Seriously Mnet MAMA? (Editorial)

Okay, yeah, the MAMA awards have been over for a few weeks now. My sister and I watched it stream live and it was pretty fun.

Since it started, MAMA has been in a little controversy about the votes. They had an online vote thing going on where you could vote for the nominees… but it seemed rigged. No matter how big someone’s fan-base was, they couldn’t break through.

Case in point is B1A4 vs. Huh Gak. Huh Gak is great, and yeah, he’s reached the top 10 chart with one of his songs. As for fans though, B1A4 is obviously bigger since they’re an idol group catering to obsessed teen-aged girls. Actually, they’re currently tied with Boyfriend by a large vote in the Korean MTV awards right now.

That alone should be proof enough that Mnet was messing around with the voting system!

But what really made me irritated was the fact that Hyuna beat Jang Woo Hyuk in the dance category.

Okay, now Jang Woo Hyuk is a legend. He was originally in the group H.O.T. back when K-pop was just getting started. He’s known for his dancing skills.

I have nothing against Hyuna… in fact, I’ve liked her since her song “Change” came out and everyone else was going crazy about how it was “too sexy”.

But that’s just it.

Hyuna is successful because she’s sexy. She’s good at sexy dancing. Jang Woo Hyuk can actually dance.

I guess I should be happy that the votes were just messed with, or I would seriously be upset with Kpop society for picking a dance where a girl just literally shakes her butt in front of the camera after just hopping up and down, over the guy with actual legendary skill.
I wonder who actually won.

(When you check out the Jang Woo Hyuk video, make sure you view the part starting at 1:49… besides the awesome tutting at the end, it’s the best part!)

Hyuna – Bubble Pop!

Jang Woo Hyuk – Time is [L]over (dance version)


7 thoughts on “Seriously Mnet MAMA? (Editorial)

  1. I’m not really surprise in 2007 ( if I remember well) ShinHwa member Lee Minwoo and Shin Hyesung called their appearance on the show. Their is always some controversy arounf the MAMA ( and MKMF). To quote Shin Hyesung management “If the judging for the awards ceremony was held fairly and easily understandable, there’s no reason
    for us not to participate. But how fair is the judging if the list of winners and confirmed performers were made known right from the beginning?”

      • The thing with those kind of award where the fan are allowed to vote it’s always turn as a popularity vote. Fan will vote for those bias even if the dance/song suck…

      • That’s true, so if they don’t want groups winning because of that, then I think they should make it clear that the fan vote doesn’t really mean as much when they’re determining the winner.

        Plus, it’s really not fair of them to mess with the votes for some groups, but then only use the fan vote results for others.

      • They should use fan vote for less important award the popularity one, all the other they should ask professional…and I really don’t see the point to announce the winners before the actual award ceremony. If they want to see a max of artist attend to the event they should keep the suspense. There is no point to the artist to go is they know they will not win.

      • Yeah, I feel that’s happened with some artists there. If they go when they haven’t won, it’s probably just to promote with the concert. I noticed many nominees were missing in last year’s MAMA.

        I think they should mostly go off of sales. In my opinion, Kpop is more about entertainment than actual music quality, so I’m not sure if I could take a professional seriously in an awards show XD; But maybe….

      • I notice that too I was really wondering why the hell TVXQ wasn’t there.
        They base the result on sale with it come to Music it self and ask fan for thing that relate to dance…

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