Best Drama Couples~

For Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d make a little list of who I think the best couples in Korean dramas/movies are :D (There may be a few slight spoilers, but nothing that should hurt. If anything, it may just make you want to watch the drama more if you haven’t seen it.)

#1. Go Eun Chan + Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)


Why: They both have amazing chemistry. Plus, it’s obvious they’re totally in love. Even though Han Kyul thinks Eun Chan is a guy, he still falls in love with her. With Eun Chan, she hides things and suffers just because she loves him. The look of pure love and happiness on both their faces when they play together is just priceless.

#2. Mong Ryong + Choon Hyang (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang)

Why: Sure, it takes Mong Ryong awhile to realize he’s in love with her, but when he does, he falls hard. Choon Hyang loves Mong Ryong so much that she would allow her own life to be ruined if it would benefit his. This couple would do anything for each other, but are always playfully fighting. They’re so serious about each other, yet so cute that it’s hard not to love their relationship.

#3. So-hwi + Ilyoung (My Mighty Princess


Why: Best friends when they were children, they meet again in high-school. They have lots of fun together and are really close. Not only that, but they care about each other so much, they would make the ultimate sacrifice for the other if they had to.

#4. Jason + Pil-Sook (Dream High)

Why: They’re both so innocent and adorable that they’ve gained a ton of fans. Jason tries to look out for Pil-Sook, yet is too shy to really confess to her. Pil Sook is innocent, yet straight-foward so they really compliment each other as a couple.

#5. Joo Won + Gil Ra Im (Secret Garden)


Why: Okay, so Joo Won is a stuck-up, fairly selfish, jerk. But even if his personality is flawed, his feelings for Ra Im are totally real. I can’t say much without giving away a major spoiler, but if you watch this drama you will get a peek at true love.

#6. No Eun Seol + Ji Heon (Protect the Boss)


Why: They balance each other out so well. Also, Ji Heon battles his phobias for her. Even though that can’t be easy, he wants to become someone worthy of her. Though things are hard for Eun Seol, she battles through it and doesn’t give up because it’s worth it to be with the guy she loves.

Honorable Mentions (I haven’t watched the drama yet or other people just really like them):

Lee Yoon Sung + Kim Na Na (City Hunter)

Gu Jun Pyo + Geum Jan Di (Boys Before Flowers)

Go Mi Nam + Tae Kyung (You’re Beautiful)

Is your favorite couple on the list? If not, which couple do you like most? Tell me why! :D



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