“me2day” in English!

The Korean social-network “me2day” has now made English available on their site!

In my opinion, “me2day” is like a cross between Twitter and Facebook, but not exactly like either. I wasn’t expecting it to be so addictive and fun!

It’s not 100% English, but it’s enough to navigate through the site easy enough.

Of course, there’s going to be a lot of people speaking Korean on their personal pages… but this will only affect the people following Korean celebrities. Personally, I think this is a good motivator to learn the Korean language.

Right now there’s a flood of English-speaking kpop fans on the site and they’re all going crazy adding more friends. I suspect in a few months the excitement will die down and there might even be fan wars starting like on other kpop fan hangouts.

So if you want to join, now is the best time.

All we need now is an English version of Cyworld again… maybe it would work out for them now that kpop is getting more popular, though they lost so much money on the 2006 venture that it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. If Cyworld would try a version that doesn’t separate Korean users from Worldwide users like they did before, I think they’d have a success.


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