30 June, 2013: New Korean MVs

Ugh I’m late again… school and work are killing me ;o; Well, this is stuff from over a week ago. I’m trying not to get super behind *sigh*

Anyway, Outsider & Verbal Jint are back! No Minwoo is back in the music scene with ICON, and there are a ton of soothing indie songs to check out.

  • Girl’s Day – Female President
  • ICON – Rock Star
  • Hawaaii’s Lee Hosuk – 그대의 계절
  • Lunafly – Just Give Me A Reason
  • Verbal Jint – Walking In The Rain ft. Bumkey
  • Outsider – Crying Bird
  • Roy Kim – Love Love Love
  • Takers – Poison
  • Takers – Honey
  • A-PRINCE – Mambo
  • YB (Yoon Do Hyun Band) – Mystery
  • SHINee – Breaking News
  • Lee Minho – Love Motion
  • Skull&HaHa – Ragga Muffin
  • 4Minute – Is It Poppin?
  • Sweet Sorrow – Just Get Away
  • Jucy of EvoL – JUCY Fresh
  • 100% – Only U
  • T-Ara – Target
  • HarryBigButton – A Whale In A Bowl
  • Javo Island – “뜨겁게하라”
  • Peacock Green – Resistance 1
  • SogyumoAcaciaBand – Slow Diving Table
  • Oh Ji Eun – 서울살이는
  • Evo, HuckleberryP, Paloalto (팔로알토), B-Free, and Soul One – What We Do II
  •  STARTLINE – From Now On
  • The RockTigers (락타이거즈) – Electric Travel
  •  BORI (보리) – Hey! Rock Dee Jay
  • Unionpub – UP
  • HerCheck (허첵) – Cold Wind

Girl’s Day – Female President ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Whoa, super sexy. I mean, the opening has them stripping behind a screen lol. I like the concept of the “gumiho dance” with the “tails.” I know they’re getting a lot of flack for the sexiness and people are calling them “slutty” and stuff, but for some reason, I didn’t feel that. I mean, yes, it was extremely sexy. The stripping, the butt shot, the body stocking outfit, but overall, I just felt the vibe was a group of girls having fun with their sexuality. I think part of the reason might be because there were no guys in the video. Another might be that there weren’t any laying down/floor dance moves. You know how some girls turn up the music when they’re alone and go all out? Yeah, it felt like that to me, haha.
I actually like the song itself. It’s catchy. The lyrics are about female power and the woman taking the initiative when they like a guy. In that case, the MV did a pretty good job in capturing the vibe of girls taking control of their own sexuality. (Though, I’d be most comfortable with it if the choreographer or director had been a woman too, like with Gain’s sexy MV. I don’t know if that’s the case or not here.)

ICON – Rock Star ↓↓↓
Category: Alternative

Yes, it’s really difficult to deny the Miyavi influence in the teaser for this, haha. But it doesn’t matter. It’s like, Min Woo is a cross between Miyavi and GD in this, and I’m not the only one who thought that while watching! I’ll probably just make an article about this when I have time haha.
In any case, check it out. It’s great to see Min Woo back in the music scene, even if the autotune his voice like crazy LOL

Hawaaii’s Lee Hosuk – “그대의 계절”↓↓↓
Category: Indie

So relaxing. This one needs more attention! Only 110 views and no comments….

Lunafly – Just Give Me A Reason ↓↓↓
Category: Acoustic Pop

Wow, this is a nice showcase of their pure voices! Worth checking out. It makes me want to pay more attention to their other covers.

Verbal Jint – Walking In The Rain ft. Bumkey ↓↓↓
Category: Hiphop

And my love for Verbal Jint grows. Bumkey is a great addition to the song too. I just love this sound.
The MV has an old school Kpop feel to it, in my opinion.

Outsider – Crying Bird ↓↓↓
Category: Rap

Yes! Outsider is back!

Roy Kim – Love Love Love ↓↓↓
Category: Acoustic

Another song that shows off Roy Kim’s beautiful voice. Soothing and lovely.

