Lin Mike He

Episodes: 20

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama/Tear-Jerker

Summary: A girl in charge of  the Kendo club and a boy who’s a swim captain; they’re both really tough on their teams. Because of that, their friends decide to set them up with each other, thinking that love will soften them. They convince them to enter into a “love contract”.

Review: Okay, I know what you’re all thinking, and I did too. You think this is going to be a cute romantic comedy, right? Well, it is… until there’s a horrible accident that changes the whole ambiance of the drama.

That being said, it was a good drama… however, people that like lighthearted comedies will feel that this drama drags a bit, (thought there are quite a bit of funny moments). People call it a “masterpiece drama” because it’s a bit deeper than the usual.  I know after I saw it, I thought about it for a long time.

The acting was good. Ariel Lin really shows her versatility here… if you didn’t like her in It Started With A Kiss, you’ll probably like her here more. Mike He also did a good job. I watched this after Devil Beside You, so I was all into the Rainie/Mike couple, but I was completely into this pairing as well by the end of the drama… so Ariel and Mike had good chemistry.

Spoiler – Ending: I heard the director actually wants you to interpret the ending by yourself, but this is the commonly accepted explanation:

>The ending was a bit confusing to many people… and it was strange. Apparently, the concept was that the two characters were really re-incarnations of a god and goddess. They got thrown down to Earth for being too unloving.

When the girl wakes up as they’re walking into the ocean, it signifies that they have both died. It then goes on to show them back as the god and goddess they originally were because they finally knew what love was. Lots of time goes by… so that all their earthly friends have died since then. They go back to Earth so they can get married like they always wanted to do and their old friends all come back to celebrate with them.<

My Score: 7.5/10


3 thoughts on “Love Contract Taiwanese Drama

  1. Looks promising. I actually prefer dramas that are a bit darker and are not just a romantic farce. The Mike/Ariel pairing looks promising also. Must look into this one…

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