I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Okay Korean Movie Review

I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Okay

My Score: 8/10


Director:  Park Chan-Wook

Cast: Lim Soo-Jung Rain

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Summary: Young-goon is sent to a mental hospital after she harms herself thinking she’s thinks a cyborg. Because she thinks she’s a cyborg, she refuses to eat, since she thinks it will harm her mechanical innards. Her mother tells her not to let anyone know she’s a cyborg… after Young-goon’s grandmother was admitted for thinking she was a mouse, Young-goon’s mother doesn’t want anymore embarrassment.

Once at the hospital, Young-goon eventually meets Il-soon, who thinks he is slowly disappearing and believes he can steal other people’s traits. They soon fall in love and Il-soon tries to find out how to help her eat… since if she doesn’t eat soon, she will obviously die or remain weak for the rest of her life.

Review: This is a playful and entertaining movie. Since it takes place in a mental hospital, there are a lot of interesting characters to get to watch. It’s really fun to see how they interact with each other. It’s also a pretty original plot… a nice twist on a normal romantic comedy.

I liked the set. It really had a whimsical atmosphere. The walls were interesting to look at, as well as the outside grounds of the hospital.

Rain is adorable as Il-soon, who has a sort of innocence about him. Young-goon looks strange without her eyebrows (which she lost early in the movie due to the accident that lead her to the hospital), but she has an innocence about her that Lim Soo-Jung pulls off as well.

It’s a good movie to watch more than once as well, since you can notice more of the things Il-soon does the more you watch.

My Score: 8/10; unique story and characters


6 thoughts on “I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Okay Korean Movie Review

  1. I happened to come across it on Netflix. I was actually really surprised that it was even available. Rain cracked me up on more than one occasion. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I started it, I couldn’t turn it off. I think I watched it 4-5 times by now.
    It’s a very sweet love story, even if the back drop is less than conventional.

    (And Rain’s hair is simply hilarious!!)

    • Yeah, it’s so original and enjoyable :D
      Ah, a lot of the movies I reviewed are on Netflix >.< I should've mentioned that when I reviewed them D:

      • Yeah, Netflix is what got me started on KDramas with Protect the Boss. I was rather disappointed by how little they have though, so I switched to Hulu. Couldn’t stand the ads that popped up every few minutes (it was almost as bad as watching Television), so now I get my drama fix at Dramafever.com and Viki.com.
        I love how both sites have the lates episodes subtitled within 24 hours of being available, and I have to say Viki.com is actually even a bit faster than Dramafever.com. (Plus, Dramafever is 9.99 a month where Viki is free, with very limited advertisement I might add.)
        Still, I keep around because often one has older shows the other doesn’t.
        (Oh, Panda and Hedgehog is on Viki if you still want to check it out.)

        Conny =D

      • i usually use DramaCrazy.net or GoodDrama.com :D
        yeah, most of those sites get new episodes up super fast.
        i tried Viki before, but for some reason i like DramaCrazy more even though they have pop-ups on their site.
        i used to be really into MySoju.com, but it’s just not as organized and i like how DramaCrazy has multiple links so if one doesn’t work anymore, another one probably will.

        i use DramaFever on my Ipod though XD

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