Artist of the Week: S#arp

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This week’s artist is…


This is an old-school band I grew to love. They were very popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s… I’ve heard one of their songs was featured on Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix too, but I’m not certain since I haven’t played it.

There have been a few member changes, but most remember it as a 4 person group – 2 guys, 2 girls. Well, there was a 5th member named Young John Kim, but after the first album, he left the group… and then Sori (Jeon Jin Young), the 6th member, left to study music in college after the 2nd album. (Some sources say that Chris was added after John Kim left).

Unfortunately, they disbanded suddenly in 2002; shocking many fans. Why did S#arp break up? Well, it is said to have happened because the girls couldn’t get along and were always fighting. The straw that broke the camels back, so to speak, was an incident in an elevator.

In a press conference soon after this incident, Lee Ji-hye explained what happened in the elevator, saying Seo Ji-young started swearing and verbally abusing her. Lee Ji-hye couldn’t take it anymore and whacked her on the back of the head a few times. Lee Ji-hye decided to apologize, but couldn’t contact Seo Ji-young… so she called Seo Ji-young’s dad instead. Of course, he told her to apologize to his daughter, not him.
Seo Ji-young’s current actor boyfriend, Ryu Shi Woneven called Lee Ji-hye and scolded her. Meanwhile, Seo Ji-young’s dad decided he wanted an apology after all, but sought it from Lee Ji-hye’s own father. He kept calling their agency demanding it to happen.

Later, when Seo Ji-young said she couldn’t go to a rehersal for the Music Bank show because her dad wouldn’t let her, Lee Ji-hye tried to apologize personally for what had happened. However, according to her, Seo Ji-young just ignored her and called her mother… Seo Ji-young’s mother then, according to witnesses, came over and publicly started pulling Lee Ji-hye’s hair and hit her on the back of the head, then swore at her out of anger and retaliation.


Seo Ji-young wasn’t at the press conference where all this was said. She was in the hospital due to a nervous breakdown. When she heard what Lee Ji-hye had claimed happened, she called her a liar. According to her, she mistook Lee Ji-hye for someone else when she was yelling at her. Lee Ji-hye then allegedly slapped her seven to eight times on the face and neck and then refused to apologize. She also said the reason she canceled Music Bank was because she just wasn’t feeling well… not because of her dad.

Through this whole thing, male member Jang Suk Hyun took Lee Ji-hye’s side. He hadn’t been around much since he was acting in the drama Orange, but felt that the other two group members, Seo Ji-young and Chris, had been bullying Lee Ji-hye.

Their agency, World Music, took interviews from each of the group members and then held a big meeting. 8 out of the 10 agency officials decided it would be best to just disband the group instead of dealing with anymore drama. (I don’t really blame them, since the conflicts seemed to be escalating since they debuted.) Anyway, I don’t think anybody is specifically to blame here… just like a divorce is usually both people’s fault. Their personalities just conflicted too much and they gradually just got jealous of each other.


Seo Ji-young
Birthday: June 2, 1981

Lee Ji-hye
Birthday: January 11, 1980

Jang Suk Hyun
Birthday: October 26, 1980

Chris Kim
Birthday: January 30, 1981

Since their disbandment, the rapper Chris released a solo album, then moved back to America in 2006 (he was born in Hawaii)… he came back briefly last year December 2010 to be featured in a Christmas album “White Christmas” by the group Eleven Medical Sound.

Seo Ji-Young  has been in a few dramas and released 2 solo albums, along with opening an online shopping mall. She also just got married a few days ago!

Lee Ji-hye released a solo album as well… just the other day she released her video for Rocket Power.

Jang Seok-hyun has been in two dramas.

Here are some of their music videos. Starting with the well known “Tell Me, Tell Me”:

“Closer” has a sweet sound:

This one is one of my favorites, “잘 됐어! (Chaldesso)”:

A lot of people seem to like “Sweety”:

Sources: Jusenlee Forums [1] [2Wikipedia 


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