Kim Soo Hyun’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

kim soo hyun

So, Chinese tabloids are apparently at it again… stirring up whatever they can about the current popular idols.

This time, they’re saying Kim Soo Hyun is made up entirely of plastic surgery.

If anything, I’d think he’d have that weird “smile” plastic surgery, (or the “lip lift“). Yeah, I did suspect it for awhile, haha.

smile plastic surgery

Examples of the “lipt.”

Except… childhood photos of Kim Soo Hyun were released some time ago, and it’s clear that unless the photos were photoshopped, he hasn’t changed much!

kim soo hyun childhood photos

He hasn’t changed much!

I mean, the only complex I could see him have would be his ears, since they stick out a bit, haha, though I think that just adds to his charm~ (Yeah, I’m a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun!)

If anything, maybe he had a small touch up here or there… but if it’s that difficult to tell, it seems unlikely.
Or should I say; doesn’t matter.

In any case, it’s definitely apparent he’s not “a product completely made with surgery,” which was the claim. But it’s not the first time tabloids have made an obviously untrue statement.



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