Takers – Poison ↓↓↓
Category: R&B

The song is nice and groovy haha. The MV started getting really funny about halfway through! I like the actress’s expressions LOL
Basically, it’s about a music duo who’s popular in the 1970’s. A fangirl from the future wishes one of them into her own time.

Takers – Honey ↓↓↓
Category: R&B/Ballad

A continuation/behind-the-scenes thing of the last MV for Poison. (This one is amusing, but I think Poison was better, of course.)

A-PRINCE – Mambo ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Kind of an old fashioned cutesy combo here.

YB (Yoon Do Hyun Band) – Mystery ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

Amusing MV featuring and eccentric man. It kept my attention because I wanted to figure out what he was up to, haha. The song is fun to listen to too.

SHINee – Breaking News ↓↓↓
Category: Japanese

I have to say, Key is really growing on me… lol

Lee Minho – Love Motion ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Actor Lee Minho made this for his fans. He doesn’t intend to have a singing career, but I have to say, I do like this song.

Skull&HaHa – Ragga Muffin ↓↓↓
Category: Reggae

So, if you don’t know, this is pretty much a remix of YG’s group, Stony Skunk’s song of the same name from 2008 lol [click here]

4Minute – Is It Poppin? ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Not their most memorable song, but I like the visuals in the MV. Oh, and I do like Hyuna’s voice in this rap compared with what she’s been sounding like lately. I hope her company is actually listening to feedback lol

Sweet Sorrow – Just Get Away ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop/Alternative

Okay, usually I don’t really like behind-the-scenes type MV’s, but this was really funny. They look like cute and fun guys to hang out with!

Jucy of EvoL – JUCY Fresh ↓↓↓
Category: Rap

First off, I like her shirt, haha. It’s always good to see some more female rappers in Korean music. Most in the Kpop scene are just there to fill a part of a Kpop group (don’t hate me, you know it’s true lol), but I think Jucy has some merit as a “real” rapper, just like Zico does. It’s too bad that company has problems with managing money, because they really know how to pick some of their artists.

100% – Only U ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Cutesy generic sound, and a BTS MV lol…. (Not bashing the people who like them; you can like them if you want. That’s just my opinion haha.) I do like the overlapping of voices in the chorus though.

T-Ara – Target ↓↓↓
Category: Japanese

Video game-style MV. The song isn’t bad, but of course, the public is still hating on this group, so….

HarryBigButton – A Whale In A Bowl ↓↓↓
Category: Hard Rock

Oh this is a moving MV. It’s a compilation of actual people’s dreams. It goes well with the sound of the song.

Javo Island – “뜨겁게하라” ↓↓↓
Category: Rock/Alternative

Fun and bouncy song! Check it out.

Peacock Green – Resistance 1 ↓↓↓
Category: Alternative/Indie

Very quiet and simple song. It picks up around 3 minutes in.

SogyumoAcaciaBand – Slow Diving Table ↓↓↓
Category: Indie

Beautiful with a soothing sound.

Oh Ji Eun – “서울살이는” ↓↓↓
Category: Indie

Another relaxing song.

Evo, HuckleberryP, Paloalto (팔로알토), B-Free, and Soul One – What We Do II↓↓↓
Category: Hiphop

Wow what a line-up. I love it when labels do things like this! Of course, the highlight of this whole thing for me, is Huck P (0:56). Wa don’t do a close-up of his mouth! *faints*

STARTLINE – From Now On ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

Well, this was uploaded last month, but I didn’t post it and I think it’s really worth posting! I love the sound of this song!

The RockTigers (락타이거즈) – Electric Travel ↓↓↓
Category: Rock (Rockabilly?)

If you like the country rock sound, or old fashioned rock, you’ll probably love this, haha!

BORI (보리) – Hey! Rock Dee Jay ↓↓↓
Category: Rock/Alternative

I like the girl’s look. Her voice is cutesy most of the time, but the music is rock. I could see this being in an anime haha.

Unionpub – UP ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

Starts with no sound, but be warned, the rock will blast you if you turn up your speakers! Haha. The MV is amusing.

HerCheck (허첵) – Cold Wind ↓↓↓

Cute and unique MV. The music is another relaxing song with an interesting melody.


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